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In my last post, I explained what affiliate marketing is all about and how it is a good source of extra income for a website/blog owner. I also stated the difference between an online and offline affiliate marketer. I will be discussing the best affiliate networks for Nigerians.

It is no longer news that some of the best affiliate networks that generate good traffic with a good number of advertisers do not accept Nigerians while the ones that do are not able to pay out revenue cos of PayPal’s limitation. This has limited and discouraged a lot of bloggers and website owners who would have loved to partner with the networks.

I have done a little research on some networks and I will be listing out the best affiliate networks that work for the Nigerian site owners/managers without the skill or resource to get a verified PAYPAL account or have a verified virtual address in countries that are accepted by these networks.

Note that PAYPAL now accepts Nigerians but we are still limited to making payments alone and cannot receive.

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Here are some of the good affiliate networks that accept Nigerians and one of them is purely Nigerian and is among my best

S/NoNetworkDetailsPayment Option
1.AMAZONFor Nigerians, this is the best international affiliate network you can publish their Ads in your site. Amazon offers a low percentage per sale but their ease of use and a broad product offering makes them a very popular network in the market. Amazon is an eCommerce company. Check, Amazon Gift Card, Direct Deposit.
2.Propellar Ads NetworkPropeller Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. They run a nice affiliate program that pays 5% of whatever commission earned by your referral.Payoneer, Direct Deposit, Check
3.JUMIAJumia affiliate was formerly under commission junction network until recently when it withdrew and started their direct affiliate program. Jumia pay direct into your bank account. Jumia is an online marketplace. Direct Deposit
4.Commission Junction (Now Cj Affiliate by Conversant)An online advertising and internet marketing company that specializes in affiliate, media and tracking services. Here advertisers have the last say on who publishes their product/service in their site. If your site generates good leads, you will definitely make it with CJ.Check and Direct Deposit
5.LinkShareA network similar to commission junction. Offers a wide range of online marketing services. Here, sales can be tied to a specific action such as filling out a form or downloading a trial.Check
6.KongaIf you really desire to make money online as an affiliate then Konga affiliate network is a must to partner with. You must not own a website or blog to partner Konga. All you need is sign up for free as an affiliate, you will be given a unique link which you can promote any how you wish either in forums or through paid search engines and once any customer buys with your link, you are paid into your bank account. So there is no excuse for anyone that one to make money online again. Sign up here Depposit
7.ShareASaleA very nice network that is perceived as doing things the way they should be done. Trusted by a lot of publishers for prompt payment. They provide pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead and pay-per-click programs for webmasters.Check
8.GoDaddyGoDaddy is a domain registrar and web hosting company. They are now world largest domain registrar. They also allow publishers to market their product and get rewarded. Affiliates earn 30% commission on most orders and up to $500 on selected product purchases. Checks are mailed on quarterly bases.Check and Direct Deposit
9.AdDYNAMOClaims to be Africa’s leading digital advertising platform. You are paid per click. They also pay Nigerians in their local currency (NAIRA). Deposits are made direct into their account. They also use PAYPAL for publishers that have verified PAYPAL account.Direct Deposit, Ad Dynamo Visa Card*
10.NameCheapDomain name registrar. They also host websites and help you in managing your domain account. Namecheap has been named No 1 in Readers’ Choice in HostReview’s 2013 awards. They are customer friendly. I recommend them to Nigerians affiliates not because of the money you will be making from them because they pay with PAYPAL but because they also have what they call NAMECHEAP FUND. With this payment platform, you can use the money you make to renew your domain or hosting account or that of other webmasters that registered under you or organizations you manage the website or forums.Namecheap fund*

*Ad Dynamo Visa Card Application Publishers qualify for this card if they can be able to earn $130 in 90 days. When the card is shipped to you, a $30 fee is charged to cover card issuing and postage fees. Once you confirm receipt of the card, they’ll load your first $100 into the card and you can withdraw the amount in any Visa Accepted ATM or use to purchase.

You should then create a new publisher and select the Ad Dynamo Visa Debit Card as your preferred means of being paid.

*NameCheap fund  Is an account managed by you. When you receive your commission your money is transferred to your Namecheap fund account. You can buy products from their site from the account. This works best for people that don’t have a PAYPAL account but are using NameCheap as there domain registrar or host.

Well, I will be stopping here for now. The above listed are the best networks I think is good for every Nigerian. If you are using any other affiliate network and it is working for you, do share it in the comment box AND if you are using any of the listed, do share your experience.

To Join some of the programs, Follow the links

Propeller Ads Network: Top Push Notifications Ad company to promote.

Namecheap: Top domain registrar and hosting company.

BlueHost: A good and affordable hosting company for beginner bloggers.

GetResponse: An email marketing company for online marketing

Forex Time: Top forex trading platform for Nigerians.

I believe this list of best affiliate networks for Nigerians will guide you in making the right choice on programs to promote.

Affiliate Disclosure: Please note we may earn some commission from links provided in this post. However, this commission does not affect the price of the product/service to any buyer that choose to make purchase.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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  1. dataprojectng says:

    I have a digital product that I need affiliate marketers for.

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    WOW, Such a great article. This post actually helped me in making a decision about which affiliate marketing program to join, so thanks for such information.

  3. Oliver says:

    Thanks Francis for this article.
    Please how do I setup my payment details in CJ Affiliate? especially the routing/sort code details. I have entered my banks sort code and it keep saying “invalid routing number/sort code” did you encounter this issue?

  4. Adekunle says:

    Thanks Boss for your research work.
    You can check our website www. digitalvila(.)com, we offer 20% commission on all sales generated, through your unique affiliate link, you can also publish your e-book free of charge and make 70% after sales.

  5. Olaoluwa says:

    Hi, Thanks for the information.
    My Amazon registration couldn’t be completed when i entered my phone number for verification.
    “We are sorry, but there was a problem while we were trying to call you. Please try again in a few minutes”
    Please advice. Thanks

    • Hello Ola, did you input the Nigeria code (+234) in front of the number?

      Secondly, is Truecaller activated in your smartphone to block spam calls?

      Try to check these and get back to me.

  6. Akin says:

    My Amazon registration couldn’t be completed when i entered my phone number for verification.
    “We are sorry, but there was a problem while we were trying to call you. Please try again in a few minutes”
    Kindly advice me on what to do. I have tried this for days.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Akin, during registration, hope you selected Nigeria as your home country and added 234 for international call?

      Try again using this format 234 803 333 3333 and let me know the out come.

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    Tanxs a lot. Great article. Keep it up. You can also take a look at my blog Viewpointinfo

  8. Iyabo Oyawale says:

    I like that you mention the Amazon Affiliate program. It’s a way through which Nigerians can make money. Just review products, people buy and you get a commission. Although the commissions are low, when compared to other affiliate programs, I’d say it does add up. It has worked for me. I believe it would work for others. And it begins with spreading the message like you have done in this post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. King says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing.

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    You need to add the Fast Growing moneytreeteamdotcom

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    Great article. Keep it up. You can also take a look at agbonclickdotcom. It is a Nigeria reward based social networking website that offer money making opportunity for its users and also offer a referral program in addition.

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    It’s exhausting to find knowledgeable people on this topic, however you sound like you already know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

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