5 Mistakes Nigerians Make When Choosing Products and Services

Nigerians, like every other people, are always on the lookout for products and services that will give them more value for their money. Sadly, however, they end up regretting most of their buying decisions due to some mistakes they make when scouring the market for the right offers.

Here I will be discussing the 5 common mistakes you must avoid if you want to be satisfied with every product or service you pay for in Nigeria.

Mistakes Nigerians Make When Choosing Products and Services

5 Common Mistakes Nigerians Make When Choosing Products and Services

  1.  Being attracted to very cheap offers

Many Nigerians are always out to buy the cheapest product or service available. Though extremely cheap offers are always tempting, they are usually not good enough. In fact, most relatively cheap products and services in Nigeria are substandard. And opting for them means you’ll be wasting your money because you’ll soon have to look for a better alternative.

Rather than jump at a product or service that seems too cheap to be true, scrutinize it carefully, bearing in mind that it might be a dud. Try to find flaws in it, and buy it only if it ticks all your boxes. Note that your inability to find loopholes in a product or service doesn’t necessarily make it good. It might be that you’re not good enough at scrutinizing such an offer, in which case you should ask someone who knows better to check it for you.

  1. Assuming all expensive offers are great offers

In their bid to avoid falling for substandard offers, many Nigerians buy expensive and overpriced products and services on impulse because they believe such offers are always of good quality. But that’s not always the case; many expensive products and services are in no way better than their cheaper alternatives.

Before spending your money on any expensive product or service, scrutinize it to ensure that it really justifies its price. If you find out that it doesn’t really trump its alternatives in terms of quality, then save your money by buying a cheaper alternative.

  1. Following the “crowd”

Buying a product or service simply because many other people are using them is another common mistake among Nigerians. While widespread acceptance of a product or service could be enough proof of its good quality, it’s not always the case — at least, here in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, many products and services enjoy widespread acceptance just because they are relatively cheap or because there are no better alternatives. So, before buying a widely accepted product or service, double-check it to ensure that it suits your preferences before paying for it. Never assume that the “crowd” is always right.

  1. Believing the adverts

Many Nigerians believe a product or service is of good quality simply because they saw adverts describing it as such. Bear in mind that adverts are designed to convince people to buy a product or service, even if that means concealing its flaws. Truth is, taking a simple glance at a billboard advertisement or watching a 1-minute TV advert will never reveal all you need to know about a product or service.

So, to avoid nursing regrets after buying a product or service, don’t always believe the adverts. Rather, take a step further to check the product or service carefully for any hidden information not included in the advert. This way, you won’t make the wrong purchase.

  1. Not comparing with other options available

Many Nigerians tend to “fall in love at first sight” with products and services they need. So, most of the time, they are eager to buy the first option that comes their way. This is another common reason why they end up with bad purchases.

One of the best things to do before buying any product or service is to carefully compare it with similar offers available in the market. Base your comparison factors such as pricing, quality, customer satisfaction, support, and other things that matter to you. This will help you decide on whether to go with that offer or favor an alternative, instead.

If you avoid these five common buying mistakes that many Nigerians make, you’ll always be proud of your buying decisions.

Have you been in this situation, let me know your thought in the comment section.

Article contributed by Abass Toriola, the Founder of NigerianPrice.com, an online resource designed to help Nigerians to keep abreast of current prices or products and services available in the country.

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  1. Chukwu F. stephen says:

    Cheap doesn’t mean inferior anyway. I have bought some expensive shit in time past. The fact that product A is more expensive than product B doesn’t necessary mean B is superior. This is my market experience. I have once bought a product for N15,000 only to realize that a friend bought same product for N6000. I got infuriated, went back to where I bought it but the seller was neck bent in convincing me while he sold at 9k difference. Her reason was all bullshit. Here is my singular advice – Don’t do impulse buying. Plan your purchases and put on your pricing and negotiation cap and make sure you do your due diligence before buying anything. If at all you make buying decision know that its entirely up to you.

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