List Of Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries – Transparency International

According to a new list recently released by Transparency International, Somalia and North Korea are tied at the bottom as the most corrupt countries while Denmark maintained its rating as the least corrupt country in the world.

Top 10 most corrupt countries

Note that this annual list is very important to entrepreneurs as it helps businesses and foreign investors take decision on which market to explore and if their investments will be safe and secured by the laws governing the state. Corruption has been the bane of falling economies in most part of Africa. Nigeria and South Africa’s economy are dwindling because of the corrupt practices of its leaders.

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  1. OFRAN says:

    A wonderful friend I met online asked me what I think about Nigeria’s current rating.

    Here is my opinion.

    If you study the rating very well, you understand that Nigeria has really not improved positively in its fight against corruption. The lower your rating, the lower your ranking and Nigeria was rated 27 in 2014 and 26 in 2015. That shows that the presumed fight against corruption is really not working. And I believe the rating is actually correct.

    Maybe there will be a better rating for 2016 but for now, if the current govt is truly fighting corruption, Nigerians and it’s foreign observers are yet to feel it’s impact.

    Workers are no longer paid as and when due, monies are said to be recovered but what they are being used for, no one is accounting for. Or are they just recovering and saving the money, or is it still early to tell? For me, It’s more like robbing Peter to pay Paul while the masses groin.

    In all, I still believe in one Nigeria and that one day, it will be a great country worth emulating.

    The current government is still not showing any sign of helping or encouraging small businesses and startups and once a determined soul thrive to make it, such a one is encompassed with multiple taxation. The government doesn’t want to check this but just interested in what they can get from the masses.

    Many companies are leaving the country, but what is the number coming in?

    Investors are afraid of investing in such environment where they don’t think there investment is safe.

    Religious and ethnic violence is the order of the day.

    Workers welfare are not considered.

    While the price of basic necessities are climaxing, the workers salary remains stagnated. How do you expect them to cope? Some Govs are complaining of 18,000 minimum wage being too much and beyond there capacity but they are living luxurious lifestyles, such they would have never dreamed of if not for politics.

    Our own leaders go to the international media to say Nigerians are not sensible and they are all corrupt, so I ask, who will save my country?

    God will send us a saviour.

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