Experts Choice: Highest Paying Affiliate Programs in 2024

Are you a blogger, webmaster, or social media influencer looking for the highest paying affiliate programs to promote, I have carefully selected these high commission affiliate programs that will suit any niche, so read this piece carefully, select the high paying affiliate programs that suit you and start working with them immediately.

So you know…

Affiliate marketing has been an indispensable digital marketing scheme for businesses as well as a revenue-driving funnel for affiliate marketers themselves. In fact, the question; how effective is affiliate marketing, has turn out a topic attracting much discussion across platforms online.

While some bloggers are discussing the highest paying affiliate programs, most have refused to talk about the quality of the products/services offered by the so-called highest paying affiliate programs but concentrate on what they’ll make as commission.

Over the years, startups, entrepreneurs, retailers, and enterprises discuss how to increase revenue through successful affiliate programs. However, this article focuses on helping affiliate marketers decide the best products to promote this year. And speaking of good products, I mean:

  • Products that sell themselves
  • Products with evergreen high demand
  • Products/services with high affiliate commissions
  • Services with easy-to-join affiliate programs
  • Services/products with affiliate programs that pay on time
  • Services your audience/business partners will readily buy through you
  • And finally, services/products that will not disappoint the user and meet their expectation.

And the thing is, this article groups a chunk of these affiliate programs into relatable sections. With each section based on the audience, you easily determine what program is best for you. Because I believe you don’t need to be overwhelmed and confused with a long and random list. See the sections below to dive straight into what’s best for you.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs 2024



Web hosting is one of the most important aspects of launching an online platform (blog, website or eCommerce site). Making a decision on the choice of web host is becoming more difficult as the success or failure of an online entity largely depends on their web host. If your web host is slow, no amount of SEO or site tweaking will make it fast. This is why it is recommended you select carefully a web host.

The good thing is, there are good, tested and reputable web host companies out there, not just that, these companies are ready to pay affiliate marketers good commissions when they refer customers to them. So, if you have clients that trust you to recommend good web host for their online startup or readers that trust your judgement, then you should check out and promote the following top hosting companies.

Because this niche is very competitive, it’s honestly one of the best to promote online and get paid high commissions.

I have picked the 3 best highest paying web host companies that will give you good affiliate commissions as well as offer your referrals the best quality hosting with 24×7 customer service.

Here they are…



Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies around. I am sure you have heard about them. They are affordable. Have the one-click install for most CMS like WordPress etc. They also offer one of the most lucrative affiliate programs.

Signing up for the Bluehost Affiliate Programs is easy and the most alluring part is the 45 days cookie. Meaning, when a user clicks your link but hesitates before making payment, up to 45 days, you will still receive your referral commission. Isn’t that cool?

You are assigned an affiliate manager that can help should you encounter any challenge.

Bluehost affiliates receive their payment twice monthly, on the 16th and by the end of the month so long your commission is up to $100.

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program



Why You Should Host your Blog with Fast Comet

FastComet is a web host company with a clear difference. Based in the UK, FastComet has the best online review according to statistics from Host Advice Review Site. A whopping 9.8/10 from 442 users at the time of writing this post. The review considered mostly reliability, pricing, user-friendly, support and added features. I am a super affiliate of FastComet and I recommend this hosting company to my clients and I am yet to get any negative feedback. I also host one of my blogs with the company.

You can check out my humble review on FastComet here.

FastComet has one of the best high paying Affiliate programs paying as much as $200 per referral. I’m enjoying this and would want you to enjoy same.

Join FastComet Affiliate Program



If your clients love high-quality, blazing-fast, user-friendly and a popular web host then you should definitely look the way of A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting is also recommended as one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

The juicy part is the A2 Hosting affiliate program. Promoting A2 hosting to your clients will earn you up to $140 making it one of the highest-paying affiliate programs this year. One more thing, the company offers a second-tier commission. Yes, so what this means is that for each user you refer to them, you earn extra cash from your referrals sales. Your commission is paid on the 15th of every month. The company also has a 90-day cookie making it one of the longest cookies in the industry. Your earning with this hosting company is limitless, so I advise you don’t give A2 Hosting a second thought if you want to get good feedback promoting top web host companies.

Join A2 Hosting Affiliate Program



According to statistics, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) amidst the like of Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, etc. WordPress houses more than 75 million websites and blogs today including popular sites like TechCrunch, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional,  MTV News, Microsoft News Center, The Walt Disney Centre, Time Inc, The New York Times, Facebook Newsroom, The Mozilla Blog, Reuters Blog, and many others.

If you could bridge the gap between WordPress and these upcoming businesses as an Affiliate of WordPress products, you would be creating another funnel that splashes cool cash on a monthly basis into your wallet.

There are many products to promote within the WordPress family but one of the highest paying is WordPress Themes.

A WordPress theme is a template and stylesheet used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. A WordPress powered website cannot exist without a theme, so every WordPress powered website must have a theme installed.

Now here’s the deal, you can make cool cash recommending premium themes to webmasters and newbies.

There are marketplaces where themes are sourced and I have gone through the troubles, questioned WordPress top Affiliates, and test-driven some of the WordPress themes myself. And here I have a list of WordPress theme marketplace that pays you good cash when you refer them to your readers/followers.


1. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop is a WordPress marketplace where you can find well-coded, beautifully designed WordPress themes and plugins. Millions of themes and plugins are downloaded from the MyThemeShop marketplace yearly and affiliates make a kill as commission. You can find tons of theme designs that will suit any niche in the marketplace.

Themes from MyThemeShop stand out as they are very responsive, beautiful, fast to load (very important) and to crown it all, the marketplace has 24×7 helpful support ready to ensure all customers enjoy 100% satisfaction.

The MyThemeShop Affiliate program is a very successful one owing to the 55% commission paid when you refer webmasters to their elegant, blazing-fast themes and plugins. MyThemeShop is definitely one of the top paying affiliate programs you should get involved with.

Join MyThemeShop



Elegant is one of WordPress’ largest creative marketplace where million-dollar digital assets are sold yearly. On Elegant; themes, plugins, and website services are sold every day through a fast secured system.

Elegant Themes have one of the high commission affiliate programs.

You get registered for free. Afterward, a link is sent to your submitted mail for verification. And upon verification, you have access to an Affiliate dashboard of your own plus a unique affiliate link. And anytime your site’s visitors click on your referral link and make a purchase on Elegant, a 50% commission is paid to you. You can make as much as $150 when you sell their lifetime theme pack. Elegant is trusted by well over 350,000 WordPress users.

Join Elegant Themes


3. WooCommerce

woocommerce affiliate programs

WooCommerce is a combined solution for online stores and retailers built by WordPress. It is WordPress’s way of contributing to eCommerce with end-to-end tools ranging from storefronts, landing pages to Newsletters, with the likes of; pops, themes, sales management tools, delivery management tools and more in between.

And if you could recommend WooCommerce to online stores, you will receive a lifetime 20% on every sale as an Affiliate just like on every WordPress affiliate program.

It doesn’t end there, since WordPress dim it fit to have single signup for marketers that which to promote their products, if approved as an affiliate, you automatically qualify to promote other WordPress owned products like Jetpack (most popular plugin on WordPress) and premium packages. What are you waiting for, remember WordPress is the most sort after CMS platform millions of users so conversion won’t be much of a hustle.



E-commerce also known as electronic commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services on the Internet. It is no news that most businesses are moving to the Internet. Why? Traffic, ease of transaction, ease of payment, less stress, variety selection, ease of delivery, and so on. The journey to online commerce has been a profitable one hence more businesses are following suit.

How can you benefit from this paradigm shift? Simple, start recommending good eCommerce platforms to businesses looking to take their market online. The eCommerce platforms help your clients to easily integrate and start selling online. I have selected the top popular eCommerce platform you can recommend to your clients and earn a good commission in the process.


1. BigCommerce

Bigcommerce is a popular SaaS e-Commerce platform with over 60,000 merchants in 150+ countries. They are the e-commerce platform for most growing brands because of their many features including built-in-class SEO to help drive more traffic, built-in selling on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to help you sell on social media, and integration with Amazon and eBay to help you reach more consumers. They are revolutionizing the way people shop, work and live.

BigCommerce also has a partnership program where they reward affiliate marketers for referring users to them. When you recommend BigCommerce to your clients, you are sure of happy and satisfied customers. As a new partner, the Bigcommerce affiliate program offers a very generous 200% commission on your referral’s monthly sales price. Your client also gets to try BigCommerce for 15 days for free. BC also has a 90-day cookie with many promotional materials that will suit any affiliate marketer.

Join BigCommerce



Digital marketing is getting broader yearly under the belt of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HI (Human Intelligence). And while this is happening, some branches of digital marketing are wearing off as some others like email marketing are getting more essential. In fact, in recent times, 89% of funnels starts and ends with email marketing. That is why there are different kinds of email marketing tools out there today. And the great thing is, each of these tools providers has an affiliate program you can monetize your blog with if you could recommend their email marketing services to your business partners. And to help you escape the stresses of selecting from the almost endless list of them, I have done the work for you leaving you with the best affiliate programs list from email marketing service providers.


1. GetResponse

Heads up! Would there be any affiliate marketer setting his bars high enough to rake-in higher revenue today, that marketer would be on the lookout for solid products. Because it’s no longer a matter of how much you put in but where you’re investing. And if there’s a product you should invest your marketing skills on, I would point you to GetResponse.

GetResponse would be a bestseller if it were a book. But rather as a widely used reputed email service provider, GetResponse has garnered a bigger percentage of email marketers, and businesses who leverage their businesses with the power of cold email automation. So why would you not promote a product that sells itself like GetResponse?

Aside from the fact that your audiences would love its interface and overall features, the GetResponse affiliate program is quite the goody bag. Here’s what I mean. They have two affiliate systems. The first is called Bounty, on which you earn a one-time 100$ on every customer subscribing to a GetResponse paid plan through your unique affiliate link. While the second called Recurring allows you to earn recurring 33% of the price paid by a customer that buys a GetResponse paid plan through your link. And one important thing to know is, you only receive payment through PayPal.

What are you waiting for, Join Getresponse


2. ConvertKit

Bouncing around the top of the leadership board of best email service providers, Convertkit could be testified by any among their millions of customers as a converting mail automation system. Though some people will grumble about this but my long-winded question is; where were the likes of MailChimp when Convertkit was killing it real big for bloggers? Crickets… The undeniable fact is ConvertKit is the greatest for bloggers and you should start recommending it to your blogger friends. Moreover, there’s a 30% recurring bonus out there for you on every referred sign up. And you have no fear of losing a referral to another Affiliate as Convertkit affiliate program operates on a first-click attribution. That is, even if a customer does not purchase through you, as long as your link was the first they clicked before purchasing through anybody else, you get paid. Just like GetResponse, payment is made via PayPal but on the 2nd of every month after approval is made on the 1st.

Join ConvertKit


3. ActiveCampaign

The focus of ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one software that helps you, consultants, and marketers leverage the essentiality of email marketing, email automation, sales CRM, and direct messaging located in the cloud for higher ROI. And to expose these services to more users, ActiveCampaign has made a partnership program that you can join today. The partnership program is split into three categories to make sure you sign up for the one best for you.

On the first one strictly for affiliate marketers; you earn 20% recurring discount/referral (silver tier), 25% lifetime discount if you refer $100 worth of subscribers for three months or $500 worth of customers per month (gold tier), and finally, 30% forever discount for churning in $500 worth subscribers for three months or $2000 worth subscribers for a single month (platinum tier).

The second partnership program is for resellers. You open an ActiveCampaign reseller account, buy ActiveCampaign subscriptions at discounted prices, and resell as a vendor at your desired price. And lastly, there’s the partnership system for certified consultants. To become one of those certified consultants, you pay a $2000 registration between the first 14 days of acceptance. Then you renew your membership as a certified consultant with a monthly payment of $500.

Yes, it’s quite daunting to be asked to pay such a huge amount just to become a partner of a big business but looking into all the goodies that tie in with it, it’s worth every buck. Between the huge discounts on sales, your business will always have a place on ActiveCampaign listing. You will also be given the opportunity to publish articles under your name on ActiveCampaign populated marketplace. In addition to that and between receiving reimbursement for events and being open to marketing advice for your business, you gain membership into ActiveCampaign insiders circle.

Join ActiveCampaign


4. MailerLite

Here’s why marketing with emails may turn out shitty even though email marketing is the most effective strategy out there today. There are more than enough must-have software and plugins in the plate for businesses already. So adding to the piles of them will instead increase workload, making the whole stuff overwhelming. But with an easy-to-use service provider like MailerLite, it’s possible to cut down a long list of the software/plugins on ground and here’s why. MailerLite is a combination of mail automation tool, pop-up creation tool, and even landing page building tools. This is enough reason for MailerLite instant growth immediately it hit the market. And even though one of the newest and youngest, MailerLite is among the big players of the industry as at now. Truth be told, there’s a more special reason behind MailerLite growth and that is the MailerLite affiliate program.

Yes. MailerLite claims ownership to the fastest easy-to-join affiliate program today by cutting down the long process of registration for administration in lieu of other SaaS to make registration a pushover for everybody. So since the doors are wide open, what then are you waiting for? Join MailerLite affiliate program today, start earning 30% of your referral-turned-subscriber payment on a monthly basis through your PayPal account. Needless to say, though MailerLite is easy to sell, you’ll continuously receive nuggets through MailerLite newsletters, blog posts, tutorial videos, and discussions on how to market the best selling email service effectively to leverage your recurring 30%/referral revenue.

Join MailerLite


5. AWeber Partnership Program

Last on my list of the highest paying affiliate programs from email service providers is AWeber’s. Starting with Aweber’s service, they provide state-of-the-art mail automation to help businesses and entrepreneurs create trigger-targeted campaigns from scratch. Right from landing pages or whatever may be the starting point of a funnel, Aweber’s catchy pop-ups take it from there by collecting visitors’ mail IDs based on segmentation for a fast, easy, and spineless mail building in the dashboard. From there, Aweber’s ready-made business themes, and templates that can be customized as well are used directly for mail automation, newsletters, and campaigns effective enough to turn customers into fans.

If you think AWeber is a must-have for your partners and colleagues, then it’s time you join the Aweber’s affiliate program so you can recommend AWeber more effectively and earn 30% commission on every subscription you sell. And the great thing is, you can reach out to prospects anywhere on the web. All you need do is attach your dedicated affiliate link to the back of whatever page link you’re sharing with prospects. Fun Fact! You own a dedicated dashboard to keep track of subscriber’s activities from click-throughs, to sign ups and future purchases. And while you can receive payment with PayPal, AWeber makes payments with check as an option. Needless to say, Aweber’s cookies expire until 365 days. That’s just more than enough time for a prospect to think things over and go for a subscription.


6. Sendlane

Sendlane is a 24/7 San Diego-based mail-marketing service provider providing services like;

  1. Email marketing automation
  2. SMS marketing
  3. Tracking
  4. Customer journey life cycle
  6. Real-time analytics
  7. Beacon; Enhanced behavior
  8. ROI conversion

to content writers, bloggers, SaaS programs, Woocommerce owners, and digital agencies.

Aside from being one of the biggest players in the industry, SendLane has set itself a step ahead by splitting their affiliate program into three. Giving you more than a single source of revenue.

The first program is called integration partnership majorly for SaaS providing solutions to problems and adding SendLane as integration to leverage its services for its users by making them subscribe to SendLane.

The second is a direct recommendation. It is you recommending SendLane to whoever so they become SendLane’s customer through your affiliate link.

And finally, the third is for agencies who provide services or are responsible for giving business advice to their audience and can recommend SendLane to them so they register through their affiliate link.

But whichever of the program you choose, SendLane promises a recurring 30% bonus forever on each of them. Yikes!

Start promoting Sendlane now.



If you’re a fashion blogger and you’re still struggling with making good money from your blog, it’s because you’re not tapping the opportunity that affiliate marketing offers or maybe you are but not doing it right. Top fashion bloggers are earning recurring cash online promoting clothing and fashion accessories from top fashion websites and marketplaces.

In this post, I mentioned the top Fashion Affiliate Programs to promote and earn good affiliate commissions. I also stated how Fashion bloggers can get free clothes from the fashion marketplace just for their humble opinion and review.

Here I will be listing some top fashion websites to promote or recommend to your audience.



ZAFUL is a class-leading brand of the most sought after accessories and the best selling modern apparels globally. The Fashion shop pays attention and efforts to succeed where most stores are failing, and therefore is largely known for 24/7 quality customer support, and good delivery service. These altogether continuously contribute to the rapid growth of their customers and of course their sales.

Once you join ZAFUL affiliate program via their affiliate manager Firstgrabber, you receive an instant signup token as a welcome bonus from the 5-year-old brand.

Needless to say, ZAFUL is recognized in over 180 countries with quality products which upon promotion earns you up to 30% commission per sale.

As an affiliate, you receive payment through PayPal, WebMoney, and local banks. Plus you’re supported with marketing tools like:

  • Promotional banners
  • Text-links
  • Coupons
  • Special limited offers

Join Zaful Affiliate Program



new chic affiliate program

NewChic promises to make buyers look good for less with their mouth-watering discount offers making them a run to fashion website for buyers locally and internationally.

If you are fashion inclined or running a fashion blog, I can bet you have seen Google Ads about NewChic on your platform or blogs you visit. They promote their brand and this is an advantage to affiliate marketers cos to most of the people you’ll be referring NewChic to, it won’t be much work convincing them to actually check them out.

Another big plus to NewChic is the NEWCHIC Blogger Program. This one will excite you. Here it is… If you run a fashion blog with a minimum of 1000 followers on Bloglovin or you have at least 5,000 followers on any of your social networking accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Lookbook, etc) then you’re in for a free monthly cloth.

All you have to do is sign up to the NEWCHIC Blogger Program, then email NewChic (bl*****@ne*****.com) introducing yourself with links to your social networking account(s) and you could get free clothing worth US$30 to US$300 every month to review and write about.

The Fashion website also ship worldwide, track items shipped and offer free shipping when purchases reach a certain amount.

So this is definitely a platform to promote you can agree with me.

You can sign up for the NEWCHIC Affiliate Program or NEWCHIC Blogger Program and start making money right away.



RoseGal is a one-stop-shop for women especially the plus size women who are trying hard to not miss out on clothing and accessories that bring the fulfillment they want from the kind of sexy, romantic, and leisure lifestyle enjoyed by every other woman.

The online store has an intuitive interface doubled with auto-responder to guide shoppers through for optimum shopping satisfaction.

And the thing is, RoseGal affiliate partnership is easy. An easy-to-join program with easy-to-promote products.

Don’t have a website of your own? Or prolly you’ve more traffic coming from your social media page than your site? You can still promote RoseGal’s dresses, lingerie, swimwear, shoes and bags and all that, through your social media handles and earn 30% commission as a passive income on every product purchased through a dedicated affiliate link given to you immediately after you signup for RoseGal affiliate program. As Zaful, Rosegal is also managed by Firstgrabber. Just visit the Firstgrabber site and choose the fashion affiliate program you wish to promote. Who says you can’t work with the three (3) available.

As an influencer, agency, or an individual, your marketing strategies are supported with:

  • Unlimited coupons
  • Customer trigger targeted banners that are updated regularly to meet up with trends
  • Exclusive offers irresistible to your audience
  • Newsletters to keep you updated on hottest offers and to enlighten you with insider tricks and tips for more sales.

Join Rosegal Affiliate Program



Just in case you know absolutely nothing about bitcoin, here’s a sneak peek. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency flowing through the massive Blockchain system. Bitcoin is a dream come true for everyone after the long-awaited result of all the technological brainstorming and finance brainstorming toward creating a decentralized system of money-flow to bypass the callous power exertion of government and banks over individual’s financial management. Simple… but let me tell you why you should dip your two feet diplomatically into the river of bitcoin. Bitcoin, or should I say, the entirety of cryptocurrency is the most convenient currency for performing online transactions anywhere in the digital world anonymously. And if you could draw bitcoin closer to people on the web, there’s big money in it for you. Don’t trust me? See affiliate programs with crazy commissions all from crypto trading and investing sites around the world below.



A first experience with the Cryptosystem may not turn out well without a trusted platform like CoinBase. Let your visitors and those who consult you for business ideas—to whom you’ve just introduced cryptocurrency—know this before they dive into a digital coin. But don’t leave them panicking. Tell them there are digital coin investment platforms like CoinBase on which they can successfully make their first crypto trading experience even as newbies. And most importantly, make it all easy for them by giving them access to CoinBase right from your site’s landing page. But don’t sweat it if your budget won’t get you a landing page because once you join the CoinBase affiliate program, you’re automatically free to use any of their eye-popping landing pages that will make marketing effective for you. So you can make more 50% commission on each of the first three months of trading of your referrals.

Furthermore, on a dashboard dedicated to you, no campaign performance data gets missing until you delete them yourself. By the way, with such valuable data, wouldn’t your next campaign be data-driven? And remember that data-driven marketing activities bring more ROI than randomly executed strategies. Now, about payment. CoinBase does not just pay via PayPal but even into your local bank no matter your location.

Join Coinbase


2. CoinMama

CoinMama is a cryptocurrency trading platform with its users from 120 countries. Each of their customers can trade bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital currencies through credit and debit cards whether master or visa. CoinMama claims to have the lowest fees and buy at the most attractive rates though this is yet to be confirmed to be true. Every other thing equal, CoinMama is safe and provides a fast and personalized transaction. Therefore, their services will be highly supportive of your associates, friends, and visitors. And while you grow a good reputation through CoinMama, you earn a 15% recurring commission on every trade done by anyone who gets to CoinMama through you. And that’s only possible if you join the CoinMama partnership program.

Join CoinMama



Platforms that keep up with the trends, though more advantageous than the religators, come with a lot of troubles. I’ve seen people lose their money to the daunting upgrade on the trading system done by their trading platform managers. But Binance is different. Even after Binance’s last system upgrade on 25/05/19 which was announced afore to customers a day before, there were no negative reports from Binance traders as regards their coin wealth. Instead, the upgrade turns out to be a function of more comfort and opportunities for Binance customers today. And these exclusive opportunities will reach your business friends and they would be grateful if you could recommend Binance to them. All you need do is join Binance affiliate program, start putting words out, and begin to earn 50% of your referral’s trade for as long as they keep trading. It’s easy.

Join Binance




With the rate at which assets are increasing and depreciating in value through the course of time, there has been an uproar in the need for platforms that allows the seamless circulation of assets. That is why today there are chunks of brokers on the net competing with one another with exclusive trading services and bonuses. Nevertheless, just in case you have an audience you perceive would enjoy getting involved with brokers trading, I’ve done the nitty-gritty bringing together all the best brokers trading platforms with the highest paying affiliate programs today. See below.


1. IQ Option

IQ Option is known in 178 countries by over one million customers for reliability, fast transactions, and usable swaps available to all and sundry as a guide towards better trading. IQ Option puts everything in terms of data, metrics, and statistics into each user’s trading account with a friendly interface. Plus randomly delivered nuggets, information, strategies, and trading tricks sent through newsletters, or on their blogs to traders. All of these make IQ Option a leveler among others and not just a trading platform out for the money. But does IQ Option has an affiliate program? Yes! IQ Option has an ever-evolving affiliate program made into two options. On the first option, Affiliates receive 40% of the customers’ total trade profit throughout the customer’s life cycle on IQ Option. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the second option awards 50% of customer’s profit per trade for as long as the customer keeps trading on IQ Option.

About revenue payment, IQ Option pays twice a month through every online medium. The platform created for their affiliate partnership program is user-friendly and gives all the tracking metrics to Affiliates so they can keep watch of customers’ actions. You can recommend IQ Option to traders (See here) or refer Affiliate marketers (See here) and get a commission.

Join IQ Option



FXTM simply means ForexTime. They are a globally licensed, regulated platform providing varieties of sophisticated trading tools, environment, trading education (through blogs, local workshops, and webinars), and supports to their customers from all over the world. As of now, there’s no bigger asset trading platform making a complete provision to its active traders like FXTM. FXTM truly takes good care of its customers and most importantly those who promote it as affiliate marketers and Introducers. FXTM has a separate affiliate scheme for Introducers which covers Introducer’s duties, revenue structure, and incentives.

As an introducer, you are expected to have garnered much knowledge and experience as an expert trader in order to perform your duties perfectly which include; educating traders (so they can avoid the spikes and digs of trading), creating local workshops and seminars in your local district (as an educative promotional technique), and creating real promotions and contests (to of course increase the number of active clients that gets into FXTM through you). All of these duties, depending on how much you invest in executing them, determine the number of active traders you generate for FXTM. And the more active traders you bring, the higher your CPA (Cost Per Authority), and the higher your overall revenue. But it’s not all on you. FXTM sponsors all of the seminars and workshops. They provide you with everything including ad banners, tools, and contest prizes.

On the other hand, as a hybrid Affiliate, all you need do is refer people to FXTM through a dedicated affiliate link FXTM gives you. You can place your affiliate link anywhere but know that it’s a link covered with 30-day cookies. This means if your referral did not register through your link after clicking on it for 30 days, they will no longer be considered as your referral till they click the link again which lasted for another 30 days of course. Now about the payouts, FXTM’s payout is dynamic. You earn according to the number of active traders you turn in. And you receive payment through; local bank transfer, wire, skrill, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Webmoney, and Neteller.

Join FXTM Affiliate Program


3. AvaTrade Affiliate

Traders are looking to do Forex successfully and they want to be lazy about it. That is why platforms designed with this truth in mind continue to prosper. By putting a large chunk of their budget into making end-to-end trading resources available to customers, renowned exchanges have their tires rolling even though the market changes. However, all exchanges seem to keep the balance and be at the same level in the quality of resources they provide, but where the toppers on the leadership board have an edge is their marketing strategy, especially affiliate marketing. Moreover, that is where AvaTrade tops the market. According to AvaTrade affiliate program official page, their Affiliates are the backbone of their business growth speed. But it is no brainer that the Affiliates are responding since AvaTrade provides more partnership opportunities than anywhere else on the FX and CFD market. AvaTrade breaks its massive affiliate rebate program into four to provide white label solutions for online affiliates, introducing brokers, call centers, service providers, and trading academics. Below, I have explained each program straight to the point.

CPA: Here is where earnings are determined on a Cost per Action basis. The more your referrals trade, the more your earnings.

RevShare: Another Affiliates sector where you claim a percentage share of the total trade profits of your referral.

Dynamic CPA: Brings you to claim a large cut from the First Time Deposit made by your referral. That is the more money your referral fund their account with for the first time, the more you earn. This is good for you if you have big investors at hand.

Master Affiliate: Is a multi-level-marketer tier system where you can refer traders and affiliates, and earn from the two sides. That is, you earn for whatever trading action your referral takes forever. And you also earn a percentage of what Affiliates you bring to the system earn without affecting their own earnings.



Many startups, big and small, need reliable sources of loans to set themselves right up on the market. And most importantly, they want sources with easy-to-get low or non-collateral loans. But what if you could put these rare loan opportunities at their fingertips? You would be building a good reputation for yourself while earning good money along the way as an Affiliate. Right? Here are the top loan platforms with high discount affiliate programs today.


1. Upstart

Running into debt is an inevitable repetitive stage for most people. The only way forward in this situation is a fundraising medium. But when there’s nothing to fall back on, Upstart may be a go-to. Upstart’s mission is to give out unique offers on loans with competitive rates to individuals through a seamless and fast process. The US-based platform founded by some ex-Googlers gives out personal loans between the range of $1000-$50,000 with zero prepayment penalty in the most secure process. The process is quite simple; answer a few questions about your educational background and experiences, accept Upstart’s terms and agreements, and it’s all done. However, Upstart is on the lookout for referrers who can bring in borrowers regularly for them and they promise to give referrers undisclosed commissions on each customer they bring. I wouldn’t say that Upstart affiliate is one of the highest paying affiliate programs but for the fact that it’s easy to join, then you should recommend it to your friends and get compensated for that.

Join Upstart


2. SoFi

So far, SoFi has paid out above $2,000,000 to its Affiliates alone. And it has about half two million members on its platform. The billion dollars US-based company provides a financial platform to make loan acquisition, investment, spending, and saving easy. Unfortunately, SoFi only dishes out loans to residents of USA, so your partners out of the states won’t enjoy the offers presented by SoFi. But just in case you could refer USA residence to get a loan from SoFi, SoFi will give you $300 on every funded referral while your referral receives a $100 welcome bonus once their account is funded. But what kind of loans do SoFi gives? Personal and student loans.

Join SoFi Affiliate Program



Everybody, whether into a business or not, handles money in one way or the other. And the way we control our funds determines our financial success. Hence the need for the best financial management support. So how do you, as an affiliate marketer, pick from the long list of financial management supports on the net? How would you get those with the highest paying affiliate programs as a means of monetizing your blog? Read below. It shows the highest paying affiliate programs list 2019 coming from the best financial managers.


1. WealthSimple

Stock investment used to be handled by the daring big boys who were known to be smart risk-takers. It was a business for the master chess players. But gone are those days when investing in stocks was like gambling made for jokers. Today, anyone can go into stocks with the help of the likes of WealthSimple.

WealthSimple puts their Investors’ funds on autopilot, however little or large, over the entire stock market using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The autopilot system makes even those who knew zero about stocks experts by helping them in auto-depositing their funds on every good opportunity, reinvesting their dividends, balancing their account as market changes, and giving them full access to their portfolio in order to stay in touch with their investments and learn from WealthSimple how things are done the expert’s way.

All that is required of a WealthSimple investor is to sign up at the initial stage, fund their account, set their financial goals, and watch WealthSimple do the magic from helping them choose a comfortable investment risk level based on their financial goals to investing funds and reinvesting dividends for them.


The WealthSimple refer a friend program is even better. As a WealthSimple member, you automatically become a WealthSimple investor. Making it possible for you to invest the $10,000 investment asset awarded to you for free for 12 months on every new investor that signup and invest with as low as $10 through your referral link or profile. But you’re not the only one taking the juice, the investment management network rewards your referral too with free $10,000 investable asset for 12 months. And the good thing is, you and your referrals would have each made good money from the $10,000 before the 12 months run out.

Are you a smart affiliate marketer? WealthSimple must be on top of your highest paying affiliate programs list this year. So, go ahead and signup ASAP.


2. Personal Capital

Setting up a business is not as difficult as staying in control of it. Because regardless of the number of good staff or workers a business owner has, there is always that special workload he wouldn’t let anybody bear for him. One of which is financial management. Financial management is a key determinant of a business’s growth. If business finances are managed well, it expands even during the general market trying times. And that’s the mission of Personal Capital. To put everyone at the top of their spending, investments, credit accounts, debit accounts, and even retirement plans all in one place. And if you share the same vision with Personal Credit, you would be earning $50-100/referral whose investment asset is $100,000 or above.



Social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways businesses can reach prospects and drive massive sales. Tell me that company that is very popular, driving sales or traffic to their site and building brand reputation but not on social media. Businesses understand the importance of social media and are taking advantage of those platforms to reach out to prospects and also interact with old and new customers. Some of the most popular social media platforms businesses don’t joke with include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and for professionals LinkedIn.

Any company that wants to dominate social media must consider using a Social Media marketing tool to ease the workload of scheduling posts, engaging with their audiences, growing mailing lists, as well as measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. These Tools also give more insight than the analytics you see on social platforms.

So why have you not considered promoting some of these SMM tools with your audience? Here are some tools that are worth promoting and I bet your audience will love them.


1. Promo Republic

PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform with 100,000 post ideas for major types of Small Businesses and marketing campaigns one might need. Users can easily customize templates or create visuals from scratch with a built-in Graphics Editor. After creating great and super-relevant visual content, one can easily plan, publish and schedule content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. Advanced collaboration features for Agencies and Freelancers allow managing the content on both executer and client sides.

As a PromoRepublic promoter, you can focus on these key personas:

  • Solopreneurs (Revenue: $20-30 per client)
  • Small Businesses Owners (Revenue: $80-140 per client)
  • Marketing Agencies and Freelancers (Revenue: $155-285 per client)

What are the Benefits of working with the PromoRepublic Affiliate Program?

  • Easily converting. 1-3% is our regular sales conversion depending on the channel affiliate use
  • 20%-30% revenue share commissions per sale
  • The average income per active affiliate is $40-$1500/month
  • Personal affiliate manager to stay in touch with
  • Clear and understandable value for your audience
  • Extra bonuses for top performers
  • Shareable coupons and regular discounts to work with
  • The product Onboarding process for the affiliates

The widest information like Promo Materials, the Customer Insights, Product Onboarding Video, the Product Comparison board and much more may be found in their Ultimate Guide for PromoRepublic Partners.

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Wrapping up…

Those are the highest paying affiliate programs I can recommend for bloggers, webmasters, social influencers, and affiliate marketers this year. This list took me months to compile as I had to be sure of what I am giving you, my reader. You should not take the programs mentioned in this post for granted. And just in case you have some to share, use the comment box, if not, do me just one favor, share this with your social friends, you might be helping them solve their financial problem


Affiliate Disclosure: Please note we may earn some commission from links provided in this post. However, this commission does not affect the price of the product/service to any buyer that choose to make purchase.

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