How New Careers Enable New Lifestyles for Women

In these times, changing careers has become more common. No longer do women have to stay in the same industries, where they may not have the opportunities, salary or flexibility that they are seeking. They are increasingly able to seek out jobs that allow them to have better lifestyles, which in turn allow for more time with their children, a larger home in another city or state, chances to work from home and a better economic situation.

How New Careers Enable New Lifestyles for Women

Work/Life Balance

It has increasingly become important for workers to have more of a work-life balance. According to a survey by Prudential, workers are increasingly looking for shorter commute times and more flexible schedules. No longer do employees, especially female ones, want to put in long hours and not have a chance to spend time with their spouses and children, go to the gym or partake in activities they enjoy.


Many women are looking to switch to careers where they can make their own schedules or work shorter hours. For those who have kids, this can mean more time to spend with their little ones and attend important parent-teacher conferences or after-school activities.


Even for single women, it can be important to have time to be able to meet up with friends, go to a concert or play, participate in a sport, go to the gym everyday or just catch up on a favorite TV show. Having more flexibility can allow female employees to be able to do things that are meaningful to them every day, not just on the weekends or their days off.


Work-at-Home Opportunities

Many women started to work at home during the pandemic and have found that it allows them a better lifestyle. Without the long commute to work, they can spend more time with their significant others and children, or maintain an active social life. According to the Prudential survey, many individuals find working at home to be so important that they will seek other career opportunities if they cannot continue to work from their homes.


While working at home can mean less interaction with their coworkers, many women prioritize a work/life balance over social interaction. Some careers can allow for a hybrid situation where employees can work part of the time in the office and other times from home, which many women find suits them better than a traditional schedule at an office.


A new career that can allow you to be able to either have a work-at-home or hybrid situation can better suit your desired lifestyle and allows you to cut out costs such as gas and needing to purchase meals while at the office.


Living Situation

As new careers can allow women greater opportunities for working at home, it can also mean they don’t have to live as close to work. If they don’t have to face commutes of 40 minutes to 2 hours, or even more, they don’t have to live in city centers close to their jobs. They can live further away, in cities or towns where the cost of living is cheaper. This may mean they are able to purchase a larger apartment or home at the same or a lower cost.


They may even choose to move to another state. If they do, it is important to do so in the most practical way. Flying is much easier than driving cross-country, especially when a whole household needs to be moved. If an employee is moving to California for example, they can make use companies that specializes in car shipping to California, or wherever you happen to be, to have their car moved directly to their new home.


This will ensure that they don’t have to put miles on their vehicles and risk having trouble with their vehicles en-route to their new homes. Moving companies can also make it easier for them to have their furniture and other items packed up and relocated across the country, allowing women to arrive at their new home with peace of mind and refreshed in order to begin organizing their new bit of paradise.


Salary and Benefits

Switching careers can allow many women to have better salaries and benefits, which in turn can allow for better lifestyles. If they are making more money, they can potentially get a better car or home. They may be able to purchase a house for the first time. Benefits such as bonuses and healthcare plans with lower deductibles can also help them to be more financially stable.


For women who have high childcare costs, rent, car payments, utilities and other expenses, making more money can make a difference in whether or not they can afford these costs. It can also allow them to be able to start building up savings for emergencies and for retirement. Finding the kind of job that compliments their lifestyle does wonders for a womans’ mental stability.


Many women who change careers see a change in lifestyle. It can be immediate or more gradual, but they notice improvements in their work/life balance, commute, opportunities to work at home, home location and salary and benefits. New careers can also mean more chances for growth and advancement. When women find a career that is more satisfying and allows more of a better lifestyle, they are more likely to feel a greater level of happiness at work and at home.

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