Easy Steps to Opt-Out of MTN Data Auto-Renewal with Image Guide

Have you been receiving the data auto-renewal message from MTN and looking for an easy way to opt out? In this very short and easy guide, I will show you how to opt out of MTN data auto-renewal with images to help you step by step.

MTN offers many data bundle packages and during the subscription stages, users are allowed to choose the one-time purchase or auto-renewal options.

I always choose the one-time purchase option as I may want to purchase a different bundle package in my next subscription.

However, I mistakenly clicked the option for auto-renewal and when the data finished, of course before getting to the end of the month as usual (data in the country is very slow yet exhausts as fast as you purchase them), I re-subscribed for a bigger data bundle package but I kept receiving a message from MTN anytime I recharge my phone to subscribe for the previous bundle I mistakenly choose for auto-renewal.

It was frustrating, so I went to Google to search for how I can deactivate or rather stop the MTN data auto-renewal messages.

I was bombarded with the long process option, all first suggesting that I know the data code of the previous data plan, then sending a NO message with the plan code to 131 (NO + DATA PLAN CODE to 131).

For example; if the code of the data bundle was 106, I have to type NO106 and send to 131.

This is not a problem, the stress here is finding or knowing the data plan code you previously subscribed to.

Without wasting your time, follow these simple steps to see how you can opt-out of the MTN data auto-renewal option without knowing the plan code or sending any message.


Simple Steps to Stop MTN Data Auto Renewal with Image Description (2023 Update)

1. Dial *131#

2. Choose Data Plans (Option 1)

3. Choose Next (Option 99)

4. Choose Manage Data (Option 11)

5. Choose Cancel Auto-Renewal (Option 3)

6. Select Bundle to Opt-Out Of

7. Done

See the Image description on how to opt out of MTN Data auto-renewal below.

1. Dial *131#

dial 131


2. Choose Data Plans (Option 1)

2. Choose Data Plans (Option 1)


3. Choose Next (Option 99)


3. Choose Next (Option 99)


4. Choose Manage Data (Option 11)

4. Choose Manage Data (Option 11)


5. Choose Cancel Auto Renewal (Option 3)

5. Choose Cancel Auto Renewal (Option 3)


6. Select Bundle to Opt-Out Of

Choose mtn data plan to opt out of


7. Done

You have successfully opt out of mtn data auto renewal


With these easy steps to cancel MTN data auto-renewal, you do not need to know the particular data plan you were using and wish to opt out of and avoid sending the wrong code to the operators and still being embarrassed with the auto-renewal messages.

I hope this guide helps. Let me know.

Here’s how to get MTN 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200.

Bonus: You can also dial *121# to see the wonderful Data Offers MTN Has for you.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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  1. Arewa Modupe says:

    I’m trying to opt out on auto renewal of 20g per month that won’t even last me for 2weeks
    I tried *131* nd all the method here to opt out,still showing me I should click on 11gb renewal monthly before I can opt out on that 20gig
    Is annoying

    • Hello Arewa, can you share the steps you followed. Maybe you’re missing something. They won’t force you to resubscribe. Kindly be calm and follow the process stated here. It works for everyone.

  2. Taiwo says:

    I wanted to cancel my auto renewal but it say you Y’ellow don’t have an active data bundles on auto renew purchase

  3. Ngozi says:

    The best step by step guide I have seen with any hitches..you went extra mile by adding pictorial guide. I do hope you sometimes teach… as in academics…your students would be thankful to have you as their teacher. Most times a good teacher is all the difference needed in a students performance.

  4. Kogoro Pius says:

    Number 8 is hot deal.

  5. Kwinjae says:

    This was very helpful thank you very much. I did NO110 to opt out of 4.5GB data plan.

  6. Pelia says:

    The option Manage Data No longer there so I couldn’t deactivate

  7. Mutiullah says:

    This is really helpful. Thank you

  8. Glory says:

    Fantastic it’s really worked 👍 for me 😁😊

  9. Dike, Uzoma Amos says:

    I have been trying to opt out of 20 gb monthly plan. I have tried the process. I could not see the option for manage data. Instead I saw as No. 8 Hot Deals. Please help.

  10. Chanmi says:

    It worked thanks

  11. Yakubu says:

    Mine is not working
    Is saying you don’t have active data plan

  12. Blessing says:

    Please mine is saying no active data plan and I don’t want to sub again until I sort this out

  13. Fiyi says:

    Thanks…it was helpful

  14. Felix says:

    Tanx for the easy steps it works perfectly well

  15. Gaga says:

    Exactly what just happened to me

  16. Ugochi says:

    Good information. Thanks

  17. Abike says:

    Mine is not giving the option for the data code I subscribed to. It’s giving me two options of data bundle. I tried them and it tells me they are not the bundle I subscribed for.

  18. Bahago says:

    Wow! This was really helpful. Thanks

  19. Stella says:

    Thank you so much. This is exactly what I need.

  20. Scott Taylor says:

    This was so helpful because the other method was so stressful and confusing

  21. Nike says:

    Bravo! thank you for this write up. You just safe from MTN auto renewal frustration. The simplex method have ever seen Kudo to you Francis!

  22. Juanevere says:


  23. Emmanuel says:

    Thank you so much. It works perfectly!

  24. Antonio says:

    *131# always worked for me, but now is saying “unknown application”. Please help.
    I need to cancel the unlimited money per data.

  25. Jjc says:

    Works. Thanks and keep it up. I’ll like to just have your contact in hand.

  26. Uzochukwu Mike P says:

    Nice one. You are doing well.

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