Five Reasons Why You Should Learn Coding Skills Right Now

Programming and software development skills are something a lot of people say that they wish they had. However, getting started with programming can be somewhat daunting. If you are somebody who has an interest in learning to code, then there has never really been a better time to actually make the move towards learning your first programming language and working on your first project.

the Era of Software Development Has Changed the Business World, Five Reasons Why You Should Learn Coding Skills Right Now

Here we look at 5 compelling reasons why you should take the plunge and begin learning programming skills for yourself right now.

1. It Has Never Been Easier to Get Started

Throughout the history of IT, many successful programmers have been self-taught, rather than having learned their skills at university or from a workplace.

Fortunately, these days, becoming a self-taught developer is easier than ever, thanks to the many resources available on the internet that can help you to learn new skills and to collaborate with people from all over the world who are also interested in coding.

For most types of programming, you don’t need any expensive or complicated software to begin writing and running your code. Most Windows users find that Notepad ++, which is an open-source, free text editor that is enhanced to help serve as a development environment, does everything they need. While Notepad ++ only runs on Windows, there are similar text editors that you can use such as Kate if you are on Linux, or you can use an emulator or virtual machine, but there are some great alternatives to Notepad ++ for Mac, too. offers plenty of helpful advice for this and other things you may encounter while you are trying to get your set-up ready to start, so it’s a great website to check out.

2. It Can Be an Interesting Thing to Work on During the Lockdown

The current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic has left people with some big lifestyle changes in 2020. While some people have found themselves without work, which is in itself a good reason to start looking at new skills for the future, even people who have been able to continue with their normal jobs during lockdown and social distancing have found that they have fewer social commitments and are less likely to be spending time outside of work on hobbies or things like going out with friends or going to the gym. It has left a lot of people feeling bored, trying to fill their time with things that don’t really feel productive or meaningful like binge-watching TV.

Finding something to study at home and work on in your free time can definitely make lockdown and the lack of normal social activity feel a lot more bearable. Knowing that you have something important to do each day in your otherwise free time and being able to see yourself making progress towards learning an important and valuable skill that you perhaps have always been interested in having can mean that you can make the best of the current scenario.

3. Get the Skills for A Career Change

Whether or not you are concerned about the future of your current job during and after the pandemic crisis, it can always be useful to add new options for your own career in the future. Gaining programming skills could allow you to change course completely and make software development your profession. Alternatively, it could allow you to take on new projects and work in a different capacity in your current workplace, perhaps opening up opportunities for movement into more interesting roles or being promoted.

If you have not yet decided on your first career, then exploring programming and software development as a whole area of business could lead you down some interesting paths. There are not many types of jobs where you can go from self-employed to employed in a liquid role, but this can be the case with software development. It can also be possible to work in a freelance capacity for yourself if you have programming skills that are in demand and you are able to run on your own steam.

4. Coding Skills Are More Useful Than You Might Think

Even if you are not interested in becoming a professional developer, getting some software development skills can still prove extremely useful in other jobs, and even in your personal life. If you should ever want to start your own business, being able to develop your own website or even your own apps will be a great skill to have.

Equally, you may use your programming skills to automate simple tasks that you have to do for your personal admin, and that could make you more efficient and productive in other things that you do. Being more aware of how internet technologies and code work will also mean you will have an easier time of it when you are using software in general or working with computers.

5. Opportunities to Spend Time Studying Something Don’t Come Along Too Often!

The situation that the world has found itself in during the pandemic has been completely unique and unprecedented. While for most people it has not been a pleasant year, it has given many people an opportunity to step back from their normal stressful working life and routine and find more time to invest in skills they would like to have for the future.

The truth is that opportunities to spend time getting deep into a new subject and working on it with your full attention are rare in life, and so the smart thing to do is to recognize the current crisis as an opportunity to do just that. You may never have another period in your life where you are free from engagements and family or social activities during your time outside of work, and you may also never again have a period where you can work from home without spending time on things like commuting which can eat into your days.

These are just five of the reasons why it is not only easy but also a great idea to use the current time to get stuck into becoming a programmer. Whether your goal is to go professional, or just learn some interesting new skills for fun, it will be a worthwhile way to spend your time during the current lockdown and an interesting hobby to continue with after that.

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