The Best Link Building Trends to Look Up for in 2023

Whether you are a social media personality, a marketing specialist, or a business entity seeking to dominate the virtual realm with your online presence, link building does the job for you.

Not only does it entail an important aspect for raising the bar for your SEO (search engine optimization) approach and marketing but it is, in fact, a complete strategy in itself that can put you ahead of the competition.

In the US alone, the overall interest in building high-quality links has increased by 43% since 2005. In recent years, Link Building strategies have become increasingly pragmatic to the point where 53% of clients working with an agency spend a quarter of their marketing budgets on building links.

Furthermore, they have come to be so popular and publicized that a low authority link can cost you as much as $150 while a high authority link can be as high as $1,000.

While we can go about link building and how they come to be so effective over the years all day long, let us focus our attention on the link building trends that you need to look out for.

So without any further adieu, let’s take a quick look at what the next year has in store for you when it comes to building links and promoting your ventures.

link building trends

Creating Links that Lead to Solving Genuine Problems

Perhaps one of the best trends to follow next year for generating links is to make them purposeful as well as sincerely focused on resolving customer problems. There are a lot of online users who want answers to difficult questions, guidelines to resolve their issues and troublesome concerns that need a helping hand. Your links should specifically target such audiences and then try to redirect them towards viable and workable solutions. Not only should your links refer to credible and trustworthy sources but in fact make lives easier for online users. This in return will help generate value for the end-users and the majority of search engines appreciate such efforts. Google, in particular, encourages hard work that creates value for all those who use the internet.


Make Them Increasingly Effective

There are certain ways through which your links can be termed as effective and it includes mentioning them on popular and widely approved forms of media and online platforms. It will help them bring their visibility into the notice of the general masses. Hence one of the best ways to make your links more effective is to place them on websites or online forums where a lot of web traffic is found. According to a study conducted by SEMrush which included professionals ranging from business owners to SEO specialists, several online mediums were revealed to be extremely proficient for the purpose of generating links. These include:

  • Guest Posts:

Perhaps the most practical and recommended by 53% of all participants that took a part in the above-mentioned survey, guest posts are indeed your best opportunity to place links and maximize their visibility. Not only do guest posts allow you to develop a respectable backlink portfolio, but they also offer you to place the links in several places.

  • Business Directories:

With nearly 47,000 online stores as per Alexa’s top 1 million sites, there is no doubt that the majority of your trade and commerce across the world have already transitioned themselves to the digital and electronic platform. E-commerce is thus on the rise and that is why business listing pages and resource sites are considered by 43.5% of the participants as a powerful link building strategy.

  • Social Media:

Who can deny the power of social media? In a short period of time, it has become one of the most potent and viral platforms for marketing. With over 3.5 billion internet users, there is no doubt that social media hugely impacts your online presence and even augments your brands ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Hence it offers you a great outlook for your links as well.

  • Press/Public Releases:

Many people to this day fail to realize just how influential press releases and public release can be. While those who know about them certainly do not want their competition to even get a slight hint about them. Both press releases and public releases are bent towards boosting and expanding your current audience. It makes them ideal for sharing your links with them.

  • Forum and Blog Comments:

Apart from social media, user-generated content websites and forums or blog sites are highly engaging and thus inspire tremendous interactions between online visitors and registered members. There are heated debates and insightful discussions that influence others to take action. Thus placing your links on sites like Quora, Reddit, and wikiHow to name a few are your best bets.


Forge Relationships for Co-Authoring Opportunities

Similar to guest posting but still quite different in its actual nature, co-authoring is a unique proposal that brings forward a win-win solution for everyone. The process entails contacting clients that are looking forward to generating value for their users through highly useful and in-demand content. You can speak with them to collaborate and contribute towards creating content for their website plus some additional benefits. Co-authoring allows you to place links towards your website and other domains while creating content specifically for your partner’s website. It means that you would need to contact people that are not necessarily rivals or competitors but can be looked upon as facilitators within the market. A prime example could be an electrical repair business contacting an online electronic appliances warehouse that sells devices. The repair business can contact the e-commerce website to deliver intriguing content for them while placing a link for their services. Neither of them is a rival or a competitor to the other and both of them benefit from such an activity and relationship in the end.


Put the People First

For a business, there is no doubt that your main objective is to exploit resources to gain a definitive edge over your own limitations and build upon your profits. However, the internet is primarily based on promoting and stimulating benefits for online users. This is why you need to go beyond your initial urges to promote your business and seek to create value for your users which means putting the people first in all of your agendas when it comes to building links. In order to follow such a strategy, you need to create a customer persona and work on your customer journey to find out more about your targeted audiences and their underlying needs. It will expose you to a lot of niches that you were unaware of initially and eventually they can even guide you towards transforming the scope of your offered services and products in the future.

The more links you create towards dealing with various aspects and facets of your services and offered products the more revered and respected your venture will become as a byproduct of such efforts. Hence your customers can be a driving force for you to strategize your link building campaigns regardless of whichever era you currently exist in.


The Skyscraper Technique is Still Promising

Developed by Backlinko’s Brian Dean, Hubspot considers the skyscraper technique as an ideal system where you can turn content into high-quality backlinks. The process is simple however it requires considerable effort over time, nevertheless, the results and returns are definitely impressive. You initiate by looking for popular topics, trends and various other queries people are interested to know about. After this, you need to create original content that relays a similar message but with a slight twist in them. That twist portrays your own improvements and uptake on the already existing and available resources. Improvements are important as they help you generate value. Once you have completed your content, it is now time to reach out to sources and get your work published so that you can earn a link. This is what the Skyscraper Technique is all about! However you need to focus on building and improving your online audience’s pool of knowledge and that is the pivotal role you need to play otherwise it wouldn’t be a skyscraper at all, pun intended.


HARO, Another Technique You Need to Master

Commonly known as Help A Reporter Out! You need to register first to use this as a tool. Once the setup is done you will start receiving emails and this will help you to work out on your selected niches and businesses. All you need to do is impress the people with your enticing content and exhilarating topics. Once they approve, earning a link from them will be a walk in the park for you.


Research Your Competitors Backlinks and Keywords

We cannot deny the fact that competition and rivalries have become even more cut-throat than they used to be. As such we cannot help ourselves but say that spying on your competitors can also open new avenues for you to analyze and reach out towards new opportunities. Their keywords and backlinks can help you understand why and where you are lagging behind. Unfortunately, this is what the world has come to and for a business to survive and sustain its profitability, in the long run, such means are all considered to be fair. There, the truth has been told!



We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to what trends you need to follow when it comes to link building in the coming year.

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