5 Fascinating Specialisms in the Field of Medicine

Specialisms in the Field of Medicine

Whether you are currently working as a registered nurse in another area of medicine or, indeed, are considering retraining and coming at a medical career from an entirely unrelated industry, you could not be choosing a more rewarding and equally challenging career pathway.

In this article, you will discover the five fascinating specialisms in the field of medicine that are not only in demand but also very lucrative and rewarding.

1. Pulmonology

First and foremost, one ever-evolving specialism, in the context of new discoveries and innovative treatment options, is related to the respiratory system and comes under the umbrella field of pulmonology.

Typical roles and responsibilities of a pulmonologist include diagnosing a vast range of different medical issues and diseases throughout the entirety of the respiratory system, providing detailed treatment and care plans and often being in charge of the intensive care unit within a hospital.

In addition, part of the core job description of a pulmonologist is to interpret and utilize data gathered from related tests and patient examinations to help the diagnosis and ultimate treatment of various diseases associated with the respiratory system.

2. Gene Editing

Gene editing is a highly-skilled, prestigious, and incredibly interesting field of medicine, with leading companies in the field such as PiggyBac providing a range of products to medical researchers and scientists to enable their studies.

Within such a specialized field, it may well surprise you to learn that there are a number of roles within the sector, including the following:

  • Senior IACUC Manager
  • Gene Editing Co-op
  • DNA Research Associate
  • Cell Therapy Gene Editing Director

3. Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Within the pediatric emergency medicine department, consultants work to effectively and quickly diagnose children of all ages who present with a hugely varying range of conditions and medical issues that are previously undiagnosed.

This sub-specialty of pediatrics requires intensive training and knowledge in both major trauma and associated complications as well as minor illnesses and does everything from examining a grazed knee to resuscitating children.

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4. Thoracic Surgery

The fourth fascinating and, indeed, ever-developing specialty within the medical field is that of thoracic surgery.

Basically, thoracic surgery is a sub-specialty of surgery that concentrates exclusively on the chest (the thorax) and therefore could involve anything from the removal of a tumor on the lung to emergency surgery to repair a heart valve.

Thoracic surgeons perform a wide variety of different types of surgery, determine and communicate all the associated risks to their team and, in some cases, the patient themselves, and schedule consultations for follow-ups after the surgery is complete.

5. Optometrist

The fifth and final well-funded and consistently in-demand job role within a specific field of medicine is related to everything to do with the eyes and is the role of the optometrist.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released, in 2022, a report stating that, on average, a qualified and employed optometrist earns between $120,000 and $128,000 a year, therefore, such a career pathway would be simultaneously professionally and personally lucrative.

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