6 Essential Documents Young Employees Need When Entering the Workforce

When you’re young and ready to enter the workforce, you have to overcome a lot of obstacles.

6 Essential Documents Young Employees Need When Entering the Workforce

Outside of the obvious crazy demands of three years prior experience and a fully stacked work portfolio, one of the things young workers don’t realize are all the documents you need.


There are quite a few documents you’ll need to have when you’re applying for jobs or during the hiring process. Here are six essential documents young employees need when entering the workforce.


Birth Certificate

Nearly every formal place of employment will ask to see a copy of your birth certificate. This is an important document to have because it shows you’re a legal citizen. A major requirement to have if you want to work in the United States.


It’s rare for an employer to ask you to show your original birth certificate, but it doesn’t hurt to have. It also doesn’t have to be in perfect condition. As long as the document is readable, you should be fine.


Social Security Card

A social security card is another requirement most employers will ask for. It’s another document that established you as a legal citizen.


Some employers will ask to see your original social security, and others are fine with copies. In some cases, you might be able to get away with providing only your social security number. Inputting your social security number is generally required when filling out job applications.


License or Identification Card

A valid driver’s license or identification card is generally the final major requirement most employers ask to see. Again, it’s another document that shows you’re a legal citizen.


However, a driver’s license or identification card also establishes what state you reside in. This could be an important factor if an employer only hires someone from a specific state.


Driver’s license and identification cards pretty much carry the same weight to employers, so you shouldn’t feel the need to have both.



Asking for a copy of a diploma from your highest level of education is uncommon, but sometimes employers will ask for this document. It’s usually a way for an employer to validate your credentials.


Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to show if you’re entering a specialized field like education. The majority of employers will want to see that you graduated from a four-year college or equivalent.


Awards or Certificates

Proof of awards or certificates tend to be required at higher job positions, but it doesn’t hurt to show them if you have them.


In the case of a certificate, this is something you should have proof of if asked. For instance, if you have a certificate that shows you’re versed in Google Analytics, a hiring manager might ask to see proof.


Special Permits or Credentials

You might need to show a copy of a special work permit that allows you to do a specific job or task. This tends to go beyond having something like a driver’s license and tends to involve more niche services.


For example, in order to work as a lawyer, you need to have a law license. This typically requires you to pass the bar exam, but there are also additional requirements. Each state varies, so you would need to check to find your specific state’s requirements.


Knowing what documents you need to show employers isn’t tough, as long as you know which ones are most commonly asked.


It can be a hassle when you don’t have these documents, though, especially if you need to show them immediately. It helps to keep these documents in a special place, so you’ll always know where they are.

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