5 Benefits of Using Lift Table for Your New Warehouse

Benefits of Using Lift Table for Your New Warehouse

If you have started running a warehouse recently, this article is for you. One of the most important pieces of equipment for the warehouse is a lift table. These tables are designed to do the heavy lifting in the warehouse to ease the burden of the workers. But that is not the only application of a lift table. It is also used in manufacturing, machine feeding, offloading, distribution facilities, etc.


Having a lift table in your warehouse can move up the speed of your day to day tasks and will also reduce the burden on your workers who would not have to do the heavy lifting anymore. Also, these machines are not difficult to operate and can be handled easily. It also reduces the risk of your works improving their safety.


Lift Tables Categories

  • Electric lift tables
  • Hydraulic lift tables
  • Manual lift tables
  • Corrosion-resistant lift tables
  • Mechanical lift tables
  • Pneumatic lift tables


Benefits of using a lift table for your new warehouse

1. Injury Protection

One of the main advantages of having a lift table in your warehouse is that it gives the worker’s injury protection. These lifts are easy to operate and don’t pose any harm at all. When you are moving heaving equipment with the help of your workers without a table lift, your employees are more likely to get hurt. And not only it hurts the employee; it hurts the company as well. First, your employee would be absent from work, so your workforce will decrease. Second, if a worker has suffered an injury at the workplace, then you will have to compensate them heavily and if you fail to do that, they can sue you as well.


2. Cost-Effective

Using a lift table can actually prove quite cost-effective as well. In the short term, you may feel that it is a bit expensive. But buying this expensive machine can save you money in the long run. These lifts are made of high-quality materials and they last for quite a long time. People usually replace their lift tables only when they think it is necessary to move to a newer model. Otherwise, people who have already bought a modern version will not have to buy a lift table for a very long time. Throughout this time, you will save money that you might otherwise spend on workers or their injury.


3. Boosts Production Process

Another advantage of having a lift table is that it speeds up the process of production and moving in the warehouse. A lift table will obviously lift an object much quicker and easier than a worker. When it comes to assembling or welding, lift tables can have a significant effect on efficiency. Having a lift table can also finish tasks that require two days within a day. It is obviously not a replacement for the workforce but it does help your work to get the best out of their abilities.


4. Height Adjustment

With a lift table, you have the liberty to adjust the height of the table as well. It depends majorly on the model you have chosen, but if you have picked the right version with the right range. It can make your warehouse moving work a lot easier. And vertical movement does not mean that they cannot do heavy lifting upwards. A lift table can lift up to 2.5 tons of weight easily.  It also helps you adjust the angles as well, which can become really handy if you are welding.


5. Mobile-Friendly Machine

A lift table will not only be helpful in your warehouse, but it will also assist you in outside warehouse tasks. When you have to move something out of the warehouse to something like a construction site, you can bring along your lift table as well. That will ease off the burden on your employees and will make it easier for them to work outside the warehouse as well, thereby improving employee morale and ease of doing work.

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