$200,000 for Ebola.com Domain

Jon Schultz made $200,000 from Ebola.com domain.

Ebola.com for $200,000
While the world was fighting the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak and spending tons of cash trying to contain it, Jon Schultz was if I may say prepared to make good money from the virus.

Jon Schultz, a business man and his business partner Chris Hood own Blue String Ventures, an internet real estate investment, development and brand assistant firm. BSV also deal on domain names.

In 2008, Jon bought Ebola.com domain for $13,500 and six years after, precisely on 20th October, 2014, he was paid a price well over $200,000 for Ebola.com domain.

According to this SEC filing, Weed Growth Fund, a Russian company paid Jon $50,000 in cash and handing 19,192 shares of purchaser’s common stock it holds in Cannabis Sativa, Inc. which is valued at $164,000.

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. is based in Nevada and led by a two-term Mexico governor Gary Johnson. The company’s main aim is to grow its business by marketing marijuana products for recreational and medical use according to USATODAY as the world moves towards legalizing the substance.

Few days ago, Johnson said, “We actually believe we have efficacy with regard to treating Ebola.”

Special Recommendation: Negative Effect of Salt Water in Preventing Disease Spread

When I visited the site, it only has news on Ebola and how to control it, Amazon affiliated products based on Ebola, Google Adsense and most importantly still has Ebola.com is for sale sign written at the bottom of the site.

Jon said he originally expected a pharmaceutical company to buy the Ebola.com domain, but told CNBC that the possibilities were endless. “With so many people concerned about the disease, any advertisement referring people to Ebola.com domain should get an excellent response,” he said.

Jon and his business partner Chris also own BirdFlu.com and H1N1.com domains.

In Conclusion

I want The Total Entrepreneurs to get the lesson here and not just the story.

Domain resellers are still very much in business. As an entrepreneur, you should always be looking out for opportunities, it took Jon 6 years but he made a very good return in profit. Who knows how much he bought BirdFlu.com and who might be interested in the domain in their nearest future. The bringbackourgirls.com is another domain packed for sale. This was borne out of circumstance.

Events, disasters, circumstance etc have always been the source of great wealth for entrepreneurs that are ready to capitalize on them. Do not always see the wrong side of everything, look out for the right sides and grab the opportunities as they come. Start investing on generic domains with hopes of reselling for profit.

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