Instagram Stories for Business: How to Create Engaging Stories

Instagram Stories are the best way to improve brand awareness and connect with your audience on a personal level. If you are not using Instagram Stories to full potential, then you are missing out an incredible opportunity to reach wider audience on Instagram.

Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram Without Spending a Dime, Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram Stories are fun and super creative ways to increase audience engagement. They are also one of the most effective ways to drive product sales. In this blog, you will get an overview on how to create engaging stories for your business and attract potential customers to your Instagram account. Have a look!

1. Create Weekly Instagram Story Series

Setting up weekly series helps to set up the expectations of your audience to get a content booster from your account. This also helps you to stay consistent in publishing Instagram stories that’ll eventually improve your engagement rate. Select a particular day, for example, ‘Tips On Saturdays’. Here you can share creative ideas of using your products in day-to-day life. You can also share simple tips and tricks to educate your audience about your brand.

Ultimately, your weekly Instagram Story series can be on any topic you want. Spend that day interacting with your audience. Publish different types of content to understand what your followers like.

2. ‘How- To’ Instagram Stories

Another best way to keep your audience entertained is to post ‘How-To’ content. Create mini-tutorials or share important advice related to your brand and products. Educate your audience by teaching them new ways of doing a simple task. For example, if you sell food products, share fun facts about different types of foods. Moreover, share local events or interesting topics about trending food items.

Besides this, you can also publish advice content by asking your followers questions and answering to their queries. This is a fantastic way to increase engagement rate and improve brand awareness.

3. Run Brand Promotions

While you may run discount sale promotions on Instagram Stories, it is best to find more creative ways to promote your products. Get creative by highlighting customer reviews on the bestselling product. You can even run contests and giveaways on your account and use Instagram Stories to celebrate the wins.

Use Instagram Stories to share social proof of your brand. Create a branded hashtag and ask your customers to tag your account while sharing posts about their purchases. User-generated content is the best way to develop trust among new followers. So, find creative ways to use Instagram Stories for your brand.

4. Share Behind-The-Scenes

This idea is the most effective way of humanizing your account on Instagram. Share your brand story and personal struggles. Moreover, share behind-the-scenes of your office, employee interviews, work culture, and more. Give a sneak peek on how your products are manufactured. Highlight the points that make your brand unique.

The more transparency you maintain with the audience, the more people will buy from your brand. So, stay real and authentic with your audience by sharing your journey through Instagram Stories.

5. Conduct Polls and Ask Questions

Lastly, use Instagram Story stickers to conduct opinion polls, host quizzes, and let your audience ask questions related to your brand and products. This is the best way to interact with your followers in real-time. Moreover, it is the most effective way to skyrocket your engagement rate.

You can even save such stories to Instagram Highlights so that the followers can watch them again. This will also encourage the followers who missed out on your interaction to participate in the next one.


Every day over one billion people use Instagram for entertainment, shopping, and more. While Instagram posts, reels and IGTV do manage to capture the attention of the followers, Instagram Stories have been found to be the best mode for brand promotions. Therefore, it is crucial to put your Instagram Stories to good use.

There are tons of different ways to create a fun Instagram Story that’ll not only improve brand awareness but also improve product sales. The above tips offer an overview on how you can create the best Instagram stories to promote your business on the Instagram platform. If you are not using Instagram Stories to benefit your business, you must start doing it right away!

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