The Benefits of Using Air Freight

Nearly all supply chains require a variety of different shipping methods. Sometimes, when large or low-value items have been purchased, it makes most sense to send them by sea. Nearly all classes of goods are accommodated by standardised 40-feet shipping containers these days and those that don’t will usually fit into a high cube container that is suitable for international shipments. On the other hand, van-based pallet deliveries are often ideal for British firms that want to get their goods to European clients within a 48 to 72-hour time period. However, there can be little doubt that it is usually air freight that offers the fastest turnaround times of any shipping method.

The Benefits of Using Air Freight

Although it can be more expensive than other ways of getting goods to their intended destination, air freight provides numerous other advantages that you might not have considered. Other than speed, why should you consider this method of delivery for your next order shipment? Read on to find out.

  • Reliability of Service

Air freight gets through quickly under most conditions. Unlike busy shipping routes, any delays caused by poor weather or temporary airport closures tend to be a matter of a few short hours. Compare that to some of the bottlenecks that shipping companies encounter at container ports or places like the Suez Canal, for example.

  • Low Insurance Costs

Air travel is notoriously safe for passengers with an excellent record. Thanks to shared safety information across the industry, cargo freight services are very safe, too. What this translates to is that insurers will often offer favourable terms for goods that are shipped by air.

  • Cost-Effective for Lighter Goods

Yes, air freight is more expensive than land or seaborne routes. However, charges tend to be made according to the weight of shipments. If you have lighter items you need to send, then air freight can be extremely cost-effective. Remember that a shipment that is small doesn’t need to be loaded onto a freight aeroplane, either, because many passenger services have room for cargo so long as your freight forwarder has the know-how to access such services.

  • High Levels of Security

Please note that airports are secure locations for high-value items to be sent from one destination to another. With so many security systems installed airside, it is harder for handlers to operate illegally than it would be at a typical dockyard, for example. Therefore, if one of your priorities is security, then it makes sense to opt for an air freight service in most places around the world.

  • Numerous Locations Served

There are very few locations on Earth that do not have an international airport serving them. Even in more remote locations, onward air travel of shipments can be arranged via domestic air operators. As such, it is quite easy to get air shipments inland, close to where they’ll end up. This is in contrast to ocean-going shipments, of course, that can only make landfall by the coast.

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