A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Refrigerated Trailer Hire for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world of commerce, the transportation and storage of perishable goods are critical components of a successful business. For businesses dealing with temperature-sensitive products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, or certain chemicals, investing in refrigerated trailers can be expensive and impractical. Instead, opting for refrigerated trailer hire presents a cost-effective and flexible solution. However, choosing the right refrigerated trailer hire company requires careful consideration and evaluation. In this article, we will explore essential factors to consider when selecting the best refrigerated trailer hire service for your business needs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Refrigerated Trailer Hire for Your Business

Assess Your Requirements

Before you begin your search for a refrigerated trailer hire service, evaluate your business’s specific needs. Determine the types of goods you need to transport or store, the required temperature range, the volume of goods, and the frequency of shipments. Understanding your requirements will help you find a rental company that can accommodate your unique needs efficiently such as Fridgexpress.

Temperature Control and Range

The primary function of a refrigerated trailer is to maintain a consistent temperature inside the unit to preserve perishable goods. Depending on your products, you may require different temperature ranges, such as chilled, frozen, or deep-frozen. Ensure that the company offers trailers equipped with reliable temperature control systems and the capability to maintain your desired temperature range.

Trailer Size and Capacity

Selecting the appropriate trailer size is crucial to ensure that your goods are transported or stored efficiently and securely. Consider the volume and dimensions of your products to determine the suitable trailer size and capacity. An experienced refrigerated trailer hire company will provide a variety of trailer sizes to match your requirements.

Equipment Quality and Maintenance

Quality and well-maintained equipment are essential for the safe transportation and storage of perishable goods. Inquire about the refrigerated trailer hire company’s maintenance practices and the age of their trailers. Newer models often come with more advanced temperature control technology and energy-efficient features, ensuring better performance and reliability.

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Compliance and Certifications

Compliance with industry standards and regulations is critical when handling temperature-sensitive goods. Verify that the refrigerated trailer hire company meets all necessary certifications, such as ISO standards and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) compliance. Additionally, ensure that their trailers meet legal weight and size restrictions for road transport.

GPS Tracking and Security

Security is paramount when it comes to transporting valuable and perishable goods. Look for a refrigerated trailer hire service that offers GPS tracking systems on their trailers. This allows you to monitor the location and status of your shipments in real-time. Additionally, inquire about the security measures in place to prevent theft or tampering during transportation.

Rental Terms and Flexibility

Carefully review the rental terms and conditions offered by the refrigerated trailer hire company. Pay attention to rental periods, payment schedules, and any additional charges. Seek a company that provides flexible rental options to accommodate fluctuations in your business’s demands.

Customer Support and Emergency Response

In the transportation of perishable goods, unexpected challenges can arise. Therefore, it is essential to choose a refrigerated trailer hire service that offers reliable customer support and a 24/7 emergency response system. In the event of a breakdown or technical issue, quick and efficient assistance can save your goods from spoiling.


Selecting the right refrigerated trailer hire for your business involves careful evaluation of your specific needs and preferences. By considering factors such as temperature control, trailer size, equipment quality, compliance, security, and rental terms, you can make an informed decision that ensures the safe and efficient transportation and storage of your temperature-sensitive products. Partnering with a reputable and reliable refrigerated trailer hire company will not only safeguard your perishable goods but also contribute to the growth and success of your business.

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