How to Choose the Right Microsoft Volume Licensing Program

There are two kinds of Microsoft licenses for your business – volume licensing and full packaged products.

Full packaged products are usually sold by resellers, and they include the software media, documentation, and packaging of the product you are buying. They come with one license key for one user.

But buying software intended for one user becomes problematic and expensive if your business is expanding or going global.

Volume software licensing offers multiple licenses without the packaging and documentation, which reduces the cost of the software. The ms vlsc (Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center) allows you to access all products, keys, and licensing information in one central location.

Volume software licensing also offers discounts, payment plans, and price levels that don’t change when you need to renew your license. This is why Microsoft volume licensing is the most cost-effective way to run software on multiple computers.

But how do you choose the right program?

Things to Consider

There are things to consider before deciding on a Microsoft volume licensing program, and not all of them will suit your needs.

You’ll need to consider if you want to license all of your devices, and how many licenses your company needs. What about payment? Do you want to pay for your licenses annually, upfront, or on a subscription basis?

Do you need your licenses installed locally or online (cloud)? Or do you need a hybrid of both?

And, finally, do you need Software Assurance services included with your license or do you want the option to add it at a later stage.

Let’s demystify the primary Microsoft volume license offerings with brief breakdowns of what they offer.

How to Choose the Right Microsoft Volume Licensing Program

Microsoft Open

For small businesses with 5 to 250 users and devices, there are three options under the Microsoft Open offering – Open Value, Open Value Subscription, and Open License.

  • Open Value

The Open Value program is a three-year perpetual agreement that includes Software Assurance, an annual payment structure, and simplified license management.

  • Open Value Subscription

The Open Value Subscription Program is ideal for businesses seeking the lowest upfront cost. It is a three-year non-perpetual agreement, and Software Assurance services are included.

  • Open License

The Open License program is a two-year perpetual agreement, and it includes the option to purchase Software Assurance at an additional fee. Payment is upfront and due upon signing.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Select Plus

For larger businesses with more than 250 users or devices, there are three Microsoft volume licensing options. They are Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Agreement Subscription, and Select Plus.

  • Enterprise Agreement

The Enterprise Agreement program is a three-year perpetual agreement that includes Software Assurance and allows users to standardize their IT platform – combining local and cloud services under one agreement.

The Enterprise Agreement program is the most cost-effective option, and businesses can add Enterprise Enrollment to license products such as Windows, Office 365, and Intune.

  • Enterprise Agreement Subscription

The Enterprise Agreement Subscription has all the features of the Enterprise Agreement, but it is the non-perpetual option.

  • Select Plus

The Select Plus program is a perpetual agreement and it is ideal for businesses that need a mix of products. It offers volume pricing on transactional purchases while providing a consistent discount. Software Assurance can be added at an additional cost.

With this information, choosing the right Microsoft volume licensing program for your business will not be hard not to crack.

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