The Warning Signs Of Mold In A Commercial Building

As a business owner, there is no doubt that you take every interaction and every meeting seriously. You may even live by the common notion that “time is money” because every moment needs to be as efficient as possible.

However, mold can negatively impact productivity and efficiency levels in your business. Unfortunately, the build-up of mold will affect the health and well-being of you and your employees. What’s more, if your employees are getting sick from mold growth, your business can be held liable. Keeping the building mold-free is crucial in creating a healthy office space for employees.

The Warning Signs Of Mold In A Commercial Building

So, contact a commercial remediation service immediately if you notice mold or the following signs of mold growth in your business.

Employees Reporting Allergy Symptoms

Other than noticing mold in the building, employees reporting allergy symptoms is the next most concerning sign. Instead of brushing off absenteeism that results from allergy symptoms of numerous staff, it’s crucial to have the premises evaluated for mold growth as soon as possible.

The Offices Smell Musty

A musty stench that seems to increase in potency over time is another common sign of mold development. Mold quickly pollutes the air within a building as mold spores grow and become airborne.

Instead of masking the smell with air freshener products, consult a mold remediation service immediately to remove the root cause of the musky smell.

Standing Water In The Building

Mold grows from dampness, which is why any standing water is a sign of potential mold growth. If you notice puddles forming anywhere in the building, you must consult a commercial restoration company to identify the cause of water build-up and assist with potential mold removal.

Excessive Humidity

With high humidity levels comes dampness, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow and eventually take over.

In order to mitigate humidity levels, it’s worthwhile to install an HVAC system that ensures air quality and considers the health and wellness of your employees and the company premises.

Water Spots

Water spots on the walls or rising dampness are also perfect environments for mold to grow. Moreover, these are also signs of plumbing problems that you’ll need to tend to urgently.

Rising dampness and water spots can be a sign of leaking pipes. Unfortunately, if this problem escalates over time, you’ll need more than mold remediation because rising dampness can cause extensive damage to the property.

Leaky Pipes

As mentioned, leaking pipes create the ideal environment for mold to develop. So, if you notice leaking or damaged pipes in the building, you must consult a suitable service provider immediately.

Lack Of Ventilation

Lack of proper ventilation can cause humidity levels to rise, creating a moist environment where mold can quickly grow.

Instead of leaving your building exposed to mold, install an HVAC system and consider installing more windows as well. Airflow is crucial for commercial buildings.

Now that you know the signs of mold, it’s crucial to rely on a mold remediation service to mitigate the concern if you notice any of the above indications. It’s never wise to attempt to remove mold on your own because specialized equipment and skills are required for this job.

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