All you Need to Know About YUBOSS by KONGA

YUBOSS is an entrepreneurial scheme introduced by YUDALA (Now KONGA), Nigeria’s first true composite online and offline retail chain in its effort to create employment for thousands of Nigerians and Africans.

The scheme was designed for a league of emerging entrepreneurs who want to be their own bosses. Through YUBOSS, Konga is offering people a chance to become millionaires without investing a dime.

Speaking on an online interview from his United State base, the Chairman of Yudala, Mr. Sam Ojo, noted that Yudala (Now Konga) is a movement in e-commerce and offline retail business orchestrated by distinguished professionals from various nationalities and spheres of business.

Ojo said that the YUBOSS initiative will reveal a little bit of their corporate philosophy.

“We have test run the scheme for one month and I can confirm that a young lady, one Mrs. Tina George who stays close to our office was paid over a N100, 000 commission (dala) last week for a 10 day effort in selling from our inventory. Her only investment was her commitment. This is the way new economies are built” he disclosed.

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“With this, there will be a lot of millionaires in Nigeria in the next one year. We estimate millions of Nigerians will join this scheme by the time we officially roll it out next week. Everyone will earn income and hardworking students will be able to see themselves through school without outside assistance”, he added.

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How YuBoss Works

Entrepreneurs who market products from Konga’s retail chains are paid a certain percentage of sales made. It is a profit sharing scheme and Konga is very passionate about the YuBoss scheme as this is part of the company’s strategy in helping to grow the economies of countries they do business in and also to help reduce unemployment in such countries.

The Chairman also stated that the management board of Yudala (Now Konga) is not in a hurry for huge profit and that is why they are mandated to partner with not only the entrepreneurs but their employees too.

He disclosed that “the strategy is profit sharing with all employees and another reasonable percentage will be dedicated to support charity organizations in every country we do business in. Every investor voted for this and our consultants are working out modalities based on each country’s tax structure. We are therefore not here to exploit Nigerians and fly profit out of the country since majority shareholders are Africans”.

When asked what percentage of company annual profit will go to staff, Ojo revealed that a substantial figure has been agreed for this in line with the desire for quality human capital to deliver on shareholders expectations.

How Yuboss Works in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Simply Sign Up to become a registered member (Link Below)
  2. Talk to your circle of friends, families, neighbours, colleagues, social media network, etc. and buy on behalf of them on the Konga platform.
  3. Then EARN amazing commissions on every product purchased.
  4. Commissions are paid Monthly to your Accounts.

How to Apply for the Konga YuBoss Scheme

You can become a member by applying at :

Once approved, your Username, ID and user guides will be sent to your email address.

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    I need the link for registration Mr Nwokike. Your doing a great job brother.

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  3. Kelvin Mitaire Cousin. says:

    I registered as a YuBoss agent sometime ago and not quite long I misplaced my system and could not afford one early. Right now I have forgotten my ID and user guide. I was registered by Emonena Onoriobe, the Retail Sales Lead @ Yudala, Delta shopping mall, Effurun.

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    Pls always update me on yuboss. Thank you.

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