How To Make Sure Your Office Is Winter Ready

The gradual return to offices has so far split opinion among UK workers. Some see little point of travelling in if numbers are sparse, whereas others have viewed it as a welcome return to normality. Whichever side you fall on, it’s likely that people will begin returning to offices in bigger numbers over the coming weeks and months.


This makes it essential to prepare your work environment for colder conditions. Winter takes a harder toll on both our bodies and our buildings, but there are lots of practical ways in which business owners can prepare early.


Read five ways to keep your team healthy and your office operational this winter.


How to make sure your office is winter ready


Service your air conditioning

Even if they can cause debate between naturally warmer and colder people, air conditioning systems are crucial for regulating temperature in offices. Frosty air is far from motivating, so make sure your system is running as it should by carrying out a thorough service.


If you rely more on radiators, make sure to bleed them and test how well they get up to temperature.


Eliminate drafts

Offices have bad reputations for being stuffy in the summer – but come wintertime you’ll want to identify and eliminate any chilling drafts. Windows and doors are obvious areas to target using draft excluders and other simple solutions such as door seals.


Stock up on hand gel and tissues

Illnesses such as cold and the flu are more common in winter, and it’s all too easy for a bug to spread around an office and increase staff absences. You’ll want to make sure that hand sanitizer is readily available while also providing ample tissues.


A less obvious tip is to introduce more plants, which can help to purify the air. They might also boost moods on gloomy winter workdays.


Insulate pipes to prevent them from bursting

Chillier temperatures increase the risk of pipes bursting. Make sure to invest in insulation and wrap any exposed pipes to stop them from freezing. It’s wise to keep taps dripping every now and then for the same reason.


A professional plumber will be able to advise you on other ways to get your plumbing system ready for winter.


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Be prepared for snow and ice

Snow isn’t perhaps as common as it once seemed to be in the UK, but it doesn’t take much to make paths and roads dangerous. Prepare for inclement conditions around the office by keeping salt and shovels on hand for when you need them.


It may be worth having a professional available to call in if you ever need extra help to clear a car park, for example.


As more of us get used to the idea of seeing our colleagues in person again, taking steps such as those described above will help to keep teams motivated to travel in.

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