Top 5 Tips on Being a Successful Superintendent

Starting a new project is exciting and brings a lot of challenges, however, no matter how many issues you face you must always remain on schedule. Falling behind schedule will force you to rush things and that leads to a pressured team and lower quality of the whole project. Working in a team is fun and effective most of the time, however, there are also many challenges.

Top 5 Tips on Being a Successful Superintendent

Here are 5 top tips you want to consider in order to prevent delays or any kind of issues that may cause delays in the initial plan.

Top Tips on Being a Successful Superintendent

In order to become a successful superintendent, you need to:

Always have a plan

When you think you have a plan, give it another look and hard thought. It’s common that we miss things at a first glance, that’s why you should check and re-check your plan for flaws.

Involve others for input

One of the biggest challenges a person involved in employee management has to face is knowing exactly what everyone is responsible for. A construction project will have a lot of subcontractors. The superintendent has to know what each and every one is doing and also know enough about that specific domain to be able to supervise. Having a good relationship with the subcontractors will ensure that you get detailed info on their activity and make work easier.

Be flexible but stern at the same time

In order to make sure that your team is giving 100%, you’ll have to be very flexible and adapt to the situations like a chameleon changes colour. There are many different nuances involved in a certain situation and you need to understand the big picture in order to be able to make the best decision. In some situations, you’ll have to be a bit harsh to get things done and in others, you’ll only succeed by understanding the needs of your team and being their ally.

Tips on Being a Successful Superintendent

Pay attention to everything

Nobody said being a headmaster is easy and if you’re not a strong character, it’s not the job for you. This means that you need to oversee absolutely everything and if something doesn’t look 100% correct, look into it and ask questions. The responsibility is yours so you shouldn’t keep back from anything in order to find out the real situation on the working site. This also means that you need good people skills as most of your employees will be more serious about their jobs if they respect you.

Always respect your word

Being a superintendent means, first of all, that you need to set an example for the entire team. That’s why you should always try to be the best version of you and always keep your given word. Either if it’s a beer after work or delivering a new tool, your people need to trust you in order for you to be able to trust their work.

5 Tips on Being a Successful Superintendent

These are just a few tips on what you should be on the lookout for in the chase of becoming a better superintendent. There’s no fixed recipe for success and the huge responsibility this job has makes people try different solutions to get the wanted result. What is your opinion?

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