Jumia Key Opinion Leader Program (Formerly Jumia Affiliate Program)

Jumia Affiliate Program will be migrating to Jumia Key Opinion Leader Program (Also known as Jumia KOL Program) on the 8th of December, 2020. This was revealed by the eCommerce giant to The Total Entrepreneurs via email.

About Jumia KOL Program

Jumia KOL simply means Jumia Key Opinion Leader. The renaming of Jumia Affiliate Program to Jumia KOL Program comes on the heels of the companies resolve to enhance its service through technology and reposition the referral program for better performance.

The Jumia KOL Program is targeted at content creators, bloggers, social media groups, influencers, affiliates, websites or Apps, etc.

This Jumia KOL program is built on Jumia’s new technology, Jumia KOL software. This means that the Jumia reward program will be wearing a new look with more enhanced features.

Jumia Key Opinion Leader Program

What is expected of a Former Jumia Affiliate Associate?

If you are a Jumia Affiliate and have been promoting Jumia products on your blog, social media, etc, from the 8th of December, 2020, your links will no longer be tracked. What this means is that you will not receive a cut for any customer that makes a purchase using your unique referral code.

To continue partnering with Jumia as a Key Opinion Leader, you are expected to;

  • Sign up on Jumia’s new platform
  • Submit a full and accurate profile through KOL registration form
  • Generate new tracking links as old links are not going to be tracked
  • You can also get App links on the new platform

Benefits of Jumia KOL Program

  • The latest design in banners
  • A professional team always ready to assist you
  • A product feed with more than 50,000 products
  • The possibility to promote Jumia products on Website, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, newsletters, message/mail to a friend you know that have need of a particular product that Jumia sell.
  • Bank transfer as a way of payment (i.e. your commission will be sent to you directly into your Nigeria bank account)

Will Your Old Earnings/Commissions be Affected?

Please note that you are not going to have any changes in your:

  • Current payments
  • Earned commissions
  • Already tracked orders

How to Sign Up for Jumia KOL Program

Simply visit the Jumia KOL site here and apply to be a Key Opinion Leader. Fill out the registration form, submit and verify your email. Upon approval, log into the dashboard and generate new unique codes for your promotion.

You can promote Jumia products on your blog, Apps, and social media accounts.

For further enquries, kindly reach out to Jumia at KO*@ju***.com

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