iAmAffiliate – A Top Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum

Affiliate marketing forums are the best tools for every affiliate marketer to take their businesses to the next level. On these forums you can find an infinite amount of valuable information that will help you make more money.

iAmAffiliate - The Top Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum

One of the best and most valuable affiliate marketing forums out there is the iAmAffiliate Forum.

The iAmAffiliate forum was created by the famous affiliate marketing blogger and super-affiliate iAmAttila. He created this forum to help newbies and pro affiliates to improve and form a great community together.

This forum is great for anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing and wants to become successful in the internet marketing world.

No matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional affiliate, this forum was made to help anyone regardless of their skill levels.

Why iAmAffiliate?

Most premium affiliate marketing forums are not cheap, they usually ask around $100 per month for premium membership. Which is obviously too much for most beginners and newcomers who never made any money online yet.

The membership price on the iAmAffiliate forum is highly competitive and affordable to anyone, including beginners. The price for a monthly membership on iAmAffiliate Premium is $49.95, which is affordable enough to newbies as well.

Even if complete beginners don’t have enough money to pay for the membership each month, they can join the forum for 1-2 months and during that time they will be able to learn and gather enough information to start making money online and earn their investment back easily.

Thanks to the affordable pricing, many beginners join the forum, ask questions and learn from more experienced affiliates, which makes the forum very active.

Professional affiliates and super-affiliates like iAmAttila are sharing their tips & tricks, strategies, and tactics on the forum, which helps more experienced affiliates as well to improve their skills and make more and more money.

There are many how-to guides for both beginners, intermediate and expert affiliates that are teaching actual money making methods step by step. Guides, real case studies, and success stories you won’t find anywhere else.

Now let’s take a sneak peek of what’s inside the iAmAffiliate Premium forum.

Affiliate Marketing Q&A

The Affiliate Marketing Q&A section is one of the most active sections on iAmAffiliate. This section was made for asking anything affiliate marketing related.

Affiliate Marketing Q&A

In this section, beginners can ask all kinds of questions they have, like how to start, which verticals, offers, and networks are the best for starting out, and all the things like that.

But of course, this section is not only for beginners, pro affiliates are using it as well on a daily basis, they are asking each other for tips, advanced methods, and strategies, so you can learn a lot of useful information even by just reading the topics here.

I always recommend using this section regularly because you can get a massive amount of useful information, all you need to do is to ask.

Tips & Tricks Section

In this section, mostly experienced affiliates share their tips and tricks on how to improve your campaigns to make more profits, as well as advanced tactics that you can implement into your own strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Q&A

In this section, you will also find scaling tricks and workarounds for advanced money making methods you won’t find anywhere else. These tricks are written by pro affiliates who have many years of experience in affiliate marketing so they know exactly what is working and what not.

You can find many useful tips such as how to make the most out of your campaign if you are on a tight budget, or if you have a big budget but you don’t know how to scale further to make more money, the tips you find here will help you immediately.

There are affiliate marketing experts in many different verticals and traffic types on this forum, and the value they are sharing is priceless.

The best thing is, you can always ask whatever questions you have or if something isn’t crystal clear you can ask them directly and they will help.

How To Guides Section

This is one of the most popular sections on iAmAffiliate. This is the section where you will find all sorts of money making tutorials written by pro affiliates.

How To Guides Section

In these tutorials, they explain everything step by step, such as how to find offers and ads that are proven to work on specific traffic sources, how to prepare and launch your campaigns, how to optimize for profits, how to scale your winning ads, and many many more.

how to guide examples from iAmAffiliate

These are just some how-to guide examples from iAmAffiliate, there are many more step-by-step tutorials on all the major verticals, traffic types, and sources.

Case Studies Section

The case studies section is where expert affiliates are sharing the behind-the-scenes of their successful affiliate campaigns.

Case Studies Section

This section will let you take a sneak peek of how these successful campaigns were made, how they became profitable, what was the ad spend, revenue, and profit, so all the extremely useful information, you can learn so much and improve your own campaigns by reading these case studies.

Here are some examples of the case studies you can find inside iAmAffiliate:

Here are some examples of the case studies you can find inside iAmAffiliate:

There are a couple hundred case studies inside the forum, so these are only the first 5 examples.

You can of course share your own case studies, and ask for feedback because you will most likely get useful tips from experts that will help you improve your results.

Follow Alongs Section

This is one of my favorite sections in the forum. In this section, you can create a new follow along post, and share how you prepare, create and launch your campaign.

Follow Alongs Section

This is extremely helpful because let’s say you want to launch a brand new vertical or offer something you have never done before.

You can start a follow along, and update your post regularly, sharing what you do and how you do it. The reason why this is so awesome is because expert media buyers and super affiliates will come to your post, read it, and give you all kinds of tips and suggestions along the way.

So image, it is like running your campaign together with iAmAttila or other super affiliates on the forum.

It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Weekly Spy Sessions

There is another very useful section inside the iAmAffiliate forum I haven’t seen anywhere else. This section is called Andor’s Weekly Spy Session.

Weekly Spy Sessions

One of the forum members is making these spy sessions on a weekly basis, every Monday a new spy session comes out.

In these spy sessions, you will find the best converting verticals on different traffic sources as well as the top converting ads and landing pages every week.

This guy is using the top spy tools out there to find the hottest campaigns on Facebook, Tiktok, Native, Push, Google, and many more.

Imagine how much money you can save by having access to these spy sessions. You don’t have to spend money on expensive spy tools to see what’s working, plus you can create your ads and campaigns based on the top-performing campaigns you see in these spy sessions which will improve your chances of winning by a lot.

You can also download the landing pages and ads from these spy sessions each week.

If you don’t see the vertical or traffic source you need, you can simply ask this guy in the comments and he will include your request next week.

There are many more useful sections inside the iAmAffiliate section, these are just the top and most popular sections members are using every day.

There is also a section for Vendors, hottest industry news, exclusive promotions and discounts for forum members and many more.


iAmAffiliate is one of the best premium affiliate marketing forums out there right now. This forum has an amazing and helpful community you can join and take your skills to the next level in no time.

The price of the premium membership on iAmAffiliate is extremely affordable which makes the community very active. The value you can get for $49.95 a month is truly amazing, there are thousands of topics, guides and case studies you won’t find anywhere else, especially for this price.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner who wants to become a successful affiliate marketer, or a professional who is already making a living from affiliate marketing, this forum will give you a ton of value to improve your business and knowledge, no matter your skill level.

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