6 Reasons Why The Right Packaging is Important for Your Product

Choosing the right packaging for your product is a big business decision. It is so much more than just a tool that covers your product for safe transfer from manufacture to consumption. It can make or break your business growth. To understand just how essential your choice of packaging is, you need to know the six important tasks that packaging plays.

Understanding each factor will fully make you aware of how serious time, energy, and dedication are necessary for choosing the right packaging for your product. Your task to choose the right packaging should not be taken lightly.

Important Tasks of Your Packaging

Read on to find out why it is important you take your product packaging very seriously.


Task #1: Provide convenience for you and your consumers.

You should make it easy for everyone to consume your product. You should also make it easy for your business to provide your products. Good packaging does both.

With good packaging, you can be sure that you’d be able to easily handle, dispense, sell, stack, open, use, re-close, reuse, recycle and dispose of your product. Solid packaging will allow you to fully optimize and control the flow and supply of your products.

Consuming your product will be a breeze if your packaging is good. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and ease that it provides. A good packaging that is convenient to customers are as follows:

  • easy to use
  • easy to handle
  • environment-friendly
  • hygienic
  • safe
  • non-toxic
  • aesthetically pleasing

You’d experience massive business growth if your choice of packaging effectively provides convenience to you and your consumers.


Task #2: Provide physical protection.

Your products need physical protection 24/7. Choosing good packaging will ensure that your product stays physically safe at all times. This is because good packaging will allow you to fully control the quality of your product even after it leaves your care. Good packaging will ensure that your product retains its pristine quality. You need to look for good packaging that will easily protect your product from the following:

  • vibration
  • mechanical shock
  • water damage
  • compression
  • temperature
  • electrostatic discharge

All your effort in producing your goods will be for naught if your consumers won’t even get to enjoy them the way you intended them to.

Provide physical protection

Task #3: Provide barrier protection.

Barrier protection is essential if you want to ensure that your product remains fresh, clean, safe, and sterile for your consumers. Your goal is to ensure that all your products are 100% of good quality once it reaches your consumers. Choosing a poor product that does not provide barrier protection is outright business sabotage. Barrier protection is different from physical protection so you need to ensure that your packaging of choice provides both.

Physical protection deals with external instances and circumstances that can damage your product while barrier protection deals with internal circumstances that can arise when permeation takes place. You need to ensure that your packaging of choice will not allow for permeation that can cause water vapor, moisture, dust, or oxygen to reach your product.


Task #4: Bridges information transmission.

Your packaging of choice should allow you to easily communicate with your consumers. Your packaging should allow you to inform your consumers regarding the following:

  • how to use your product
  • how to transport your product
  • how to recycle your product
  • how to dispose of your product
  • the ingredients of your product
  • the expiration date of your product
  • ways to reach you
  • ways to send reactions, questions, and suggestions regarding your product

Your packaging is not effective if it will leave consumers clueless on how to go about your product. Good packaging will give you enough space to properly connect with your consumers and tell them everything that they need to know without much effort from your end. Good packaging should serve as a mini sales representative of your company. Choosing packaging that will not allow you to do this will be very bad for your business.


Task #5: Boosts marketing.

Good packaging is a perfect platform for your company’s marketing. It will allow you to showcase everything that your business is all about in just one look. That’s how powerful packaging is. You can expect your business to grow and ever expand if you get this part correctly. Every single packaged product should also serve as a promotional tool. Its look alone must be able to excite and tickle the interest of consumers. Knowing what your business is all about and the consumers that it targets will help you to fully utilize your packaging for potent marketing.

If you’re an environment-friendly company and you’re after consumers that love green products, you should opt for plastic jars with lids as this kind of packaging will send a message that you’re all about sustainability and 100% in favor of recycling. This kind of marketing is top tier as it speaks of values that users can emotionally connect to. Consumers that can emotionally connect to a product become loyal customers. Loyal customers secure steady business growth. Steady business growth is something that all entrepreneurs aim for. This is something that marketing can fully work into and optimize with the use of good packaging.


Task #6: Provides solid security.

Good packaging also ensures 100% product security. Good packaging of choice can be customized and engineered to be tamper-resistant to ensure total product efficacy. You need to ensure that your products remain secured and free from any form of sabotage at all times. Choosing good packaging will allow you to do this.

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