Top Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Of All Time

Some medical malpractice lawsuits run into the millions. Here are some of the biggest of all time…

There are some medical malpractice lawsuits that we have all heard about – regardless of whether we keep abreast of these things or not. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the top 5 medical malpractice suit instituted in the field of medicine. If you need examples of how worthwhile claiming compensation for medical malpractice can be, keep reading!

Top Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Of All Time

The Top 5 Medical Malpractice Suits of all Time

When it comes to suing for medical malpractice, some cases saw truly big payouts. Here are some of the best-known cases for your perusal.

1 – An Eye for an Eye

Arguably the most famous early case of medical malpractice was back in 1985. Bob East, who worked for the Miami Herald as a critically acclaimed photographer, needed to have his eye removed because it was cancerous. This seemingly simple operation resulted in Bob’s death.

The surgeon removed some of the corneal fluid from his eye in order to re-inject it into the patient’s spine. Bob fell into a coma and died within five days. A toxicology report showed that there was formaldehyde in his system which had turned his organs to stone. The reason? The surgeon confused the preservation liquid brought into surgery to preserve the eye, with the corneal fluid.

2 – A Broken Heart

Back in 2013, a man was awarded $25 million in compensation against the doctor who took him off his heart medications. The doctor took the man off his critical heart medication and told him to take over the counter meds to treat his heart pain. The man has subsequently suffered a massive heart attack and has needed some 7+ operations to correct the near-fatal error.

$25 million dollars is not enough to stop the operations… but it sure helps ease the pain.

 3 – An Earner

One Doctor in Florida treated cramps by sedating the patient and manipulating his joints. The patient suffered a stroke, the doctor later confessed that the procedure was only used to make him more money. The man spent years comatose, with more than $38 million paid out in his favor.

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4 – Long Term Damage

A Connecticut woman was forced to give birth by natural means, even though she really needed a C-Section. The lack of the procedure meant the child was starved of oxygen during the birth process. The child developed severe long term brain damage, which resulted in a $58 million lawsuit against the negligent doctors.

5 – Cerebral Palsy at the hands of a Doctor

Our top case happened in California, where an expectant mother had her birthing procedure royally disturbed by an incompetent doctor. The doctor refused to perform procedures that may have saved the mother and child future hardships, refused to use forceps to remove the baby, misdiagnosed how quickly the contractions were coming, and ultimately led to the birth of a baby with Cerebral Palsy – who did not have this condition before the awful birth process.

To make negligence and malpractice worse, the hospital involved then covered up the case by altering the medical records to better suit their stance. In the end, they were found guilty, the mother was awarded more than $74 million USD – but the child has ongoing health issues to this day. You can read more about this case, and others like it, over in the Journal of Child Neurology, courtesy of the NCBI.

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