How To Plan The Perfect Work Conference

As the lockdowns have begun to lift and we’re slowly emerging back into the world of work it’s time that conferences start to gear up again. An integral part of networking, creating new contacts, and blowing off steam, conferences and business events are a part of work culture that has been missed this past year.

Planning a work conference can be tricky at the best of times. Creating a fun and special event that whilst still keeping things professional takes organized planning. Read on for our top tips to help you keep on track with time, budgets, and planning. You can also hire a corporate event management company to save time and effort.

How To Plan The Perfect Work Conference

Create Your List

Creating your guest list is the best place to start as it will dictate your venue choice. Using a software system such as the easy-to-use offering from Magnet Events (an events platform from Sweden) will help you control RSVPs, manage the event page, and keep costs low.


Plan Your Budget

Conference events can easily get out of control and become extremely expensive. Make a budget and stick to it. Try and think about every possible factor, such as transport and expenses for VIP guests, down to glass breakages at the venue. Covering all areas will help you avoid any nasty surprises further down the line. If you’re throwing a big bash as part of the conference or having a sit-down meal, why not ask for sponsorship? Contact your largest suppliers and offer them a table at the meal or a chance to speak at the event? You can use their logo on all of your paperwork such as invitations, posters, and gift bags.


Book Your Venue

Make sure your chosen venue can accommodate the number of attendees you have invited and is practical enough for what you need it for. If you have a VIP keynote speaker, you’ll want a stage and ideally a green room for them to prepare in. If you have a large number of guests, you’ll need to make sure the number of restrooms is appropriate. Make a detailed plan of what you’d like for the day and enquire with several venues to see which will work best for the event. This will likely be your biggest area of spending so try and get the most bang for your buck and see if they can include food and drink packages for a cheaper rate.


Plan Your Entertainment

Your entertainment will vary depending on the length of the conference and what it is for. If your occasion is strictly all work and no business, then it’s likely your entertainment will be guest speakers only. If you’re throwing a longer affair – say a 3-day conference, then you’ll want to provide additional entertainment for late afternoon or evenings. Try and think outside the box to add some light relief from the event being too work-focused for your guest’s enjoyment. Try looking for magicians, cartoonists, and comedians to add a little bit of fun, your guests will thank you for breaking up the monotony!


Are you planning on throwing an epic work conference soon? Let us know your plans in the comments!

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