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There is this general belief that Instagram (IG) is for show-off and for displaying wealth and affluence. In fact, there was a recent Twitter debate where most discussants almost agreed that Twitter is for intellectual discourse while Instagram is mainly for women and for people interested in trending popular parties.

In that debate, there was a lone popular voice that insisted that there is a strong community of men on Instagram as well. He was challenged to prove his assertion and he did, by showing that he has more male followers on Instagram as against the generally opined belief that more women are on Instagram.

He posted his IG analytics to prove this. He then argues that the nature and type of posts that any Instagram page is known for, will ultimately determine the type of people that will follow such pages on Instagram.

It was this Twitter debate that led me to take a look at his Instagram page (@WoleOluyemiCo) and that was it! I became attracted and addicted to his Instagram page and his branded personal website –

The level of effort he puts into the posts and captions (the storytelling about the post) shows a touch of class and excellence.

Wole Oluyemi’s IG page is definitely one of the fastest-growing IG pages from Nigeria that is devoted to businesses and business management issues. He is gradually developing a community of followers and mentees, especially professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs through regular posting on topics such as SME businesses, business management, market entry strategy, corporate political strategy, financial strategy, and tax strategy.

Wole Oluyemi has a very structured content on his page and this includes inspirational quotes, book reviews, #AskWoleOluyemi (where he receives and responds to business-related questions and provides free advisory to businesses), #TableTheMatter (where he shares business issues and case studies for discussions on the timeline), InFocus (platform for featuring growing SMEs), pictures from his street and food photography passion, video chats about business issues (OnPoint) and InstAdvert (a virtual marketplace for SMEs where about 12 SMEs advertises and promote their businesses on a daily basis). In addition to this wide array of content on his page, he also regularly hosts and facilitates seminars, conferences, and executive retreats.

He also co-hosts “HangOut” with several business-oriented WhatsApp and Telegram groups to discuss business-related issues. In August 2018, he announced programs for helping ambitious entrepreneurs in Africa to start, fund and scale their businesses through his Business Unusual Mentorship Program and the RSG (Ready-Set-Grow) Funding Support.

Wole Oluyemi is a chartered accountant and a founding director at Roedl & Partner, a firm that provides accounting, tax, financial advisory, market entry advisory, and company secretarial services to ambitious and growing organizations. He also comes with about two decades’ experience from Arthur Andersen, KPMG and Chevron, and has worked in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Congo, Angola, and the USA. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN). Wole Oluyemi is also a street and food photographer, adopting a “storytelling” approach to share learnings focused on the “MarketPlace” from the culture, people, food, places, and environment depicted in his images.

This approach coupled with his diversified experiences and wide array of content has enabled him to gain an immense online following on Instagram over a relatively short time, as he has grown his followership on Instagram to about 20,000 followers within just a few months. Most of which are free followers gained organically.

So, if you are looking for an Instagram page that can challenge you to scale and grow your business, then you chase is over.

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