How to Manage a Church as a Business for Growth


It takes several specialist skills to run a church successfully, which is why not everyone is suitable for this role.

Those who have taken on the leadership role for their church are required to put their hearts and souls into improving the church, reaching new people, and improving things for the current congregation.

To successfully manage the church as both a business as well as a secure place of worship that serves the community, you need to develop a strong foundation. The church management is responsible for this and will see great success by working on specific skills throughout your role.

Whether you are currently part of church management or are considering this commitment in the future, you need to be prepared to take on this responsibility.

What Do Church Leaders Do?

Church management and leaders are a cornerstone of the community.

They work to serve not only churchgoers but the wider community as a whole with their work within the church. Taking on a management role within the church is a great commitment and one that can be very rewarding when you are willing to put the dedication and work in.

There are various tasks and commitments that church leaders need to perform in this role, all of which work towards improving the church both in terms of its current programs as well as its reach in the community.

To have the skills for church management, you need to be willing to serve your community and put the needs of the church before anything else.

While the daily management of the church may not be the most exciting role for some people, leaders need to be able to handle this with as much care and attention as anything else they do for their community.

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Things To Learn Before Leading

If you have been granted a leadership role in your church or are interested in taking on this kind of work in the future, there are some skills you need to nurture first.

Being a church leader requires skills in multiple areas to ensure you can handle all the demands of the role, especially when it comes to serving the people of the church and the wider community.

You need to understand how you can best support your people, pastor, and other essential roles within the church. Skills in financing are also required in all managerial roles, including those within the church, to ensure you can successfully run the business.

While serving may be the main attraction to working with a church, this is not the only area you need to work in, and practical skills, such as budgeting and communication, are required, too.

As a church manager, there are many areas of expertise that you need in order to provide for the community.

Essential Skills Required by Church Managers

  1. Ability to speak fluently in the local language
  2. Ability to manage people (crowd)
  3. Ability to account for income and expenditure
  4. Ability to lead and properly direct members during church outreach (Evangelism)
  5. You must be approachable
  6. Ability to care for the congregants and their wards
  7. Faithfulness

With these skills, you can contribute to a better future for your church and its people so it can continue running successfully, offer community outreach, and provide a safe worship space.

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