How To Set Your Roofing Business Above The Competition

The roofing industry is a highly competitive sector. Since it’s not always easy for customers to understand who to trust they often end up selecting contractors with a well-known name in the industry, simply because they feel that is the safest option.

Standing out as a roofing business demands a distinct level of competency and professionalism, much more than merely repairing or installing a roof. At times, merely being the most seasoned professional won’t be enough to persuade consumers to choose you for a job. At the same time, your competitors are always striving to speak to a similar audience, so to be able to demonstrate you are different, original, and superior is somewhat of an art. (1)

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Ways to make your roofing business stand out

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, the following are some ways to consider differentiating your roofing business from your competitors:

  1. Have good business management software

Managing domestic and commercial roofing projects may be a challenge if you’re running a small business. Fortunately, adopting business management software can be hugely beneficial. These tools can boost effectiveness and competitiveness by assisting with job management. Moreover, they can help you be more organized which enables you to conduct your operations in a more professional manner.

By using management software, you can monitor lots of different projects concurrently, ensuring that everything is running properly. In addition, these tech solutions often include features such as job scheduling and monitoring, helping you to remain in contact with your technicians wherever you or they happen to be. (2)

Some business management apps like Jobber even let your technicians track how much time they spend on each job, making payroll at the end of each month very straightforward. Hence, business performance and efficiency are greatly improved. (2)

  1. Provide better customer experience

In general, every part of your customer’s experience with your brand will influence their perception of your company and service. According to a survey, 73% of customers feel a positive experience plays a significant role in shaping their brand loyalty. (3)

When it comes to distinguishing your business from the competition, the most successful method is to wow the consumer at every chance. This encompasses the quality of your service and also your staff’s willingness to go as far as to assist each client and deliver their best to the customers. To put it another way, your service must be outstanding at all times if you want to be noticed.

Trying to figure out where to begin? It’s a good idea to ask your customers what they think. Check your reviews online to see what people are saying about you. If there are recurring concerns, you’ll see a trend. Feedback to customers and respond to their comments, both positive and negative. By investing the time in acknowledging them, you will get to know your customer base better, which will allow you to service them better as a result. In addition, acknowledging and dealing with negative feedback in a constructive way will earn you trust where it was previously lost.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

To help your roofing business stand out, ensure that clients can readily access your website through mobile devices. What is the significance of this? According to research in 2019, Americans spend around three and a half hours per day using a smartphone or tablet to conduct internet searches. That time was predicted to climb to more than four hours by last year. (4) Thus, clients nowadays are more likely to search for your roofing services, check customer feedback, and engage with your customer service using these channels.

Based on statistics, if your website isn’t speedy, secure, simple to use, and instantly available from their mobile devices, customers will run out of patience and check out the next available businesses with a more readily accessible website.

  1. Offer freebies and package deals

Freebies are popular with the general public and can come in many forms. Can you consider offering packages or bundles of services? Can you offer free tips and advice via your website or Facebook page that is of direct value to your audience? Is there the option to partner with a related service provider to offer somewhat of a partnership deal?

The options are limitless, and it’s up to you to select one that makes sense rationally and financially.

  1. Be environment-friendly

The idea of being green began as a fad, but it has now evolved into a need. Customers today want to interact with businesses that demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship. They also make a conscious effort to verify that the business is environmentally friendly. (5)

Likewise, customers are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly roofing systems for their homes and offices. This implies that you must provide environmentally sustainable services and actively contribute to environmental stewardship.

  1. Donate to charity

In addition to being concerned about the environment, consumers want to deal with businesses concerned about the welfare of others. Non-roofing companies have been seen to make a name for themselves by donating their time, resources or skills for the better of the community. Working with a charity demonstrates that you’re not just concerned with making money but with supporting others, too.

If you’re having difficulty finding causes that assist the roofing sector, you may help a local charity of your choosing by contributing a portion of your time or profit. In addition to increasing your brand awareness, you’ll be doing something good for the people around you.


The best method to differentiate your business from the competition is to provide a high-quality service to your clients. Apart from this, make your website easily accessible for your customers. Moreover, these strategies will also allow people to easily trust your company, engage with your service, and perceive extra value as they’re hiring you.



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