Is Facebook a Fraud?

This New Facebook Feature Threatens LinkedIn vs Is Facebook a Fraud?

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‘I was sleeping on the floor of my friend’s basement. 6 weeks later I was a millionaire. Sign up for my webinar and I will show you my PROVEN system for making your first million in just 6 WEEKS.’

‘Hey guys. Check out this screenshot of my monthly earnings. Just did 50K. No big deal.’

‘Free yourself from the 9 to 5. All it takes is working harder than everyone else like I do. You can do it too!’

This shit depresses me. It eats at my soul. I know half of it is bullshit, but I can’t get it out of my head. WHY ISN’T MONEY FLYING INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT LIKE THESE GUYS?!!

Who should I follow? Who should I listen to? Who is ACTUALLY successful? I can’t tell. I really can’t. Is making money that easy and I just suck or is it really really hard and some people are just pretending like it’s easy?

I know one thing for sure. NO ONE posts their failures. At least not on a regular basis. No one says “Hey guys! I just spent a ton of time and effort on this product and I’m exhausted and no one is buying it. Check out my account. Not a single sale yo!”

Why don’t they do this? Because they want to paint a FALSE narrative. They want you to buy their system and they think if they share their failure, no one will buy. And they are partly correct. No one looking to get rich quickly will buy something that takes work. But what about all the people willing to work?

Who should I follow? Who should I listen to? Who is ACTUALLY successful?

I know you’re willing to work because you’re reading this. You’ve joined Daniel Colossus DiPiazza’s tribe (The Rich20Something) on Facebook because you want to be successful and you will do whatever it takes. That’s the type of people he attracts. But I’m going to tell you right now, there’s something you’re missing.


You will not become a billionaire. Neither will I. The odds are overwhelmingly against you. Is it impossible? No. Is it negative self-talk? No. It’s REALITY.

Why am I telling you this? Because you don’t NEED to become a billionaire or even a multi-millionaire. It’s not going to make your life better. It’s WAY too big a goal. Just attempting such a goal will make you feel like a failure. So why are you aiming for a billion or even millions? Stop chasing other people’s goals!

What is YOUR goal?

My goal is to make $100K/year automated income. That will set me for life. But even that goal is WAY TOO BIG. I want to have it in the back of my mind to dream big, but focusing on it will only bring me misery until I achieve it.

I want you to sit down, grab a piece of paper, and write out the biggest goal you want to achieve. It must be your personal goal. Then I want you to burn it. You now know what your biggest goal is. You never need to look at it again. To succeed, it’s now time to pursue the EASY things.


If you’re sitting on the ground, how can you possibly fly? You must STAND UP first. But standing up is simple you say. Anyone can do it. But they don’t. Why? Because while everyone is dreaming about flying, they don’t realize that the first step to flying is easy. Stand up. But they never see it. They aren’t looking. They are thinking about all the brutal challenges that come later.

I want you to set SMALLER goals. MUCH smaller. You will start succeeding at small goals and feel good. REALLY good. And that will keep you going.

If you want to make $10,000/month in ecommerce or coaching, don’t make that your goal. Ok, how about $1000? Nope, still too big. $100? Sorry, no.


If your goal is to make lots of sales, the only place you can start is with one sale. And the task of making one sale is much less daunting than making thousands. So why do gurus never tell you this? Because it’s not glamourous. It’s not sexy. And it’s not going to bring them dupes who will give up their money to get rich quick.

Do you feel relieved? I hope you do. You should. You know how you’ve been wasting all that time not building your business? I can tell that for many of you, the task just felt way too big. So instead, you did NOTHING. And that got you nowhere.

So today, I want you to focus on smaller goals. Ones you know you can accomplish and feel success from.

Comment below and tell me your personal small goal for today or this week.

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Josh Reif

Josh Is a productivity hacker. A business person. CEO of TheHustleHacker

2 Responses

  1. Nice piece Josh. The values and volume of sales portrayed by the so called Internet marketers most times are overhyped. No one ever tell you they failed without concluding with “I saw where I missed it and now I rake $1000 daily”.

    But this does not mean there are no proven systems for making money on Facebook but 90% of the one’s you see on Facebook is fake.

    I have even stumbled on a very bad marketing strategy that claims to make $575 daily on auto-pilot. The marketer sleeps and tour the world while this strategy makes good money for him, bullshit.

    Be wise when investing in these systems.

    1. Before investing in any tool or system, first research on the developer.
    2. Is he authority in that niche?
    3. What are his/her proven success stories.
    4. Is there a return back policy?
    5. Are you ready to follow all the steps as the developer to achieve maximum success.

  2. Stan says:

    You are making sense Josh. Nice piece. I’m downloading and saving this sh*t men. Gonna read em every week till I achieve my first small goal.

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