Best Personal Development Books to Read in 2023

We become the books we read.” Hal Elrod got it right. Books give you unique insights into the minds of people who have been where you want to reach and succeeded in doing so. If you want to make radical improvements in your life, regardless of the specific area, the best way is to read books.

Did you know that the most successful people in the world have one thing in common? They read books! And lot’s of them. So we recommend that you take your time to learn as you read books. You become smart and acquire the same knowledge and strategies the authors used to be successful. 

However, all personal development books are not made equal. Some help you begin your journey; others give you a boost when you have achieved an experience in certain areas. This guide provides you with our selected best personal development books from successful authors. Let’s begin. 

Best Personal Development Books to Read

High Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard 

As you probably know, there are numerous books about habits, including the habits of successful people. So what makes Brendon’s book different? The book takes a unique perspective, and that is what makes it worth reading. 

The book contains six habits which Brendon highly recommends as worth implementing. Of course, that is after he took years of research to compile this book. High Performance Habits contains golden nuggets that will surely help you become an enlightened and more successful person. 

You can read the detailed introduction to High Performance Habits on Brendon’s page.


Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn – John C. Maxwell

We all have experienced some form of failure. But for some of us, it keeps a firm hold on us like super glue. If you fall into that category, then this book is ideal for you. Especially in this challenging time, we need to change our paradigm, adjust quickly, and thrive regardless. 

If you have been watching Youtube videos, speaking to your friends, family, or counselor, and it is not working, try this book. This development book will add a different perspective that can help you recover quickly.

Get Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn on John C. Maxwell’s Page.


Survive And Thrive – Gavin Preston 

If you are going through a difficult time in your business right now, consider Preston’s book. It acts as a toolkit for every business owner. The book teaches you how to survive and thrive during challenging times.

Survive and Thrive contains real-life stories and practical steps that will show you how to overcome your challenges. You may even relate to some of the stories in the book. 

Get Survive and Thrive on Garvin’s page.


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This guide should give you a head start in the right direction to personal development. You can also find numerous books on personal development out there that can help you. Regardless of what happens in the coming days, never stop reading good improvement books. It is the best way to overcome any personal challenges. 

If you have lots of good books laying around, you can always trade them, recycle them, or sell them at your local shop for profit.

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