Unfold These Secret 5 Best Digital Products to Sell Online 2021

Imagine multiplying your biggest ROI so far by selling just a single product online. Imagine knowing exactly the 5 best digital products to sell online. Okay, this is completely about you. Your products. Your wallet. And what you hope to achieve this year.

In 2021, big data will explode in growth towards the $19.4 billion predicted for 2026. (More on why that affects your digital business later).

AI (artificial intelligence) will take the hub of the digital marketing landscape from soup to nuts. The hype around social media will die down and… sorry not sorry, the new algorithm is sweeping the floor from under the feet of several SMM SaaS companies. Okay, enough…

About you. You want to beat the coming storm. You want to see where it’s coming from. Whoever is getting affected, you need to know. Whatever opportunities it’s flooding the market with, this is your concern. Okay, you don’t really care about all of that. What concerns you is, at least what you believe does, targeting high ROI products. Okay, you need to act fast about every unlocked opportunity emblazoned in these best digital products to sell online in 2021.

Unfold These Secret 5 Best Digital Products to Sell Online

SaaS for Data Mining

To my mention on the big bang of big data. Real-time data is the new soul and the mind of every digital activity. Take how I came up with this insightful content for an instance. Without accessing real-time data I could have alternatively gone for the guesswork and that could hurt you big time in the year ahead. 

Another fact to drive home my point here. Every simple digital business activities will be guided by real-time data. Just wait for it when Google drops the new algorithm and the race to not get swept off the net would be about flushing out all the misguidance and inaccuracy as seen in most web contents.

And here is even a greater argument. You sure acknowledge the rate at which new businesses and savvy startups are expanding the online marketplace. More amazon affiliate marketers. More dropshippers on Shopify and Aliexpress. More self-owned online stores. As long as technology exposes the massive business opportunities on the web and how about just anybody could make money online, the population is heading for its peak and so is the competition. The new tool everyone will turn to, however, including bloggers/vloggers, is real-time data mining software.

Think that through and start working on creating the best software for data mining.


Selling Edge Computing Online Courses

The public cloud is cluttered with chunks of data and it is located far, far away from your IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Little wonder why big players like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft develop private clouds dedicated to their businesses. These private clouds are not only closer but in their own rights contain specific data for specific queries. And the benefits? You get to beat down on latency, zero in on real-time data relevant to your needs and secure storage facility. Data computing and analysis also take less bandwidth with a private cloud and you can spend more money and time putting decisive efforts into your ventures. This future tech private cloud system is called edge computing.

And boy, is edge computing about to find a replacement for the public cloud? In 2021, about each business in virtually every industry will have its own dedicated private cloud. Oops, I mean a dedicated edge computing system. And by having a dedicated edge computing system a business gets to control even more of the life of its users/buyers. Just like Microsoft controls a huge part of yours. Oh, maybe not.

With the advent of robots, self-driving cars, drones, and just about every future tech, edge computing is going viral. But where is the unlocked opportunity here for you? Crystal clear. Right here where every industry demands your tip-top edge computing online course. Also around the corner of programmers and App developers standing tiptoe to buy your edge computing/deep learning course.


Fintech Products

Assuming you are in the comfort of your home, reading metrics and statistics, as more people use your Fintech products. Your Fintech-based trading platform claims about 9% of the online traders’ population to itself and is still counting. You have outsmarted the Monese of UK by developing digital banking apps across the globe. Whenever a traveler finds the need to open up a new bank account anywhere, your Fintech-based banking app brings them to your financial services. From mobile payment and mortgages to budgeting and insurance.

Okay, you don’t even know what Fintech is? You don’t know how to get started? And oh, you want an assurance that selling Fintech products is your financial breakthrough.

As the name implies, Fintech simply means financial technology. Fintech is a technology built ground-up with blockchain to put the nuances of traditional banking/finances in the oblivion. So if you’re thinking Fintech products as software, processes, and models for digitizing banking and finance, you are so right.

Though there are already a few numbers of financial technology products available today, Fintech is still a buzzword. However, following the 2008 traditional financial crisis plus the digitalization of businesses the needs for Fintech products have increased and the biggest applications of Fintech have been predicted.

If you want our initial assumption to be true for you, you may just have to start creating your own Fintech products immediately.


Human Augmentation eBooks

Okay, this one is especially for you if selling eBooks online is your one and only, or one of your income-generating streams online. As an eBook store owner, you spend a lot on curating eBooks. Right from the research stage where you dig every grave on the net for lucrative topics. Unto the process of devising content structures for your writer guy. To the point of editing, publishing, and then comes the herculean task of marketing.

So what about an eBook, not a hundred of unwanted books, just that one that sells like wildfire. No bell-jingling marketing. No thousands of irrelevant social media ads. No CPC affiliate program.

The chase for the most futile collaboration between man and machines is on already. The relationship between your wristwatch and yourself drives home our point. With a fastened wristwatch you meet business deadlines, stick to schedule, and stay abreast of your automation. 

But you aren’t selling a book about how important a wristwatch is. It will definitely not sell. Otherwise, you are selling eBooks on future generation human augmentation. You are exploring the future of humanoids and robots. How AI and deep learning built directly into the human system affects every sector. You are preparing the present world for the world ahead. You are going into an unlocked lucrative market.


AI as a Service

How would you like to push limits and spread your business beyond roadblocks? It depends really, the kind of products you sell and where they find usage determines everything. Take Microsoft for a case study. Virtually no business, be it bricks and mortar or and online, can strive without Microsoft office. Or maybe without some other file management software. (Perhaps with an exception to the mobile cobbler guy down the street.).

AI (artificial intelligence) is the future’s next THING of every industry. From education through transportation to digital marketing, AI is about to transcend the buzz stage. AI becomes the box brain and the life of industrial machines/robots, delivery drones, automation software and just name it.

2020 will write the biggest demand for AI in human history as new inventions find it an urgent application. And the fun fact? Not every business has the funds to create its own AI. So just as with SaaS, AI will become a service you can provide for a fee to just about anybody on the digital space. Well, that depends on if you’re creating one ASAP!



You may be seeing an update soon on this write-up as time goes. We have our eyes open for more business opportunities to your success and we find them where and when you won’t. But if you feel the need to discuss with us, about our insiders 5 unannounced best digital products to sell online. Or you have a finding to make on your about-to-launch product. Use the comment box or contact our support team via email.

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