5 Best Ways to Keep Customers in Love with your Service Business

Do you run a service business? Are you a graphic designer, freelance writer, own a barber shop, fashion designer or a consultant? Growing your service business could be easier than you think, only if you know how to keep customers in love with your services. Customers will only patronize your business if you can make them fall in love with it, not once, but over and over again.

I see so many small business owners in the service business spend most of their time trying to make their services so good without flaws and ignoring what is most important—the customers.

Customers will always be king to any business. Without customers, there is no sale. Making your customers fall in love with what you do is so important than the service itself. Owners of service business needs to learn how they can adopt this into their business and see the great effect it will cost in their business.

As an entrepreneur who has spent years in the service business, I want to share with you some of my business secrets on how I keep customers in love with what I do that they can’t stop doing business with me.

There has been no month we (me and my team) do nothing less than 100 articles every month, and I am working on making 200 articles the benchmark.

So, how am I (me and my team) able to deliver such an amount of articles when there are thousands of freelance writers out there that don’t even get to do one article in a month?

Here are few things you need to know that can boost your sales within a month of adopting them into your service business.

How To Keep Customers in Love with your Service Business

How To Keep Customers in Love with your Service Business

  1. Make Customer Service a Priority

To be truthful with you, your customers are not only doing business with you because they love your services or because you are good at what you do. Common, your competitors are doing the same thing, even better, which you know.

So, why are they doing business with you?

Because of the experience.

Take this scenario, there are two provision stores close to your house which you patronize. Store owner A just sell to you what you ask for and that is it. Store owner B sells to you what you want, joke with you and still ask after your welfare.

Now, tell me, which will you want to patronize more?

I bet you will say store owner B. And it is obvious why you will want to patronize him or her more.

This is the same feeling that get customers glue to any business. No matter how great your services are, you must learn how to make your customers smile with you. This is very important.

You can grow a successful business on great customer service no matter how big or small your competitors.

Sometimes, price is not the only deciding factor for customers. Purchasing is an emotional decision. You need to learn how to connect that to your service business.

  1. Deliver Great Value

A good customer experience alone can’t do the job. You need to make sure you are giving your customers value for their money. If your customers don’t find value in what you are delivering, there is no way you can get them to fall in love with your service.

So, to compliment your customer service experience, you must make sure you are delivering great value to your customers through the service you are rendering. Do more than the customers expect and see how they will fall in love with your work.

  1. Reward Loyal Customers

Another way to keep your customers in love with your services is by regularly rewarding them with something like discount, bonuses and giveaway. This works like magic.

Everybody loves gift. And the best people to give it to are your loyal customers.

Personally, I do this in my business. I always reward loyal clients with free blog posts when they order in bulk. I also use discount as another way of rewarding my loyal clients. You should try it in your service business.

Customers always see discounts as a huge opportunity to save money and enjoy the service for a whole lot less. In fact, this usually influence customers to buy more services than they initially planned for.

Do you know that doing this can land you new customers? It happened to me. There was a time I gave one of my clients a discounted offer. He was so happy with it that he promised to refer me to a friend.

I had almost forgotten about the promise until when I received an email mentioning my client name as the person that referred him to me. I am still working with the referred clients till date.

  1. Encourage Feedback and Learn from It

Never fail to do this in your business. I don’t know why most service business owners are afraid to do this. As far as you know you are doing a great job; delivering great value to your customers, why not ask for feedback?

Feedback is how we grow as entrepreneurs.

I was very skeptical when I started doing this because I wasn’t sure clients will give me positive feedback. But, as I started getting positive feedback about my work, it boosted my confidence that I was doing a great job and my clients are loving it.

Till date, I still ask for feedback. With feedback, I can assess my service and make sure I am delivering to the clients what he or she wants. Encourage feedback, whether it is positive or negative and use it as an opportunity to improve your business.

  1. Build Close Relationship with Customers

Always strive to build deeper relationships with your prospects and customers. It helps, I must tell you. Let your customers see you as a personal person and not just someone they are doing business with.

I laugh and joke with all my clients. I mean ALL.

If I choose not to go for new clients, my business will still continue to run successfully because I have built a deeper relationship with all my clients that they can’t seem to bother themselves about trying another writer.

So, I have just shared with you few of my secrets on how I keep customers in love with my service business and how you can also apply it into your business. If I were you, I will bookmark this post and always come back to it to keep you on track on the next strategy.

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Okon Joseph

Okon Joseph is one of Nigeria’s finest and successful freelance writer and Instagram page manager. He shares his thoughts and experiences on www.okonjoseph.com

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