Top 7 Ways to Modernize Your Office or Clinic

Are you looking for ways to modernize your office or clinic? Modernizing your office does not always mean burning a hole in your finances. In fact, there are plenty of ideas on this list you can implement without breaking the bank. The idea is to rethink your office in line with modern office design techniques, and you are halfway there. So, here are the top seven ways you can turn your old space into a modern office.

1. Modern furniture

One of the major differences between a traditional office and a modern one is the furniture. As the first and most obvious solution, every modern office should have modern furniture

Unlike traditional office furniture, modern furniture manufacturers embrace modern design language, so they will have simple and clean lines. Additionally, they will use modern materials such as:

  • Polished metals
  • Plastics
  • Molded plywood

Further, old-school offices tend to have old office equipment so upgrading your stationery and office equipment should highlight your modern office. Some of the equipment you can upgrade to modernize your office include:

  • Office electronics such as laptop, copier, printer
  • Stationery like paper, staplers, stamps
  •  Wayfinding signage, etc

2. Innovative furniture configurations

Top 7 Ways to Modernize Your Office or Clinic

Innovative furniture may involve the use of unusual material and finishes that will give your office a post-modern feel. On the other hand, furniture in traditional offices had curves, while modern furniture is about aesthetic patterns. Examples of office furniture you should consider when thinking of modernizing your office:

  • Reception desks
  • Contemporary office desk
  • Bookcase
  • Executive desks
  • Drawers

Alternatively, you can purchase adjustable furniture. These work like a charm, especially if you have a small office space or you’re on a budget. You can go further than the staple of adjustable office chairs by getting tables with adjustable height, flip conference tables and chairs, and file storage with wheels. 

3. Lighting for modern workspaces

Thirdly, you can instantly change the feel and mood of a room with the right lighting. Invest in lights that will give your space a modern vibe, or work out ways to let in the sunlight.

However, too much light can hurt the eye and affect your customer and worker comfort. Similarly, too much light can turn up the heat and make the office uncomfortable. For that, you should consider installing blinds or canopies to deflect the light.

Natural lighting is always the best solution, but if your building does not allow it, go for LED bulbs. That’s because LED lighting uses less electricity and lasts longer, thereby reducing your carbon emissions.

4. A splash of color for a premium decor

Some color will transform any workspace into a vibrant and modern office or clinic. As one of the more cost-effective solutions, get the color right and the office will look a million bucks. The trick is to use vibrant colors such as bright colors and neon tints.

For added detailing, get the color design to match your corporate colors. Further, include some decorative stenciling to make the finish pop. A great color scheme will energize the office and improve employee mood, mobility, and productivity. 

5. Incorporate nature

Modernize Your Clinic

This trick works best for clinics because when you think of a clinic, you think of a cold, joyless space. One way to modernize your clinic is by bringing nature to the space by including natural elements in the design. 

A simple way includes adding some plants to the room, while a fish tank would also be a nice touch. Plants increase worker productivity, while the fish tank will put your visitors at ease.

Additionally, you can add some natural finishing to the furniture and fixtures using materials like wood and jungle green upholstery. Lastly, find ways to let in the light.

6. Ergonomics

Employees are your number one resource, so you should do everything to protect their health, especially if they sit for long hours. What’s more, if you do it right, it comes with the added bonus of modernizing your office.

Buying ergonomic furniture seems like an unnecessary expense, but if you think about it, you’ll realize it benefits your business. Sure, they are expensive, but they will do wonders for your employees’ productivity. For instance, ergonomic chairs and a modern office desk will ensure their workday is longer and more efficient. Additionally, a healthy employee means you will spend less on their health needs and medical insurance. 

Another trick is adding a wellness room to your office where your employees can go to exercise.

7. Open Plan workplace design

Finally, the one characteristic of old offices is closed cubicles. Add a modern touch to the place by knocking down the walls and embracing modern workstations. Doing so will not only modernize your set up, but will also increase collaboration.

To conclude, there are several ways of turning your old office into a modern office. They include purchasing contemporary furniture, using vibrant colors, and incorporating open-plan office designs. If you include these suggestions, they will turn your office into a creative office space.

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