The Best Audio-To-Text Tools to Save your Time

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word transcription? Do you imagine yourself leaning over the computer with headphones on your ears while constantly trying to start and stop the audio recording with your fingers punching in the desired letter?

You can go ahead with this old-school method of transcribing your audio. But, if you’re planning to save time and focus on other important things, consider using an audio-to-text tool that can accurately transcribe all your audio files within a few minutes.

Whether you want to convert the audio for vlogging, journalism, education, or any other purpose, these tools can make your life easier and simpler.

The Best Audio-To-Text Tools to Save your Time

These transcription tools rely on artificial intelligence like natural language processing and machine learning to transcribe audio to text.

With every tool boasting of bringing a revolutionary change in your business, choosing the right one can seem like an uphill battle.

To make your life easier, we provide a list of top audio-to-text tools to save your time and make transcription a cakewalk.

The Best Audio-To-Text Tools to Save your Time

Here are the best audio-to-text tools to consider for your business needs:

  1. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe

Do you regularly upload podcasts or videos on your website or other social media platforms?

Are you still unable to receive the desired views on your podcast or videos?

Have you tried to add subtitles to your videos and see how your customers interact with your


Think it this way: Would your customers prefer watching a recipe video with sound on, or would they like having a subtitle so that they cook while watching?

As everything boils down to conveniences, adding subtitles to your videos makes sense. This is why companies are slowly using automatic subtitle generation software like HappyScribe to add subtitles to every video they upload.

This intelligent tool transcribes your video files into text in no time using AI-powered automatic transcription.

What’s more interesting is that it allows transcription in 60+ languages allowing you to connect with audiences around the globe, thereby removing the language barrier.

HappyScribe boasts of an 85% accuracy in transcription and allows you to format the titles according to your requirement.

It allows you to select from multiple settings and makes your video ready to publish. Another notable feature of HappyScribe is that it allows you to edit the starting timecode. This helps you decide when the subtitles start. You can even integrate it with your favorite and commonly used applications like YouTube and Zapier.

Pricing: Charges €0.20 per minute for automatic transcriptions and €1.70 per minute for professional transcriptionists.

Why use HappyScribe? With 85% of Facebook videos watched on mute, captions and subtitles can increase your viewership.

  1. Amberscript


When choosing software that transcribes audio, quality and accuracy are paramount. Whether you’re taking notes for the class and writing essential blogs and articles, you need a reliable tool. One such tool is Amberscript.

This exceptional service offers accurate voice-to-text transcription. The tool saves your precious time because you just have to upload your audio file. Once your transcript is ready, you can edit it based on your branding guidelines.

As the software uses AI technology, it’s fast and saves time. What differentiates Amberscript from others is that it adheres to GDPR laws and ensures safety and security.

Whether you want to transcribe recorded interviews or client meetings, look no further than Amberscript because it is your one-stop destination for every type of transcription service.

Pricing: Charges $8 for 1 hour of audio, and their subscription plan starts at $25 per month for 5 hours of audio uploaded. Their manual transcription services start at $1.2 per minute.

Why use Amberscript? According to research, a manual transcriptionist takes four to six hours to transcribe one hour of audio. Using transcription software like Amberscript can save time.

  1. Temi


Temi is a powerful automatic transcription tool equipped with a proprietary algorithm that identifies different speakers and even allows you to create custom timestamps. Transcribing all types of audio and video files with Temi is a straightforward process.

You only have to upload your audio file, run the tool and download the completed transcript.

After generating the transcript, you can use the platform’s text editing tool to polish your transcription. Temi offers only a basic editing option.

Unlike other tools, Temi allows you to use the web browser, and you can even install the Temi app on your Android or iPhone to transcribe your audio and video content the minute you record it.

The software boasts of a 90-95% accuracy based on the audio quality.

What’s more interesting about Temi is that you can save and export transcripts as PDF, VTT, and SRT.

Pricing: Offers one free transcript under 45 minutes and charges $0.20 per audio minute.

Why use Temi? Temi features speaker identification technology that differentiates one speaker from the other.

  1. Transcribe


Using Transcribe, you can efficiently turn your speeches, podcasts, calls, interviews, and lectures into text. What’s more interesting is that it allows you to convert audio to text in more than 60 languages.

When files you upload have minimal background noise, the software takes less time to give you the transcript. However, when your audio is not audible, you can utilize a feature that allows you to play the audio and dictate it with your voice. This turns your audio into text.

If the background music is very hard, you can use their manual transcription mode. Their manual mode has a workflow that slows down the audio speed and auto-loops it.

Unlike most software on the list, Transcribe offers a foot pedal that helps you save time during the transcription process.

Pricing: Their self-transcription starts at $20 per year, whereas their automatic transcription starts at $20 per year and $6 per hour.

Why use Transcribe? Apart from being user-friendly, Transcribe is a secure software that ensures that your entire transcribed data, including the audio and text files remains secure.

  1. ai


As the name suggests, Otter is an AI transcription software that helps you convert audio files into text with just one or two clicks. If you frequently want to convert conversations and voice notes, there is no better option than provides an accuracy ranging between 80-95%. What makes different from others is that it can provide a transcript from Zoom recordings and even video format. You can download the transcript in numerous formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs.

What makes different from others is the tool’s productivity feature. This tool not only transcribes files but also produces smart notes, including speaker ID, summary keywords, key phrases, and images.

It’s available as a web interface and an app for iOS and Android. Interestingly, Otter Assistant integrates with Microsoft Team, Google Meet, and Zoom.

As Otter uses AI technology, it gets better and smarter with every conversation. The software uses speaker identification technology, advanced summary, and custom vocabulary so that you can work and collaborate smarter in your workplace.

Based on your requirement, you can use Otter for meetings and education.

Pricing: Offer a basic free plan, and their pro plan starts at $8.33 per month, while their business plan starts at $20 per user per month.

Why use You don’t have to worry about taking meeting notes when you use Otter because the tool offers real-time transcription. This ensures that you never miss a word and share notes for better collaboration.

Wrapping up

The advancement of AI and machine learning is slowly and steadily bringing a revolutionary change in the transcription market. According to experts, the industry is likely to witness a CAGR growth rate of 6.1% from 2020 to 2027.

While every software mentioned on the list provides faster automatic transcriptions, choose one that suits your business requirement.

When looking for reliable software, choose one that offers excellent readability because such software can analyze pauses between texts and understand different parts of speech, tenses, and dialects.

Also, consider the turnaround time because there’s no use of a tool that takes hours to transcribe a small audio file. On average, a one-hour file can take approximately 20-30 minutes.

Another feature to consider is the audio quality the software can transcribe. An intuitive interface is another aspect to look for in transcription software.

Two tools that differentiate others on the list are HappyScribe and Amberscript. Apart from being affordable, these two tools offer quality output with high accuracy.

So, which audio-to-text tool are you choosing?

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