Smart Ways to Fixing Bad Credit: Improve Your Credit Score With These Simple Steps

A credit report is an exhaustive and comprehensive breakdown of a person’s credit history which is prepared by a credit bureau agency. It is vital information that provides one’s complete credit history. It is an important collection of detailed information for businesses, banks and creditors to ascertain whether they should grant someone a loan, what type of payment arrangement and up to what extent.

Every customer knows the significance of a credit report. In fact, getting credit is a privilege one should earn. If you are a business that offers services to customers before taking any form of payment, essentially, you are conducting a business that extends a credit transaction with them. If you find yourself with bad credit and want to enhance it for any future plans, here are some of the smart ways that may help you in carrying out good credit history/ fixing bad credit.

1. Arrange A Single Debt Consolidation Loan

Handling multiple debts with different interest rates and payment dues may become a taxing obligation over time. Chances are, this may result in missed payments and/ or further debts if action is not correctly taken to rectify these risks.

For cases like these, consolidating your loans into a single debt consolidation system is the most viable option you can take to keep track of your loan agreements. You will not only be subjected to the same interest rates (for most cases), but you will also save yourself some time and stress from tracking other debt agreements you have with other lending companies.

In signing a single debt consolidation loan agreement, some of the important factors you may want to consider include interest rates, loan terms, and if there are any applicable charges or fees. Hence, before entering into a contract, make sure that your business has done its research on these matters. Ascertain their possible impacts – both positive and negative- on your business and weigh which loan agreements yield the most favourable outcomes for your venture, and not make your credit report suffer in the end.

Smart Ways to Fixing Bad Credit

 2. Secure a Copy of the Credit Report And Assess It

Several people are not aware of the current state of their credit situation. To ensure that you’re not harming your business, securing a copy of your business’s credit history is a must. Monitoring, assessing and understanding your credit situation will give you more ideas in making sound financial decisions that will make a significant overall impact on your business.

Assessing your credit report will not only let you make a reasonable decision for your business. It will also allow you to see some errors that adversely affect the affairs of your business and give you an opportunity to correct these errors before they could make more detrimental effects on your business.

Committing mistakes is part of running a business and it is vital to spot them early on so you can rectify them as soon as possible. Securing a copy of your credit history is the easiest way to identify which relevant supporting documents you need to submit to your credit reporting agency so that mistakes can be removed that may be sabotaging your credit score.

3. Use Direct Debits To Pay Your Bills

Ensure that you are always at the top of your business affairs. Pay your bills on time. In doing so, consider direct debit as it is a great way to make sure that your bills are being paid on time. This method provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to handle your business stress-free.

This mode also provides you with a myriad of opportunities to properly design your direct debits by spreading your costs over the month. You may find this method useful both for businesses and individuals alike, as credit card payments and/ or direct debit may reduce the burden of remembering the outstanding bills or invoices, securing timely payment. It is also a good indication that you can consistently pay a certain amount on a fixed date — which banks and lenders can use as a consideration for your future loan application.


As a business owner, it is imperative that you only transact with an honest customer. Requesting one’s credit history report should be one of your prerequisites before agreeing to make a business transaction as that will give you comfort in knowing that you are dealing with the right client who will not renege on their contractual obligations. Remember, reducing all the apparent risks should be your top priority before entering into a contract.

If you are a business owner and you want to make sure that you have a bulletproof debt collection system in place, hiring a debt recovery agency may aid you with the help you need. Do not let your business suffer the burden of unpaid invoices and start by doing the proper research on your potential clients.

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