7 Reasons to Train Your Employees on Safety and Health Insights

A safe workplace is a happy workplace, and a happy employee makes for happy customers. There is a knock-on effect that actually does not stop at the customer.

Beyond moral obligation and regulation compliance, training your employees on health and safety is good business. You’ll be reaping long-term benefits, some apparent and some not so apparent, but all clearly valuable in your operations.

If you’ve been dreading providing training for your employees because of the hassle, then you’re in luck: there are plenty of environmental health and safety (EHS) training software available for you to take advantage of when training your employees. You can check out resources like EHS Insight to find the best fit for you.

7 Reasons to Train Your Employees on Safety and Health Insights

Here are compelling reasons why you should provide health and safety training for your employees:

  1. Reduced Accidents and Injuries

High-quality health and safety training raises your employee’s awareness of hazards and dangers in the workplace. Awareness alone, even without an institution of safe-work programs and practical solutions, can reduce costly accidents and injuries.

By providing your employee with a safe workplace, you are also providing a culture where every employee feels responsible for the safety of everyone and everyone practices safe-work procedures on a daily basis. A positive, safe culture is a good investment for any company.

  1. Increased Productivity

Health and safety training will boost your company’s productivity levels because reduced on-the-job accidents and illnesses from hazards in the workplace mean reduced absences as well.

Additionally, by creating a positive environment for your employees, you can also increase your employees’ morale and well-being.

Happy employees are productive employees. Research shows that depression lowers productivity and costs employers $44 billion a year in lost time.

  1. Higher Employee Satisfaction

A study shows that one of the factors that influence high employee job satisfaction is good working conditions.

By promoting health and safety in the workplace, you can keep your employees happy and satisfied with the job and the company.

  1. Good Positive Customer Perception

Being compliant with international standards on health and safety in the workplace doesn’t just mean you’ll be following regulations—it also means you’ll be driving positive customer perception of your brand.

You can always display your health and safety compliance certificate on your websites and social channels to let clients know. It is a good marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Build Protection from Liability Lawsuits

Work-related accidents can cost a lot, both on the side of the employee and the employer. You have to pay for the medical care of your employee, and if you aren’t maintaining a safe work environment, your employees would be within their rights to file a personal injury lawsuit claim.

This is mostly true for small businesses. Because small businesses don’t have the same resources as big businesses, they don’t usually allot a budget for health and safety. There are many ways, however, that small businesses can still implement safety procedures at work to not only protect employees but also the business from costly lawsuits.

By training your employees on health and safety practices and making sure you have health and safety procedures in place, you avoid unpleasant incidents like lawsuits and consequently save money for the company.

  1. Get Lower Insurance Premiums

A safe workplace means a lower insurance premium.

As an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work. This means that you must have insurance to cover on-the-job accidents of your employees.

The safer your place of business is, however, the lower the claims will be against your insurance company. This is why insurance companies come and audit your workplace to make sure you are compliant and to recommend safety improvements that are in keeping with international health and safety standards.

  1. Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Train Your Employees on Safety and Health Insights

Providing health and safety training and raising your employees’ awareness of work hazards are good for the business. They help protect your most valuable asset—your employees.

The power of a company lies with its employees. Any successful company will tell you that the core of a successful business is the employees.

If you train for health and safety and provide a safe workplace for your employees, you create a positive working environment, create happiness, and physically protect them from danger.

Start Workplace Safety Training Now

Build a safe workplace today and train your employees on health and safety procedures and practices. Enjoy the many benefits of having a safe workplace, from a happy employee to lower operational costs.

If you need help tracking your compliance, an EHS software can help you achieve a safe workplace cost-effectively with a complete solution. These programs offer real-time risk assessments and hazards identification, compliance monitoring, progress data-gathering, and more.

Creating a safe workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. Start today!

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