3 Ways Furthering Your Education And Personal Development Can Benefit You And Your Business

3 Ways Furthering Your Education And Personal Development Can Benefit You And Your Business

In the business world, continuing education is seen as an attractive trait. As a business owner, encouraging continued education and personal development can boost employee retention, boost employee performance, and raise your business’ brand awareness.


According to the Association for Talent Development, companies that invest in training and education programs enjoy a 24 percent increase in their profit margin. However, the benefits of furthering your education also extend to you as an entrepreneur. Continuously updating your knowledge and pursuing personal development can open new doors for your business, help you establish your business goals, and equip you with the right tools to successfully launch your startup.


Investing In Personal Development Can Improve Your Productivity And Motivation

As an entrepreneur, both your productivity and motivation levels will become important in the success of your business. In the world of startups,  productivity is currently the hottest trend amongst entrepreneurs. Besides setting the pace for your startup’s development, illustrating a productive and motivated mindset can inspire a more productive culture for your employees. While the entrepreneurial world is notorious for poor time management and the juggling of many different hats, a business owner that can develop his soft skills like communication, time management, and strategic thinking stands a better chance of getting tasks done on time and with greater efficiency.


Enrolling in personal development courses like Udemy’s Time Management Revolution online course or Udacity’s Content Marketing course also helps you stay well informed about all the new developments in the business world, including productivity tools and how they can apply to your business operations. Finally, continuous personal development can boost your confidence and self-esteem levels by giving you useful tools to tackle common problems faced by entrepreneurs, such as how to avoid feeling overwhelmed. It can inspire an entrepreneur to continue their business journey, even in the difficult beginning stages of a startup.


Furthering Your Education Can Introduce You To An Advantageous Network Of Resources As A New Entrepreneur

Deciding to go back to school may add an additional time commitment to your already busy schedule. However, it can also help you expand your network as an entrepreneur. As a new business owner, navigating the requirements like securing financing for your startup or creating a new marketing buzz for your new business may seem unfamiliar and difficult, especially if you do not have a business background. In this case, entrepreneurs wondering, ‘Is an associate’s degree worth it?’ can feel better about investing the two years of study time and the attached price tag. It also helps you get the word out about your budding brand in the industry through introductions to potential suppliers, customers, and even potential collaborating partners.


Development Of Your Management Skills Can Improve The Work-Life Dilemma And Mental Health Of Entrepreneurs

According to recent reports by the World Economic Forum, there is a  mental health crisis in entrepreneurship, particularly startups. Around 49 percent of entrepreneurs deal with at least one mental health condition during their lifetime. They are also twice as likely to suffer from depression and six times more likely to live with ADHD. It is no secret that being an entrepreneur can be stressful and uncertain. However, studies have shown that classroom learning can positively impact your mental health. Furthering your education can also provide the needed training to increase your efficiency and make critical decisions to maintaining the all-important work-life balance. Past reports have estimated that many entrepreneurs work 60-80 hours a week. Becoming educated in business innovation like the use of AI and automation in business functions like social media management, finance and marketing can free up useful time for you as an entrepreneur.


Remember, learning does not always have to happen in the classroom. As an entrepreneur, you have the flexibility of setting the time and location of your learning. Committing to personal development and continuous education allows you to identify and rectify your weaknesses and build on your strengths, improving your chances of succeeding in a competitive world.

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