10 Features That Are a Must for Any E-commerce Site’s Link-Building Strategy

Link building is a challenging but potentially lucrative part of search engine optimization. Create a content strategy and link-building effort to improve the landing page and site visibility.

E-commerce link building is necessary for your eCom site to rank well in search engines. Off-page SEO is the least exciting way to go to the top of Google’s search results page. However, this makes them a weaker rival to other e-commerce platforms. That’s why it’s a good idea to use professional link-building agents these days.

The process of constructing inbound links to your website has dual advantages. In the first case, a backlink from a highly frequented site will likely lead to visits to your website. Consequently, your site will be regarded as authoritative, relevant, and accurate by Google.

People feel e-commerce sites don’t require as much link-building as other sites since they sell items rather than content.

E-commerce enterprises need backlinks from reputable websites to rank well in SERPs. Here are some steps to strengthen your link-building strategy. Organic link-building can be done with the hired experts. If you are still on the fence about using a professional business, consider the following.

ecommerce link building strategy

Link Building Explanation

While SEO is based on a simple notion, using it successfully for an e-commerce shop can be difficult, especially for link building. Getting other sites to connect to yours is how you create links.

In the wide world of search engine optimization, link building is no exception. The task calls for some level of expertise, and if it isn’t carried out properly, the results might be disastrous.

Making mistakes diverts your attention from the task at hand and will hurt your position in the SERPs just as much as any successes will. For this reason, many people would rather not try their hand at it. A professional ecommerce link-building service is the best way to get quality backlinks. Backlinks to your site indicate its quality, authority, relevance, and reliability. From a reputable link-building service, you will receive all of them. You may avoid doing the work yourself if you have experts assist you. Thanks to their familiarity with the most efficient means of building the links, you can expect much better results in much less time.

  1. Authority

Seo strongly values credibility and trust. There are three distinct categories of authority:

  • All inbound links to a site are included in its overall Domain Authority score.
  • To calculate a page’s authority, we need just examine the links on that page.
  • The term “Link Authority” describes the value transferred from one page to another through an inbound link.
  1. Significance

A link’s usefulness is measured by how closely it is associated with the target page. Getting a link from an article on the greatest Netflix TVs would be great for your company. The value of the links impacts your site’s topic relevance.

  1. Relevant Information for Powerful Connections

Credibility, expertise, and importance may all be communicated through inbound connections. Is there anything else I need to warn you about?

Include the following in your links:

  • Trust 

Search engine trust is a significant factor in your site’s credibility with users. Age, experience, and reliable connections build credibility.

Sites like newspapers’ dot coms are examples of sites you may trust. Establish reliable incoming connections and ethically serve site visitors. Increases in trust make things easier.

  • The link’s source and destination

The page where a link first appears is called the “link origin.” If you have a link on your homepage that goes to your “About Us” page, your homepage is the link origin. Clicking the link will take you to the “About us” page.

Related links must point to the same issue. By connecting other sites to your homepage, you may share some of the prestige of your homepage with them.

Inbound connections to your rivals’ websites are essential to compete in highly competitive areas. The term “deep link” refers to a link that takes you somewhere other than the homepage.

  • The anchor text

The text that serves as an anchor for a link is usually blue and underlined. Anchor text must be varied to seem natural and effective. It’s beneficial to include your target keywords as anchor text. Keep it simple, however, or it will appear like you are attempting to cheat the system.

  • Attribute nofollow

Links with the Nofollow attribute indicate that the user is being compensated for sending traffic to the linked URL. Using the no-follow property, the credibility a link receives is lowered.

Incorporating no-follow links into a website is perfectly acceptable. Despite being no-follow, Wikipedia links are trusted for their authority.

E-commerce Site’s Link-Building Strategy

Essential Features for E-commerce Link-Building Strategies

E-commerce link-building may boost your marketing efforts. Whether you are a digital marketer helping a client climb Google’s SERPs or an e-commerce site owner, it will work. Look into white hat e-commerce quality link-building tactics to generate high-quality backlinks.

  1. Incorporate Hyperlinks Into Your Content

Despite being straightforward, many e-commerce companies still need to invest in high-quality content. Online retailers enhance product or category webpages, get reliable feedback, and establish a call to action.

In their zeal to improve conversion rates, e-commerce companies frequently disregard the content.

E-commerce websites lack linkable content because marketing prioritizes content. Every organic link-building approach relies on easily-shared content. Creating linkable content will make or ruin your e-commerce company. Blog articles and resource calculators are examples of linkable material.

  1. Start a Guest Posting Campaign

Guest blogging may not be as effective as it once was, say content marketers. Link building was formerly a solid way to boost a website’s ranking in SERPs.

These days, there is a lot more competition. Google and its rivals have improved at eliminating low-quality connections and materials.

With the help of a backlinking service, you can gain backlinks from guest posts. It will be helpful if you prioritize quality over quantity. Value-based ranking helps companies with relevant, actionable content on high-authority sites.

You should search for appropriate specialty sites to guest post on. Reputable link-building companies will know all about it. Google and keyword databases can restrict your search when looking for related websites.

One alternative is to copy the linking structure of a popular site in your field. Examining the backlink profile might help you find great places to publish guest articles.

  1. Research the Linking Profiles of Competing Firms

To learn their strategies, you must research your rivals regardless of your field or specialization. In terms of search engine optimization and backlinking, there are no exceptions. You can do a complete backlink analysis using several tools, such as Alexa, SEMrush, and others.

The correct link-building tool can analyze a competitor’s website or page’s backlink profile. You may analyze each referring domain’s credibility to find link targets.

If you analyze the site’s most visited pages, you can determine which keywords would be most effective for my goals. Knowing the competition level for these search terms would be beneficial.

Examining your rivals’ backlink profiles might help you improve your guest blogging. You may also compile a list of high-quality websites to which you’d want to submit guest pieces.

Since SEO is an ongoing venture, being abreast of the competition is essential. Successful e-commerce companies outsource link-building services to analyze rivals’ activity to prepare ahead.

  1. Digital PR Campaigns

Come up with smart public relations concepts that are specific to your business and industry as a group. The next step is to reach out to media members, bloggers, and other potential clients in your field.

A link-building service will be beneficial here as they know how to give presentations about your campaign and spark interest. Contact social media influencers through link-building companies if you want to promote your campaign.

Originality in marketing increases your chances of success. Additionally, the more interest you generate, the more potential backlinks you have.

  1. Niche Edits

By editing content in your specific niche, you may increase the number of quality inbound links to your online store. Finding potential clients is a necessary first step. Some websites include work-related articles and facts.

Next, research their online presence to uncover high-quality material. Make contact with web admins and request link placements. Remember to show your worthwhile contacting potential customers. Demonstrate how linking to your product page can help their site and its visitors.

  1. Get in Touch With Related Companies and Vendors

Online retailers may also benefit from backlinks from similar-goods providers. Leveraging your companies’ current relationships, you may gain connections from these sites.

Suppliers and producers of your goods might also be targeted. If they mention internet retailers, ask to be linked. If a website only connects to “brick-and-mortar” firms, ask if they can include an “online” area.

You have a far better chance of getting a link from these websites since it’s a win-win for both of you.

  1. Create Links from Unlinked Mentions

Monitoring brand mentions through an SEO link-building service will help an online shop generate links. Unlinked mentions provide the best opportunities for e-commerce customers.

This method relies on people praising your product, website, or brand; hence a strong brand presence is needed.

You can track and find these references with the aid of a few different programs:

  • Google Alerts
  • Mention.net
  • Fresh Web Explorer

These programs may send you emails when a given term occurs online. You can track mentions of your company or product on the web by using one of these search engines. You may also use Google search and Google News to locate unlinked mentions.

Finding these references will lead you to potential link partners. Those acquainted with your brand and products will connect to you more often.

In e-commerce, these mentioned opportunities are common:

  • Releasing brand-new products.
  • Associations and purchases.
  • Openings and closings of various locations.
  • Donations and support for charitable activities.
  • Promoted or distributed material.
  • Featured interviews with key staff members.

Once again, publicity for your brand is the foundation for creating mention links. This type of coverage requires work, but it’s achievable if you’re active offline. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) helps journalists acquire exposure.

E-commerce link-building initiatives concentrate on turning unlinked comments into backlinks.

  1. 404 Link Reclamation

Reclaiming broken links boosts your online store’s link authority. Most online marketplaces have long websites since they sell numerous things. When you have several pages, some will migrate or break, breaking external connections.

In addition, pages may appear and disappear as things are sold and restocked in the store’s inventory.

A link-building consultant can contact the linked sites with a new, functioning URL. The expert will ask them to change the link, or 301, from the broken URL to a relevant, functional page. A 301 redirection is recommended since it doesn’t need third-party help.

  1. Giveaways and Team-Ups Boost Business

Marketing promotions and incentives boost brand recognition and sales. Advertisements may lead to backlinks when site owners lure users with incentives.

Regarding quality link building, competitions, marketing, and joint efforts may provide positive results. Participants promote your offer on social media in a viral giveaway to win business-related prizes.

You may send influential opinion leaders free product samples or demonstrations. They’ll evaluate your product and post it online in return for the gift.

Online marketplaces often host contests and team up with other businesses. These adverts may boost your website’s search engine rankings by building backlinks.

  1. Create a Network of Affiliate Marketers

In affiliate marketing, others advertise your goods or services. Affiliate marketing is like promotions and partnerships; only you share the revenue.

To what extent does this relate to constructing backlinks? Most affiliate marketers will utilize an “affiliate link” to promote your goods, allowing you to track site visitors.

The most well-known company that uses affiliate marketing is Amazon. Its affiliate links are widely disseminated via social media and online content. Many people make a comfortable living via participation in Amazon’s affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate links are not only a great way to offer prospective partners an additional revenue stream. But they are also genuine backlinks that may affect how search engines like Google see your website.

If a prominent influencer links to your site, it may boost your domain authority. Increase your marketing reach and strengthen your backlink profile simultaneously.


Building links requires time and effort, but e-commerce links may take time and effort. Despite the challenge of connecting with internet shops, the following tips will help.

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