Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Business – 5 Massive Benefits for SMBs

The United States ranks second in the most prominent online markets globally. According to reports, more than 85% of Americans have access to the internet. Imagine 313 million are active internet users nationwide. These internet users can be your potential customers so long as you have comprehensive and robust digital marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, internet marketing, online marketing, or web marketing are terms to call it.


Merriam-Webster defined digital as “electronic or characterized by electronic and especially computerized technology.” Whereas marketing “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.” Hence, digital marketing is the promotion, selling, distribution of a product or service that uses an electronic device and the internet.


However, digital marketing is beyond marketing. It seeks to connect with customers through content that is relevant and relatable. It understands the needs and demands of the customers in the 21st century. As Seth Godin stated, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.”


Digital marketing initiatives include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), email marketing, content marketing, link building, and a lot more. And it pays a lot to know about these tactics to define your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Business - 5 Massive Benefits for SMBs

Why do you need Digital Marketing in your business?

In the past years, internet usage continues to increase. It goes the same with your customers who are also online, and they expect you to be online as well. Without digital marketing, you are risking many opportunities for your business to succeed in the long run.


What can you reap from Digital Marketing?

There are numerous opportunities for online marketing for any business. Let’s get down to five benefits of digital marketing so that you can diversify your marketing plan.


  1. Online marketing allows you to reach potential customers locally and globally

Digital marketing empowers businesses and people to reach anyone and anywhere around the globe. Moreover, you can narrow internet users down to those interested in your brand, company, products, or services. This way helps you focus on the right customers and spend your marketing budget efficiently and effectively.


Let’s say you have a barbershop in Utah. Customers may be looking for a barbershop nearby or within the vicinity. With SEO, you can optimize your website with location-specific keywords so that these customers can find you, more so if you rank at the top list.


  1. Online marketing is cost-effective

With well-planned and effective digital marketing tactics, you can reach target customers at an affordable cost. Thus, it generates more leads while it saves you money.


Let’s go back to the barbershop. An SEO campaign can cost you $500 to $2500 per month. Traditional marketing will cost you roughly $50,000 annually. What a huge difference! Take into consideration the amount you expend on your digital marketing will affect your marketing campaign.


On a side note, web marketing companies can help you tailor a digital marketing plan for your business that fits your budget. For example, Revinnt is a professional online marketing company that supports businesses of all sizes in planning and executing marketing initiatives.


  1. Online marketing is trackable and measurable

Another notable benefit of digital marketing is the availability of progress reports instantaneously. With progress reports, you can track and measure easily if a strategy is working. This way helps you identify which method to adjust and tailor depending on the results from the analytics tools.


There are different tools and software to measure everything-from when the ad is clicked to when the customer makes a purchase or leaves the page. Even the report can be tailored in a way that matches your strategic goals. In addition, key performance indicators help keep tabs on the results of your marketing campaign.


  1. Online marketing allows adjustments

Digital marketing allows you to customize and adjust your initiatives depending on your goals, business, and customers. You can also update it whenever necessary.


For example, you can tweak your ads and links so that you can drive superior results.


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  1. Online marketing drives online sales

Every business aims for a higher return of investment. So aside from the affordability of the tactics, an effective marketing plan can drive superb online sales.


An example is paid online advertising. Pay-per-click enables targeting an audience based on keywords they are using to search. A budget of $1 spent per ad can yield $2. Furthermore, 50% of internet users who click on PPC ads are likely to purchase. What are the odds?


Final Word

Digital marketing is opening its doors for you. Its multiple benefits for your business can help with growth and revenue. It is now in your hands whether to take advantage of this type of marketing. You can opt for two or more tactics that you deem fit and successful.

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