How To Win A Social Security Disability Case

Are you suffering from any type of disability? Well, it’s not your fault. You can live like your peers. All you need is to apply for social security benefits. You have the right to get the necessary support. However, getting social disability claims isn’t that easy. According to the stats, only 50 percent of cases are approved. This means that the remaining half are denied, delayed, or dismissed. However, don’t be scared. If you follow the right procedure, your benefits will be approved. Here are the top tips and tricks for social security applicants.

How To Win A Social Security Disability Case

Never Procrastinate

Don’t wait. Delay can negatively impact your case. Thus, as soon as you are injured, contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Dade City, FL. File for social security claims as soon as possible. Remember, if you delay for months, your claims can be denied. They will argue that the injuries aren’t serious enough to approve your claims. Thus, make your application as soon as you get a diagnosis report from your doctor.

Be Detailed

Social Security Benefit requires a lot of paperwork. You will need to complete several forms. If you want to succeed, be sure to fill in all the details. Don’t skip any section. Attention to detail is extremely important. Wrong information can have your claims delayed.  Still more, missing details can also make your claims denied. Also, get all the documents from your doctor. In particular, ask your doctor to fill the Residential Functional Capacity documents. The DDS examiners will use these documents before determining your case.

Go To the Doctor Regularly

Getting regular medical care is also important when applying for your claims. Of course, going to the doctor regularly can be tiresome. However, it can benefit your case. Still more, go to one doctor. Several visits to different medical doctors can disadvantage your case. Patients who are consistent with their hospital visits tend to get their claims approved. Thus, choose one doctor. Arrange meetings from time to time. Ask him/her to draft medical reports.

Follow The Doctor’s Instructions

Of course, you can visit your doctor from time to time. However, if you stray from his/her instructions, your claims can be denied. Thus, follow all the instructions. Take all the medications. Attend all the therapy sessions as directed by your doctor. Don’t indulge in physical activities. Take the right foods. Also, keep all the records. This includes prescription refills, therapy checkups, etc. Doping this will show your DDS that you are serious about getting better. This will increase the odds of getting your claims approved.

Respect Is Key

The pain can be annoying. However, don’t let your pain lead you to disrespect others. Respect all the players. This includes fellow patients, lawyers, DDS staff, and the general public., Don’t engage in activities that show disrespect to others. Behave well while facing the DDS panel. Dress well. Stick to the timelines. Don’t be late. Answer questions politely. Don’t let emotions lead you into disrespecting others. Watch your tone. Shut off your cell phone.

Honesty Is Important

Honesty is key. An honest person is viewed as trustworthy. Thus, desist from over-amplifying your symptoms. It can lead to claim denial. Remember, the DDS has handled several cases before. They know how to spot people who lie. Thus, being dishonest can only injure your case. It’s important to note that being bedridden isn’t the only way to get claims. All you need is to show how the injuries have affected your daily life. Similarly, never underplay the symptoms.

Avoid Oversharing

Don’t share everything. Be economical with the information you share. Don’t disclose unsolicited information. It can destroy your case. Don’t answer questions you have not been asked. For instance, avoid answering questions relating to your drug abuse history. Don’t tell them about your alcohol drinking habits. These issues can see your claims denied. While honesty is the best thing to do, it’s important to be economical with your answers. Answer all questions precisely. Avoid delving into questions you haven’t been asked.

Hire a Disability Attorney

Look for the right lawyer. A good lawyer knows what it takes to get your claims approved. Whether you are applying or appealing denied claims, a lawyer will hugely increase your odds of getting approved. Remember, representing yourself can backfire. For instance, you may make simple mistakes that can damage your case. Thus, contact a good lawyer for professional legal representation.

Have All the Medical Records Ready

Ensure that you have all the necessary medical records. The foundation of your medical claims starts with collecting the necessary evidence. For instance, you need to have all the receipts. Additionally, you should gather all the diagnosis records. They will act like evidence when litigating your case.

Residual Functional Capacity Forms

It’s also important to request your doctor to fill the Residual Functional Capacity form. The RFC form outlines the extent to your disability. The law requires doctors to fill these forms, especially if they support their client’s disabilities. The form will outline the diagnosis made and how the injuries will limit you in the future. For instance, if you cannot walk, the doctor will outline it in his/her letter.

Medical Evidence

Before applying for social security benefits, it’s important to gather all the evidence. Your application should support all medical records in your possession. For instance, things like x-rays and CT scans can act as valuable pieces of evidence. Also, you can submit MRIs and EKG reports.

Outline Past Medical Conditions

If you are suffering from any medical condition, outline it in your application. When making the final determination, the DDS will go through your medical history. The final decision will be based on all the medical conditions in your life. Thus, don’t hide these conditions. Outline them.

Other Tips

  • Keep your lawyer updated
  • Get your records
  • Appeal immediately

The Bottom-Line

Of course, the process of applying for social security benefits isn’t easy. It involves a lot of steps. There are several checks and counterchecks on the way. You are expected to make several trips to the social security office. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from applying for your benefits. All you need is the above tips and tricks.

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