4 Reasons To Look Overseas For New Talent

Whether you’re looking to grow the size of your team or improve the quality of candidates applying for roles in your business, looking further afield is always a good option. Before the pandemic, remote work seemed almost nonexistent. The thought of hiring someone from home may not have seemed feasible let alone an employee who lives in a completely different country but doing so could be the change your business needs to meet new goals!

Are you considering investing in overseas talent? Here are four reasons why it’s a smart idea.

4 Reasons To Look Overseas For New Talent

1.  It’s easier to find candidates who match your requirements

To produce the best work and create the best results, you need to hire employees who are the best fit for your role. However, where many employers go wrong is hiring the best of a bad bunch or speeding through the recruitment process as quickly as possible to fill the role. Doing this won’t help you find the most talented and suitable candidates.

Branching out and opening your roles to global employees can help you attract amazing talent, giving you access to many more people with the skills, experience, and attitude that you’re looking for. The perceived complexity of hiring abroad dissuades many employers from exploring this option further, but using an employer of record service from a provider such as Remote makes it incredibly easy. You can concentrate on choosing a candidate that ticks your boxes while Remote arranges everything from legal compliance to onboarding.

2.  Diverse perspectives can inspire new ideas

Diversity in the workplace offers a range of benefits. If you’re working with the same people, from the same places who have the same ideas about how things should be done, innovation is not going to be your strong point. Hiring talent from overseas allows you to diversify your teams culturally and in terms of skill sets and experience — a powerful trio.

Consequently, this mix will have a positive impact on the overall running of your business. Fresh, new ideas will lead to better creativity, different views can result in faster problem solving and being able to share knowledge will ultimately strengthen your teams.

3.  Entering foreign markets is easier

Of course, there are challenges to working from home especially when your employees are in another country, but often these are heavily outweighed by the number of benefits and opportunities that global talent can offer. One particular area that overseas employees can help with is entering foreign markets.

If you want to globalise your business then you need an expert in that particular field who can help strategize, build connections and overcome practical challenges such as language barriers. Developing a new team in a particular country, or hiring a single expert, is a great move. Their insight can be invaluable. If you hire the right talent, you can seamlessly enter any market, but you need the right people for the job. Instead of spreading people’s responsibilities thin, hiring someone who is already well equipped to help your business grow globally is the best choice.

4.  A global workforce can increase your brand awareness

Brand awareness is an important factor in gaining new business and positioning your company as an industry leader. But, instead of putting all of your efforts into SEO and ads (which do contribute to brand awareness but shouldn’t be your sole tactic) don’t overlook the power of employee advocacy.

How many times have you got a notification from LinkedIn that an old colleague has started a new job? Chances are quite a few, and on those occasions, it’s very likely that you had a look at their profile. Hiring globally means you can increase brand awareness very quickly through your employees when they share their work online. That means, a whole new pool of people are hearing your brand’s name and learning about what you do. In the long run, this can lead to new partnerships, leads and a fantastic reputation.

If your business needs a new approach, looking overseas for talent could be the best option. Not only could you meet your business goals much quicker but a stronger team will certainly lead to long-term success!

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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