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The Same Old Lie

Myth or Fact, you are entitled to your opinion but does it really take money to make money?

Financial analysts differ in this contest but here is the stand of the Rich Dad Community.

According to the team, “We’re probably going to get a lot of responses for this statement but there’s one lie that’s been told over and over again and it’s time we address it with the Rich Dad community. The lie is this: It takes money to make money.”

One of the things Robert Kiyosaki does differently than others is he pushes people to get comfortable being uncomfortable. In 1997, when he shocked the world by claiming your house isn’t an asset, it was the first time he challenged people to think against the norm.

Does it Take Money to Make Money

So we’re challenging you to think against the norm. Here’s why you should stop believing the lie that it takes money to make money:

It Steals You of Hope

Why is that a big deal? Because if you have no money and choose to believe this lie, then you believe you have no power. You feel trapped in the rat race and feel you need money to escape it.

It Makes You Bitter

If you believe that it takes money to make money, and you don’t have money, then it’s likely you feel at a disadvantage to others. So instead of being inspired, you start to hate them. And instead of gaining confidence to achieve success, you see the achievements of others as a threat to your own financial freedom.

It Gives You An Excuse

The most dangerous trap of all is using the lie as an excuse to not improve your investing knowledge. Instead of moving forward and taking advantage of every learning opportunity, you decide to stop your progress.

The minute you admit that it does not take money to make money, you give yourself power, hope and most importantly you stop making excuses.

“It does not take money to make money”

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