Domain Flipping Business Opportunity for Nigerians

There are various ways one can make genuine money online with very little investment.
In this article, I will share with you one of the ways online entrepreneurs are making a living flipping domains.
Any internet savvy should already be aware of this opportunity and how it works, but for the benefit of those still coming up and seeking ways to make extra money online, I will be explaining in details the domain flipping business opportunity and I bet you’ll find enough reason why you should not disregard this opportunity.
I will also show you how to identify prospective premium domains with potential to return maximum profit.
But before I go into details, like I said earlier, this article is for newbies and for those internet hustlers not already aware of domain flipping business, so I will start from the basics.

What is a domain?

A domain may be referred to as an internet address through which users can access a website/blog.
Example of a domain is “”.
A domain comes in different extensions , example, .com, .co, .net, .edu, .org, .ng, and most recently, .blog, .music, .beer, .army and many other extensions you can think of.
As a matter of fact, as at June 12, 2018, the internet boost of about 1,542 domain extensions (also known as Top Level Domains [TLDs]) and it keeps growing.
But as you can deduce, these numerous extensions is geared towards niche marketing.
.com is the most common, more universal and mostly where the big opportunities can be found or generated. The high selling premium domains are mostly those that end in .com.
Also, recently, in the wake of cryptocurrencies, the .io extension are proving to become very valuable.

What is Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is the process of purchasing a domain name with the intent of quickly selling it at a significantly higher cost.

Is Domain Flipping Profitable?

A domain flipper can purchase a domain for around $10 and sell it for thousands or even millions of dollars within a month, year/years.
Business guys that take domain flipping as full time business or domain investors can pay as high as $10,000 and more for a domain they do not wish to use but to resell at higher profit.
Few years ago, precisely November 2014, I shared the story of Jon Schultz, a business man who bought the domain ( for $13,500. By October 2014, Jon sold the domain to a pharmaceutical company in Russia for $200,000.
All Jon needed to do to keep holding this domain until a buyer comes is to pay a renewal fee of about $10 yearly. You can read about Jon’s Ebola sale story here.
Let me also shock you more.
Do you know Facebook bought from a nonprofit company named the American Farm Bureau Federation for $8.5M in 2010?
That’s not all, the amount Facebook paid for is peanut compared to what paid for
Finance Online reported that in 2005, agreed to pay the sum of $90M to LEASE the domain name for 35 years (2005 – 2040).
Let me come home, few days ago, a Nigerian, Olumayowa Elegbede registered the following domains,, and these domains are sold for about N3000 – N10,000 .ng being the costliest.
You know what?
Olu has listed the domains for sell at $66,489 each (N23,271,150) @350 per dollar exchange and parked to take advantage of the traffic that is already coming to the address.
Nigeria Air Domain Registration in Domain Flipping Business in Nigeria
Now you’re liking the business opportunity I guess, if so, read on.

How to Start a Domain Flipping Business in Nigeria.

Not very stressful at all. In fact, this is one of the most easiest home business anyone can do.
All you need is your email for registration and debit card for payment.
You can buy new domains from or and a host of other domain registrars. I use namecheap when it is a domain I do not wish to use or host. This is because, most times, the host companies offer free domain services to clients that host their sites with them.
For our local domain extensions like .ng and, you can register your domains with web4africa or garanntor.
Just create an account with any registrar of your choice, I prefer garrantor cos of easy usage, identify a domain you suspect could be of immense value tomorrow, register it, list it for sell and you’re in business. 
You can also make money with the domain while waiting for a buyer by “Parking” the domain.
When you park a domain, adverts are shown on the address when people view and click ads displayed on it, you make money. Amount made largely depends on the traffic volume and clicks. You won’t make so much money through this but what do you have to lose as it is still free money.
sample parked domain in Domain Flipping Business Opportunity for Nigerians
According to, an online flipping site, parked domains sell x2 better than offline domains.
If you wish to buy domains previously registered by other flippers, you could visit a domain flipping website. There are tons of flipping sites available like sedo, flippa or godaddy auctions site, etc.
You can also list your domains on these flipping sites for sell.

How to Identify Potential Premium Domains

Can one easily identify a domain with great potential to become very valuable or sort after in the nearest future?
Yes, if you are a fellow that follow trends.
Taking advantage of opportunities that could emerge from coming events, disasters, epidemics, personalities etc and being smart is the most required skill for domain flipping business.
I mentioned personality because people now register the names of important individuals in the society and sell the names back to them when the bearers see the need to have an online presence where their followers can read more about them or upgrade to a self host instead of using free platforms. Some of these high profile individuals are able to afford what the initial buyer request while others like Linda Ikeji could not. That is why they may decide to add other variables in their names instead of paying the high rates requested by the domain flipper.
Back to how you can identify potential premium domains.
Like Olu, the Nigerian guy that just purchased NigeriaAIR, Jon the guy that invested hugely in and many other domain investors, you should look out for opportunities and take immediate action towards acquiring them if you must excel in this business.
In conclusion
Domain flipping is growing into a large industry and events turning ordinary names into premium names. If you think this is an opportunity you would love to look into or need further clarification on how to take advantage of this opportunity, you can contact me privately or drop a comment.
To your success.
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  1. Ikpa says:

    Is there any offline in portharcourt here. These flipping are they involve in making money like payin 2k & get 6k in less than 1 hours?

  2. Tunde says:

    Good one, please i will like to know if there’s any offline platform especially in Lagos where one can get more training and guidance on domain Flipping.
    Thank you

  3. Mary Rosalie says:

    I couldn’t agree more that domain flipping is one of the top ways to make money online. Sure all business comes with one risk or the other and the ability to mitigate such risks differentiates the successful business owner.
    Domain flipping comes with its own risks such as buying domain name nobody wants and been left to hold the bag. Such risks can easily be mitigated by reading as much as possible about domaining and following domain sales .
    Thanks for sharing this peice.

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