10 Best Businesses to do on Amazon 2023

Starting a business may look simple but making the initial investment into a business isn’t a walk-in-the-park. Time, money, effort, attention, and space. These are just a part of what you spend to breathe life into a business idea. But what if you could minimize the capital and get the kind of return that is but a dream to the Fortune 500 companies? Amazon has made this possible over again with tens of capital-free and low-capital business opportunities. And here are the 10 businesses to do on Amazon right now.

Best Businesses to do on Amazon

Amazon Underground

Are you a developer or a programmer? Programming is a high-demand skill, especially in the technologically advancing world of today. But taking the first step and making a great stride into the market isn’t as easy. Chances are that you have been struggling to turn your golden program development expertise into a money-spilling machine. Freelance platforms are competitive. The less competitive ones pay shitty peanuts. How about you join Amazon’s programmers’ massive market for free today and have big companies coming your way with real cash? Amazon Underground is the most profitable platform created especially for app developers, game developers, and other programmers to create a connection with leading companies across the globe and make real money off of that connection by selling programming services remotely. Below is another of the 10 businesses to do on Amazon.

Amazon Flex

Do you love driving? Or perhaps you have a job and are looking for an extra gig to monetize the extra hours? Whatever the case may be, the Amazon Flex platform is a work-at-leisure scheme with great potentials. While you may have to establish your delivery business, go through the tiring branding stage and spend thousands of dollars to get the words out for your brand, Amazon Flex is a wise option. All you need to get started is your driver’s license and any of the vehicle types acceptable according to the Amazon Flex vehicle requirement. Working whenever you want at flexible hours, your job is delivering Amazon products to their one day-shipping customers. The average earning on Amazon Flex is $18-$24/hour and you can work for as long as you want. What’s better? As an independent contractor, you pay no tax to Amazon or anybody. That is a 100% return on investment.

Amazon Handmade

Are you a craftsman, carver, artisan, stonemason, tanner, saddler, or a model? Amazon Handmade is a big platform to sell your handmade stuff at the market’s most massive prices. Some of the things you can list for sale include but not limited to the following. Piece of jewelry, home decor, painting, sculpture, and other handmade products. Here is a step-by-step guide to starting as an Amazon handmade business person in minutes. Signup is free and easy. And you can sell your crafts at your own price with no regulation body deciding that for you. Although you’ll be charged a monthly $39.99 for an Amazon seller account and 12% of each item sold goes to Amazon. Nevertheless, the market is huge, the demands are rapidly increasing, and you have no competitor in a sense.

Fulfilled By Amazon/ Amazon FBA

Are you into micro shipping? I mean do you order products on Aliexpress or other big e-commerce stores? Whether you make your products or buy them, getting them sold fast at profiting prices is the hope and aim of every smart businessperson. But this may just be a pipedream especially for startups with limited resources and marketing experience. How about letting someone else do the job? From packaging to delivery. The Amazon FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon is your business partner to success. Just ship your products directly to Amazon warehouse and every time an order comes into your Amazon store, Amazon takes care of the packaging and delivery. This is a great way to tap into the $24.3 trillion of the e-commerce industry with zero to less effort, time, and monetary capital.

Amazon Mechanical Turks

Exchange those five minutes on the bus for money. Make the best of your lunch break at work by completing simple, interesting tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turks today with zero charges. Amazon Mechanical Turks is a platform by Amazon to help companies outsource simple tasks such as; data duplication and analysis, content moderation, and researches to a global taskforce. If you enjoy taking surveys, companies create simple 5-10 minutes of surveys on Amazon Mechanical Turks and they pay you to take them. And remember, taking a survey is the easiest and zero-capital way to make money online.

Amazon Kindle

Do you write books or sell them? Either way, information marketing is the biggest business alive today open to just about everybody. If you write short stories or novels or books that cover the most sought-after topics, then you want to join Amazon Kindle right away. Amazon Kindle creates a marketplace for your books in every genre. You are able to publish your Docx file or PDF version of your book and Amazon puts it into hardcovers and softcopies on the spot. The marketing process is covered too. You may want to read this inspiring story of how Joseph Hogue makes $1,000 every month through Amazon kindle.

Amazon Vehicles

Do you love cars and love selling them? Opening up your own car dealership business may cost a million times your savings. But you deserve as much as you can from the $400 billion yearly revenue in the car dealership. And while you may not be very good at taking loans, Amazon Vehicles is another option to get a wild card entry into a car dealership. All you need is a connection with car dealers and car accessories stores around or far from you. Sign an agreement to take a percentage of whatever you sell for them if you will. You don’t necessarily, however, need to take a pin off of their shops. Just take pictures of the cars and accessories you’re interested in selling and put those up on the Amazon Vehicles platform to start reeling them in.

Amazon SEO Services

Every business owners with an online presence want to rank high on Google. The higher they rank on Google, the bigger the chances of being accessible to their potential clients and dominate their competitors. The same applies to Amazon. With hundreds of brands, retailers, wholesalers, and book publishers on Amazon, the competition is as tight as a business-minded would imagine. Where then do you come in? Helping businesses rank high on Amazon listing. If you have SEO knowledge (search engine optimization), create an Amazon SEO service website online right away to become a one-stop solution for a vast of billion-dollar brands.

Merch by Amazon

You love doodling! And you love fleshing out the most bizarre comic characters on your notepad. Time to make money off of that. With Merch by Amazon, your designs are printed on t-shirts and other outfits to be sold. This is a 100% hands-off money-spilling generator built right into your mobile device. You decide and Amazon fulfills. Amazon’s Merch by Amazon platform does the heavy lifting, production, and shipping.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

You sure have heard this enough for a lifetime. Nevertheless, Amazon’s affiliate marketing is the number one passive income business for millennials. It is a way to monetize your blog or website. By referring customers to Amazon through your referral link as a member of the affiliate program, you earn a commission for every item sold through you.


There are about 50 different businesses you can do on Amazon. Many of them demand huge start-up capital and a lot of time investment. Did you find the right one that blends with your lifestyle from my list of 10 businesses to do on Amazon? What are your business plans for 2021? Get my free business guide in the comment box below by just asking.

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