There is a rumour spreading around Facebook and other social media that starting from November 1st 2014, social media giant Facebook intends to start collecting monthly service plan. The report said that Facebook intend to charge users $2.99 monthly for the service.

This report was first carried by National report and written by Darius Rubics.

According to Darius, Facebook in a news conference on September 21st said “We thought long and hard about this decision, but at the end of the day, we had no choice but to add this monthly fee,” Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters. If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could face an unrecoverable financial burden and become obsolete.

Part of the report also stated that you can avoid the charge by doing the following:

For those who can’t manage the cost, we’ve made it real simple. In a new status update, copy and paste the words, “I AM POOR FACEBOOK PLEASE WAIVE MY MONTHLY FEE”. Make sure you include the hashtag #FacebookMonthlyFee. This will inform the Facebook billing department to waive any fees associated with your account.

This news have fricked out a lot of Facebook users.

Will Facebook Charge users

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I proceeded to make enquiry and on wanting to contact Facebook got an article written by them.

In the article, which was actually written by Carolyn Abram, Facebook’s resident blogger, she said that Facebook can never charge its user monthly fees. She also noted that Facebook has a channel by which information is passed to its users, but can never use the below listed channels;

  • Your Wall
  • An inbox message from a friend in other words, chain letters.
  • Messages spread through Applications if an application is telling you that Facebook is about to shut down, report it.

Here is the article from Carolyn.

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