How Employee Time Clock Apps Are Revolutionizing Timekeeping

How Employee Time Clock Apps Are Revolutionizing Timekeeping


In the late 1800s, William Bundy triggered the start of an international revolution in the business world when he created what is generally considered to be the first employee time clock. Today, we’ve certainly come a long way from Bundy’s original design, which featured a mechanical clock and individual employee keys. In fact, most companies don’t even use physical clocks anymore: web-based time clocks have become the new normal for timekeeping. 


Still, when it comes to technology, we’re always looking for ways to make things faster and easier, which is why we’ve taken tracking employees’ time on the clock to the next level with time clock apps, time clock software that allows employees to clock in and out on any Internet-connected device. 


A Closer Look at Time Clock Software

Time clock software might seem complicated at first, but the concept behind it is actually pretty simple. Basically, it digitalizes the employee time clock, timesheets, and time cards, which streamlines time-tracking and improves its accuracy—saving you time and money. 


The Time Clock App

In the Age of the App, most employee time clock software providers now offer users the option of logging into an app rather than visiting the provider’s online portal. This means that employees can clock in and out on a smartphone or tablet in addition to a laptop or desktop.


But does the versatility that comes with employee time clock apps also mean employees can access the time clock from anywhere, even outside of the office? Well, the answer is yes and no: It’s up to you. If you have remote workers or rotate job sites, then you can customize your settings so that employees can clock in and out from wherever they’re working. On the other hand, if you don’t have remote workers and only have one place that employees should be working from, then you can program your time clock software so that the time clock is only accessible from company property. (But more on that later.) 


Flexibility and Features

One of the biggest advantages of time clock apps is that they’re extremely flexible, thanks to a variety of features that offer employers the maximum amount of control over their time clock. This is why time clock software is a smart investment for businesses of every size and industry. 


Another benefit of time clock software? You don’t have to buy and install any new equipment to use it.


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Login Options

Every company has its own needs and different areas of concern, which means that what works for one employer might not work for another. This is why most time clock software providers offer a few options when it comes to how employees clock in and out. The most common method is a username-and-password combination, but more high-tech options include scannable QR codes and facial recognition, which maximize security when it comes to buddy punching and other forms of time theft. 

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling and employee time-tracking go hand-in-hand—which is why the majority of time clock software providers have a corresponding scheduling tool to go along with their time clock apps. This allows employers to build and share schedules without any hassle, making it quick and easy to create organized schedules that come with notifications so that employees are always aware when a new schedule’s been published or an existing one has been edited. 


Apart from scheduling, there are several other administrative tasks that coincide with timekeeping, and as such, time clock software can be integrated with payroll software, overtime calculations, and other HR necessities. Not only does this cut down on the time that it takes to process paperwork and reduce errors, but it also speeds up recordkeeping and data entry. 


GPS Tracking, Geocodes, and IP Locks

One last group of features that we want to be sure to cover are GPS tracking, geocodes, and IP locks. Remember when we talked about employees accessing the time clock off of company property? That’s where these features become highly relevant. 


GPS tracking allows you to see employees’ GPS coordinates in real-time, whether you want to check in on an individual employee or display one dashboard with everyone’s locations. If you don’t have remote or traveling employees, you can set geocodes and IP locks to prevent employees from clocking in and out from outside a certain geographic range or a specific IP address. 


It’s Time For a Change

While timekeeping definitely isn’t the most exciting part of running a business, it’s one of those things that you just have to do. But that doesn’t mean that you have to struggle with having an inconvenient or inefficient time and attendance system. With an employee time clock app, you can enjoy an easy, headache-free way of time-tracking—and much, much more when you find a software provider that offers innovative features and tools. 

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