Domicile, Virtual Office, or Registered Address?

Virtual Office

You might think that the above terms have different meanings. In practice, however, these terms are used for the same purpose. Namely, for the service of registering an address with the Chamber of Commerce in combination with scanning incoming mail. This service is mainly used by entrepreneurs, including self-employed individuals, or by organizations such as foundations.

By the way, domiciliary services can vary greatly, as can prices. There are providers who also offer contracts that include a receptionist, meeting rooms, telephony, printing facilities, and workspace.

Sometimes there is confusion with the term ‘virtual office’ because it is also used solely for software and techniques for working from home.

The Time is Ripe for Virtual Offices

The virtual office market has experienced rapid development with growth rates of up to 20% per year, especially in Amsterdam. This applies not only to foreign companies but also to many Dutch startups and existing businesses that choose a virtual address.

The reasons for entrepreneurs to use a virtual address are very diverse. The time seems right for this product for various reasons: technology for remote work has proven itself with ever faster internet, Covid has made working from home almost a right, and real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent years.

Technology is of great importance for working from home. As an entrepreneur or employee, you need to be able to log into your work environment easily and safely. Meeting software should be available. Perhaps the internet connection is even more important. It needs to be stable and provide enough bandwidth. Nowadays, almost all companies facilitate this for their employees.

Covid has ensured that virtual office techniques have been widely accepted. Examples include meetings via Zoom or Teams, electronically signing documents, and no longer maintaining a paper archive. In addition, working from home one or more days a week has become the new normal. It has even become a right, as it is documented in collective labor agreements and company policies.

Real estate prices have skyrocketed in the Netherlands in recent years. The Amsterdam office market has added fuel to the fire. This is despite the fact that the capital city is an attractive location for many entrepreneurs in the financial services sector.

Amsterdam is also a city with a creative and international image. This reflects positively on your business. Through a virtual office, an office in Amsterdam becomes within reach for a large group of entrepreneurs.

The Benefits of a Virtual Office

Think about the benefits of having a business without its own office. A virtual address saves a lot on rent and setup costs. A contract can be short-term. Physical meeting rooms, which you only need occasionally, can be easily booked by the hour and are often included in the service.

The mail is collected from the mailbox and scanned for you. So you can even manage your business from abroad. Virtual offices are now available in many locations in the Netherlands. Therefore, choose a location that suits the image of your business and start entrepreneurship.

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