How to Download Instagram Photos? Tips & Tricks

The question of how to download Instagram photos is quite popular. After all, not only photos from parties and vacations are published on the social network. There are many promoted and very talented photographers’ profiles with adorable and fascinating photos.

Although the quality of images on Instagram is depressing, the desire to download your favorite photos is quite understandable. To do this, you need to come up with dozens of ways of varying degrees of confusion.

But don’t worry! We will help you. In this article, you can find the most working and safe ways to Insta photo download in seconds.

How to Download Instagram Photo

How to download Instagram photos through the source code 

Let’s look at the procedure using the desktop version of Google Chrome as an example. The instruction is also suitable for almost any browser on the Chromium platform (updated Microsoft Edge, Brave Browser, etc.); in Mozilla Firefox, menu items may have other names.

So, here is the instruction for downloading IG photos:

  1. Right-click on the photo while ensuring that the click is not made on the “arrows” of the gallery or other extraneous elements.
  2. Select the menu item “View code.” 
  3. A mini-window of developer tools opens, divided into two parts. In the main left part, one of the lines of the page code will be highlighted.
  4. Select a line above the originally selected one, and then click on the small triangle icon at its beginning. A nested code snippet opens.
  5. In it, you will need to right-click on the last link (underlined) and select “Open in new tab” in the menu.

The photo in the maximum available quality will open in a new browser tab. Now the picture will be saved as a standard image.

If you need to download a video instead of a photo, the instruction is similar. But in paragraph 3, you will need to select and expand the line from the top through one from the already active one. Then you should expand the fragments several times until the tag <video> with the link inside it opens. This link leads to the desired video. 

Note: This method has many disadvantages. For example, the inability to load “stories,” relative complexity, high probability of making mistakes when performing actions, dependence on Instagram rules changes — the social network may change the structure. That’s why the instruction will cease to be relevant.

How to download Instagram photos through online services

The disadvantages of the previous method can eliminate online services. Such services work online; they do not require installation or registration. Nevertheless, they provide fast and high-quality uploading of photos from Instagram on a PC. With their help, you can save one or more pictures by making just a few clicks, bothering with the code, or screenshot processing (we don’t even tell you this method since it is long and very complicated.)

There are numerous such services (Bigbangram, DownloadGram, iGrab, instaSave.) They are practically no different. However, Instagram photos are the most important thing. Each of them allows you to quickly and easily download any Instagram photo from a public account (if you want to download a photo from a private account, you will need to register on the service and enter your Instagram account details.)

The services work according to the same scheme:

  1. Copy the link to the required Instagram photo.
  2. Paste the link into the search field on the selected service.
  3. Click the “Download” button.

After a few seconds, the selected photo or photos will be saved to the required folder on the PC.

In addition, such services allow downloading photos and videos, stories, IGTVs, and much more. All downloads are also fast, high-quality, and free.

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How to download Instagram photos through messenger

If you are an active user of Messengers, then you will like this method the most (especially if your Messenger has a desktop version.) 

You have seen how you send a link to a video in messengers, which is automatically added to the chat. The same thing happens with photos.

To do this, you need:

  1. Copy the link to the desired post.
  2. Open a messenger installed on your computer, for example, Telegram.
  3. Send this link to “Saved” messages or to an open chat with a friend. In addition, when sending a link, all photos from the carousel post are automatically added.
  4. To save, right-click on the desired photo and select “Save as.”

If necessary, you can repeat the same actions with other pictures from the carousel.

That’s all! 

If you’re looking for a simple way to mirror the photos you’ve downloaded, try Adobe’s free Mirror Image tool.

Now you know the simplest, most convenient, and safest ways to download Instagram photos in seconds. 

We hope this article will be helpful for you. Good luck!

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