9 Proven Ways to Create a Productive and Happy Workplace

We all desire to work in a conducive environment where we can be happy. However, it is difficult to create this conducive environment without proper guidance.

Employers would delight in a happy workspace as this often drive high productivity. With different personalities within the offices and industries, it is difficult to bridge gaps with the employees.

Having worked in the office environment for many years with different personalities, I have studied and understood how best to manage colleagues and superiors. This is why I decided to share some basic guides on how to create a productive and happy workplace. I believe this simple and straight forward piece can help employers manage situations in the office environment and also help colleagues better relate among themselves for maximum performance.

Proven Ways to Create a Productive and Happy Workplace.
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Simple Guide to Create a Productive and Happy Workplace

1.     Employee Independence

Happiness in work manifests itself through productivity. It is important to feel less restricted in doing your work. Feeling closely monitored can cause one to make many errors as you become self-conscious. The need to feel independent is a huge contributor to productivity and happiness within the workplace. Avoid too much inspection and criticism while the employee is still working.

2.     Create a healthy environment

A healthy working environment will go a long way in increasing employee productivity since they will develop a sense of belonging with your organization. Ensure that the workplace is as comfortable as possible. Get an expert to do a triple monitor setup for your office and ensure that your office has the best and comfortable furniture you can get to boost the productivity of your employees. This is one of the surest ways to build a productive and happy workplace.

3.     Communicate

It is important to boost your employee’s confidence by interacting with them. Even a simple greeting or a good work comment can remove the tension between you and them. Deliver praise and recognition where it is due. Make jokes with them while they work, help them out where they stuck and encourage them to communicate with each other more.

4.     Drive out Fear

The worst thing that can happen is for employees to see you as the cause of their misery. Work automatically becomes an uphill task when they see you as an enemy. Be close to them and let them see you as a member of their team and not their opponent. Do not make your office too different from their stations as it makes them feel too inferior.

5.     Congratulate Them

Appreciating the work people do makes them feel that their work matters to you. Do not hide your thoughts when you are impressed. Congratulate employees for their services through word and through the occasional office party. Departmental promotions also boost work productivity.

6.     Be Community Minded

In an organizations setting, your workers are your community. Showing that you care about activities outside work brings you closer. You are therefore happier working together. Being conversant with your employee’s lives gives you a vantage point as a caring boss. It also makes them respect and loves you more when they see your input to their lives.

7.     Be a Team Player

Do not isolate yourself from the rest of the workforce. Be part of your team. Lead but do not rule. Take part in company affairs with them and an employee’s personal activities. This creates happiness amongst workmates as opposed to seeing you as a higher authority.

8.     Be positive

You should exclude negativity from the workplace. Do not confront workers in public. Call them to the office and discuss their shortcomings with them. Wearing a smile gives your employee confidence. Motivate workers by reminding them that they can do it. Avoid demoralization as it could hinder productivity.

9.     Break the Work Routine

Break the monotony of habitual work practices by adding new and fun work ideas from time to time. You could go for work retreats and enjoy yourselves. This makes working fun as unexpected changes become common amongst employees. Out of work activities also help to build teamwork.

Bonus Tip: Mentorship Programs

As a way of showing confidence in your employees’ work, you can mentor them or give them duties to mentor your institution’s interns. This creates a trusting environment hence better work and the added benefit of higher production.

Working in a peaceful and comfortable environment helps you feel you are among friends. By using the above tips, it is easy to create a better working environment for your employees. Your involvement in the whole process also promotes a compact organization.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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