Best Service for Platform Development

About Euristiq?

Euristiq is a company with specialized experience in software platform development combined with client insights. Their service provides a system of high-end integrated solutions to improve your business.

Euristiq’s platform development is the process of creating an ecosystem of technology solutions for a company. In essence, it is the main software that collects and processes data and provides an information base for application development.

Once you’ve identified the business problem your software product is supposed to solve, you’ll need a team of experienced software engineers to technically evaluate your idea. If you don’t have your own development team, the best advice is to find external experts.

Euristiq’s technical experts can validate your idea or, if necessary, develop a new concept to solve your problem, and then proceed with the full development of the solution.

Want to get your product in front of your customers faster without draining your budget? Euristiq provides end-to-end application services according to your product concept. We deliver end-to-end software solutions on time, within budget and within agreed scope.

Best service for platform development

Benefits of Using a Development Platform

Euristiq has been working with various companies to which they have provided quality platform development services for many years. The company has sold a large number of products for customers from the United States, France, Germany, and other countries. They offer a full cycle of software development – from analysis and development to maintenance of products and their subsequent support. The team always fulfills all customer requirements accurately and on time to achieve their business goals.

Their work begins with project planning, verification, and testing, and ends with the launch of the program.

Euristiq is a reliable partner for the development of large-scale business projects around the world.

Their Cloud Adopters have hands-on experience building secure and highly available solutions on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Choose, build or migrate to the best cloud platform for your project needs.

What will you get from cooperation with Euristiq?

The development of any program, whether it is a small procedure for processing information received on the console or a complex software product, consists of several stages, the competent implementation of which is a prerequisite for obtaining a good result.

So what services do Euristiq provide?

Let’s look further:

  • Technology consulting

Advanced software solutions are created using advanced technologies. IT consulting specialists are always up to date with all new technologies to help you choose the most suitable for your business.

  • Delivery Optimization

An agile approach keeps the client engaged throughout the project and forces the team to focus on delivering the highest priority features first.

  • Focus on your business

Takes care of the software development process from start to finish, turning your requirements into an integrated fully working application.

Use experience in the effective implementation of software products. Get solutions for your most complex requirements in a few weeks.

  • Digital acceleration

Gain the confidence to grow your digital capabilities and expand into new markets with our deep analytics and insights.

  • Cost optimization

Save up to 15% on your technology investment with a comprehensive IT analysis and advisory services.

Help you manage business risk by assessing threats and vulnerabilities in your technology solutions.

  • IT consulting services

Help businesses make new technology decisions with confidence.

Legacy systems are incompatible with many modern technologies and, as a result, hinder innovation and further technological development. Analyze your legacy systems and advise you on upgrades and advanced technologies.

  • Digital transformation

Stop wondering if your organization will benefit from moving to the cloud or building a new software infrastructure. With their technical advice, you can create a digital transformation plan that is aligned with your business goals.

  • Cost and time savings

You will reduce local staff, save money and time on onboarding and team management.

  • Faster time to market

Accelerate product release with intelligent resource allocation, efficient collaboration, and best-in-class tools and processes.

Software development services

Eurestiq has earned a reputation as a reliable partner in the international IT market thanks to long-term cooperation with customers and stable products.

Euristiq offers a full cycle of software development – from analysis and development to maintenance of products and their subsequent support. The team always fulfills all customer requirements accurately and on time to achieve their business goals.

Many old, high-load systems cannot handle large amounts of data, which reduces efficiency. Experienced in evaluating high-load systems, consultants who offer solutions that meet your system’s performance and scalability goals.

Strict adherence to time-honored software development milestones is becoming a fundamental criterion for software companies and their customers who are interested in getting a program that performs its functions perfectly. Let’s take a detailed look at each stage of the generally recognized software development methodology in order to assess their high significance for achieving the goal set for the performers.

Requirements analysis

The very first stage of software development is rightfully called the procedure for conducting a comprehensive analysis of the requirements put forward by the customer for the software being created in order to determine the key goals and objectives of the final product. Within the framework of this stage, the most effective interaction between the client in need of a software solution and the employees of the developer company takes place, during the discussion of the details of the project, helping to more clearly formulate the requirements for the software. The result of the analysis is the formation of the main regulations on which the performer will rely in his work – the terms of reference for software development. The TOR should fully describe the tasks assigned to the developer and characterize the ultimate goal of the project in the understanding of the customer.


The next key stage in software development is the design stage, that is, modeling the theoretical basis of the future product. The most modern programming tools allow you to partially combine the stages of design and coding, that is, the technical implementation of the project, being based on an object-oriented approach, but full planning requires more careful and rigorous modeling. A qualitative analysis of the prospects and capabilities of the product being created will become the basis for its full-fledged functioning and the fulfillment of the entire range of tasks assigned to the software. One of the components of the design phase, for example, is the choice of tools and operating system, of which there are a very large number on the market today.

Technological advantages of platform development with Euristiq

Through their technical expertise, you will gain access to industry skills and extensive experience in the latest technologies. They are ready to support you with concrete experience and share their best practices.

  • Ongoing support and collaboration

Recruit the best talent faster and expand your software development capabilities. Expand your team to accelerate your product development.

A team that cares about your product and works according to the same rules as your team. You can rely on them 24/7 and count on long-term and fruitful cooperation.

  • High-Performance Solutions

Modern solutions that deliver results must not only help you track, manage and connect, they must also be cost-effective and high-performance to outperform market competition. Get the most out of your business with high performance solutions.

  • Experience with multiple clouds

A technology center to research and implement new technologies and strategies that help their customers gain a competitive edge. Benefit from our technical expertise to benefit from your specific business needs.

  • UX/UI expertise

Engaging professional UX/UI experts early in the development of a digital platform is critical to mitigate risk and validate your ideas. Makes sure that your UX is effective, customer-focused, delivers desired results, and helps your platform grow.

Use deep technical knowledge combined with our software development experience to gain insight into your product at every stage of the development process.

Development Team

The dedicated full-stack development teams are highly experienced and highly skilled in creating quality software products. Each team consists of programmers, analysts, QA specialists, designers and uses proven technologies for each project. QA engineers carefully check products for errors, so you get only high-quality and reliable solutions from PNN Soft.

Choosing the most convenient model of cooperation with a technology partner is an important step towards creating a successful product. With this in mind, they offer three flexible ways to collaborate, depending on the level of participation you prefer.

Looking for the right solution?

Euristiq provides digital platform development services for companies across a wide range of industries at various stages of their digital journey. They are well versed in creating custom solutions for their clients that fit their business goals. Leave a request on Euristiq website and they will contact you as soon as possible to clarify all the details!

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